Jay White – Secrets of Writing for the Self Help Market

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Jay White – AWAI – Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market

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What if you could earn a six-figure income while helpings millions of people to better their lives … and better your own life in the process?

Imagine a career where part of your job is to experiment with the latest yoga poses for golfers. Or learn persuasive speaking skills. Or discover savvy real estate investing secrets. Or use mental push-ups to boost your intelligence.

All of these opportunities exist for you in the self-help market. You can transform your life into a fulfilling, exciting adventure while tapping into this $8.56 billion industry. AWAI’s Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market: Creating a Path to Personal Success: Creating a Path to Personal Success reveals exactly what you need to know to become a successful self-help copywriter.

You’ll find fulfillment connecting people with products that will enrich their lives and because you have to learn about the products to write about them, you’ll discover endless opportunities to try new things, to grow personally, and to add satisfaction to your own life.

Secrets of Writing for the Self-Help Market: Creating a Path to Personal Success reveals …

  • The emotions to use for every niche in the self-help market—you’ll discover the hot buttons for every type of product in the industry.
  • The subtle differences between inspirational and spiritual products. It’s tempting to think of these as the same thing, but that’s a big mistake that can tank your copy.
  • How health products use a mix of all the other niches.
  • The objections you’ll face from prospects within each niche, why the carry these objections, and how to overcome them so your prospect can buy with confidence.
  • The right tone to use within each niche.
  • How to use an industry guru to build instant credibility, bring life to your promotion, and even find your USP.


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