Jason Capital – The Social God System

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Jason Capital – The Social God System

This system designed by Jason Capital is intended for the purpose of showing men how to create incredible stories that seduce and attract women. He offers techniques in order to create stories that can be used to influence, captivate, and seduce.

In the system he covers areas such as:

  • Using stories to get and keep a woman’s attention
  • How to make people feel a certain way on demand
  • How to use stories to demonstrate and communicate status in you as a man
  • How telling a good story can make you successful socially, financially, and with the ladies

What you’ll learn:

  • The Social God’s Secret Key – How to tell the kinds of stories that
  • have people leaning in close..Desperate to catch every word
  • How to ethically embed powerfully hypnotic suggestions in your stories
  • Forget about the hero’s journey – No need to memorize stories
  • Seduction Conversation Charger
  • 12 Step Solution To Seductive Stories
  • Setting The Bait With Stories
  • Master Storytelling God Library
  • Social God Installation
  • The Spielberg Advantage
  • Advanced Storytelling God Powers – How to use vivid imagery that inspires and persuades
  • The Damaging Confession Strategy – How to get her to feel strong romantic feelings for you
  • The James Bond Secret – For creating a positive, high status frame that instantly makes you way fucking cooler
  • Vocal Tonality Patterns of The Most Interesting Men In The World – Why shouting and raising your voice actually repels women
  • The Social God Rolodex – How to always have potent stories that amplify your sexual attraction in your back pocket
  • 5 Most Effective Story – The Why Story, The Vision, The Courage Story, The Personal Reveal Story and The Get Paid More Story
  • The 6-Word Ernest Hemingway Story and the legendary storytelling secret of Alexander the Great
  • The Kinds of Stories a Storytelling God Must Never Share
  • The Live Lookins’ Technique – Makes your story universal and makes YOU the magnetic, attractive and desirable focus
  • The Unleashed Conversation Strategy – to trigger high powered attraction with story.

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