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Publishing Mavericks Program

To help you learn Janet’s success secrets, she’ll provide the following combination of tele-training recordings, live event recordings and expert tutelage — plus powerful reference materials you need to succeed:

A complete audio-recorded CD set of Janet’s landmark 12-week Advisory Client Program detailing the 12 basic action-steps for building any empire. From the funnel of products you must create to securing your intellectual properties – Janet walks you through the process in step-by-step detail. You’ll learn how to locate and negotiate possible joint-ventures for any product or training program. You’ll hear how to install internal marketing systems that can help your business run like clockwork. You’ll discover how Janet creates the actual marketing task list that brings any marketing campaign or product launch to fruition. You’ll learn how Janet creates products that people want to buy, how she packages them for optimum perceived value, how she produces small quantities on tiny budgets, how she markets them for top dollarà and more.

Janet even details how to price products and programs – then steps you through proven kinds of offers you might make to prospective buyers that compel them to buy in droves. Janet teaches you the proven marketing systems she uses to sell live events and other date-specific programs plus those she uses to sell packaged products, speaking services, consulting packages and more – all with detailed explanations of how to execute each step of the proven marketing campaigns for each type of product or program you might offer. Janet’s never made these recordings available to the public individually – if she did, a price tag as high as $1,995 would not be unreasonable.

A voluminous, multi-section, highly-detailed, tightly-edited Expert Strategy Manual that not only describes how to execute complete marketing campaigns (for yourself or others), but also backs up that tutorial with the actual press kits, one-sheets, teleseminar scripts, display ads and direct-mail letters, sample catalogs, point-of-purchase materials, publishing forms and other documents Janet has used to generate revenue over the years.

An immense compendium of marketing materials developed and used by many of the most famous experts and marketers in the world. Read them, replicate them, refer to them – these are powerful marketing campaigns that are selling many of the highest-priced information products and programs being marketed today.

A complete marketing copywriting course on audio CD designed to help you write the words that cause buyers to open their wallets to you. Detailed are the most likely formats you might have to write – brochures, direct-mail packages, ads and more – but also, Janet details the 16 most critical components of any well-written marketing message. If you thought writing compelling copy was difficult, listen as Janet spells out how to write the kicker, the headline stack, sub-heads, body copy, offer, bullets, testimonials, rationale, call-to-action, close, postscript and more – even the signature block!

Yanik Silver, perhaps the Internet’s foremost copywriter today, said this audio presentation was the best explanation of copywriting he had ever heard! Yet it’s included as just one of the critical components of Janet’s Private-Study Mavericks Program.

Janet’s extraordinary video training course, How Experts Build Empires: The Step-By-Step System for Turning Your Expertise Into Super-Lucrative Profit Centers. In this DVD short course, Janet reveals how to create the most lucrative profit centers available to you in the information products industry: subscription consulting, corporate training programs, public seminars, certification and facilitation trainings, assembly of masters, mentorship and protTgT programs, licensing and more. You’ll learn: What the market will pay for these programs, how you can deliver them at the lowest cost, how to market and advertise them for truly astounding levels of revenue, and more. These videos deliver the formula in painstaking detail. Janet regularly sells these videos, along with the strategy manual, compendium and copywriting course, for $995.

A four-day, highly intensive training weekend – previously recorded for you on DVD and audio CD — where Janet steps you through the actual formula, processes and detailed strategies she uses to locate, lock-up and leverage companies and experts who have information or business systems she can sell. From the criteria you must know, to the intellectual properties you could create, to how to market these properties in the most profitable way possible, this four-day training is a never-before-seen insider’s look at how to methodically and systematically build an empire around a book, training concept, unique market posture or successful business model – either yours or someone else’s.

The last day is dedicated solely to honing your empire-building skills, with Janet walking you through actual scenarios you might encounter – with real-life sleepers – and detailing how to maximize any information business. Janet is also joined by key experts – not the famous ones in the limelight – but the actual powerbrokers who work behind the scenes building empires for some of the most renowned celebrity experts worldwide. Janet could easily put a price of $7,995 on this weekend if she ever agreed to sell it separately. Complete recordings of the entire weekend are provided to you so you can review this priceless new information again and again.

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6 reviews for Janet Switzer – Publishing Mavericks Program

  1. Avery (verified owner)

    A must-have for anyone serious about learning this topic.

  2. Emily Johnson (verified owner)

    The practical examples made a huge difference. Great course!

  3. Charles (verified owner)

    The practical examples made a huge difference. Great course!

  4. Aaron Gonzales (verified owner)

    The step-by-step instructions made it easy to follow along.

  5. William (verified owner)

    I found the lessons to be very practical and useful.

  6. Rebecca Bryant (verified owner)

    The content was high-quality and well-organized.

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