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Jason Capital - Jedi Mind Tricks

Jedi Mind Tricks – Jason Capital

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The 7 Jedi Mind Tricks JC Reveals
ONLY To $10,000 A Day Clients..

What Jedi technology will you gain instant access to just seconds from now after joining the rest of us inside? Here’s just a small sampling of what magic you’re about to get your unstoppable hands on..

$97 Value

Jedi Mind-Trick #1:
Psychological Isolation– The “Us vs Them” Dynamic. The sneaky little trick I’ve used countless times to make it chemically impossible for someone to say no to you (check in with your moral compass)..– How to skyrocket your persuasion and influence by 400% with two simple steps..– The key to making resistance against an action work for you, rather than against you every time you approach that girl at the bar or pitch your next big money-making idea to the boss..

– JC’s Method of Influence. How to make yourself 89% less needy in every business pitch or interaction with women in just two simple steps (I’ll walk you through the entire thing)..

– The truth about future pacing. What every business coach, lifestyle guru, and PUA schmuck doesn’t want to tell you about effortless influence with wealth and women..

– Apple’s, Facebook’s, and Google’s “cult trick” they’ve used for decades now to physically isolate an employee or person you want to work for you (this works in the bedroom as well as the boardroom, pay attention)..

– The quickest, easiest way to get someone to publicly admit something..

  • $97 Value
    Jedi Mind-Trick #2:
    The Compensator– Mind Reading 101. How to read people like a book, search for ulterior motives, and see the truth behind what they’re saying, regardless if they’re trying to compensate for something..– The Proof Positive Pre-frame Tactic. Tricks of the trade you can use to persuade someone of something without even having to be there in person (and it’s NOT what you think it is)..– How to presell yourself to clients, friends, and women for increased likability and influence, without having to try hard. Trust me, after this, they’ll say “YES!” before they even meet you.– The 3 best ways to have complete control over your social circle so that no one’s added or leaves without your consent. The best part is, this all works on a subconscious level for you.– Sneaky, little influence triggers that the mass media never, ever talks about publicly..– The simplest way to crush your next business meeting with a simple recommendation from an associate (and the CORRECT way to ask for one, ensuring you get on in the first place)..

    – Donald Trump’s little influence secret explained, step by step..

  • $97 Value
    Jedi Mind-Trick #3:
    The CDS Strategy– Are you making the #1 conversational mistake (with business and women)? I’m exposing the deadliest flaws in dialogue that’s currently robbing you of your game, and hard-earned cash..– The content of your conversations matter most, right? WRONG! And I’m just a second, I’m going to share with you two simple words that flip it all around..– How to convey to clients that you’re the best option, ridding yourself of any competition.. – The Benjamin Franklin Blueprint of Influence. Try this exercise tonight and watch your influence, persuasion, and banter skyrocket through the roof after one go at it..– Inception 101. How you can invert anything your client, friend, or that girl at the bar is thinking right now about you and change it to what YOU want, without them knowing.. – The one word you can use to get her attracted to you right away (this isn’t PUA stuff, this works on a subconscious level, add it to any sentence you want as you please)..

    – JC’s preselection template. How to have women melt in your presence, instantly..

  • $97 Value
    Jedi Mind-Trick #4:
    The Rich Cow– What a cow pasture has taught me about increasing influence with women, business, and my social circle and exactly how you can do the same to skyrocket your persuasion overnight.. – The 3,000 year old Zen philosophy used by Tibet monks to instill belief in cults (Hillary Clinton’s been using it in her debates, too. Imagine if you had that same power?)..– Ever feel like she’s not really listening to you? Here’s how to fix that and increase her attention 5X within the snap of a finger. The same goes for clients and close friends..– The Phil Jackson Power Blueprint. How he was able to persuade Michael Jordan, Kobe, and Shaq at his own bidding, and how you can do the same in every area of your life right now..– How big companies like Uber continue to grow and gather indoctrinated employee for life..– The key to having conversations so memorable that they can’t help but leave a sweet taste in people’s mouths, elevating your status with them..

    – How I was able to close 500K in less than 11 minutes year (and continue to do so today)..

  • $97 Value
    Jedi Mind-Trick #5:
    The Caesar Branson Blueprint– The most important lesson I’ve learned in 2016 thus far and how it’s skyrocketed my entire business in less than 10 seconds, flat..– What strange thing does JC do every time he’s posed with a business problem? Fast forward to about 3 minutes in and I reveal all, step by step for you..– The sneaky trick to ridding yourself of a terrible track record with women, business, and friends within the next week..– WARNING: Avoid becoming another victim of THIS deadly business trap like the plague. Ignoring this single warning could leave you lonely and broke and holding the bag.– The persuasion tactic I’ve used for years now to influence clients to pay me what I want, without having to convince them for hours (in fact, it only takes me about 5 minutes).. – How to spot a liar a mile away, and flip the script on him immediately for your own benefit..

    – The single most important 3 words you’ll learn in 2016 about increasing your money-making, business and relationship health, and game with women (pay close attention to this)..

  • $97 Value
    Jedi Mind-Trick #6:
    The Verbal Lightsaber Technique”– Why spinach and chocolate are the key to everything you’ve ever wanted in life with business, money, and women. Don’t worry, you won’t be eating either of them today..– The Hot Cognition Test explained. How you can skyrocket your influence with two words..– 2 of the best ways to structure your next business pitch. Bon Voyage, annoying memorizing..– The sneaky little secret to pitching correctly and getting people behind your ideas, regardless if it’s with your business or something as small as getting girls to go to a bar with you..– Loss Aversion Bias explained. How you can start using one of the most persuasive influence motivators within just minutes, and apply them for increased income and game wth women..– The Takeaway Method of persuasion. How to effortlessly convince someone of something without having to memorize boring scripts, lines, and tactics that most PUA masters preach..

    – Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s secret to getting girls to the club with them (it has NOTHING to do with their looks, fame, or money)..

  • $97 Value
    Jedi Mind-Trick #7:
    The Sentence That Makes Her Soaking Wet– Coloring in reality. The secret to influencing people’s subconscious without coming off pushy.. – The truth behind successful pitching and getting people into what the world’s most successful businessmen call “hot cognition”, the state of desire so that they have no choice but take their credit cards out for you..– Influence is difficult, right? WRONG! Minute 2 explains exactly just how easy it is..– The dark arts of NLP explained. The world’s most powerful motivator revealed, step by step..– The quickest, easiest way to bring color to your personal pitch and create memorable connections and conversations with people that you can use for years to come.. – The Dan Kennedy Method of selling from the stage. What we can take away form one of the best salesman and use it to effortlessly increase our income potential and game with women..

    – How to have her drool at the mouth every single you say something at the bar (this works just as well in a business environment or with friends)..

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