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G7 Forex System by Forex-Science

An E-book describing the G7 Forex Trading system in detail, including a step by step guide to setting up your charts, which currencies should be traded, what times of the day are safest, how to determine market direction each week, how to identify trade entry set-ups, how to manage your account and trade size, what leverage to be used, where to place stop losses, when to exit profitable trades and how to manage your time. This system is not based on information you will find anywhere else. It is unique, and goes way above traditional approaches to the market, yet it is simple to understand and can be understood by total novices or experienced traders alike. I guarantee that this E-book contains everything you need to know to effectively apply the system and begin to make money, without needing a PhD in math or economics!

Why the G7 system beats other systems “hands down”

G7 System Other systems
Based on sound principals and detailed research Here today, gone tomorrow – based on hot air
Offers several good trades per week and allows time to rest Intensive screen watching and headaches, or long periods without trades
Profitable, with a good risk/reward ratio Huge drawdowns and large losses – blown out accounts
Easy to understand – no special skills needed – yet sophisticated and profitable Complicated and difficult to duplicate, or based on guess work
Clear rules and set-ups Fuzzy and unclear – impossible to define accurately
Clear money management rules – lowest possible risk Ill-defined risk and poor risk/reward ratios
Analysis takes a 10-20 minutes a day – easy to spot entry points, easy to determine direction Analysis can take hours and the entries are still not clear at all
Trade only 1-3 currencies Many require 3-8 currencies to be traded – leading to high stress, high risk
Opportunities every day or week Missing the “winner” could be a disaster
Clear direction, entry, stops and exits Unclear, discretionary trading leads to failure
Trade several times a week and still have plenty of spare time to do other things Many are scalping systems which require you to “screen-watch” for 12-14 hours a day and miss out on life!
Designed by a professional trader and traded with real money Most are theoretical systems, never really traded and designed by marketeers.

Now let me put my money where our mouth is…

Actual Bank trade account profit equity curve

This is the actual profit equity curve from a bank traded account recently using the G7 trading system*. I obviously can’t reveal any more details, but we can tell you that this was a very good result indeed!

Now you can have the opportunity to trade the exact same system yourself – nothing held back, nothing removed, everything disclosed.

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Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20070205050847/http://www.forex-science.com/

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