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Intern Profits System

Intern Profits System

Price:  $997
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Take the time to read this report and reclaim the dreams that made you start your business in the first place. Can you still remember those dreams?

On this very page, discover the secrets of how to:

Increase your income by decreasing your work hours using unpaid college interns.
Spend more time with your family and friends – while growing your business
Get more done each day with less effort.
Grow your business while shrinking your expenses.
Do the things you enjoy today (and stop putting them off ’til “someday”.)
Make the world a better place, and improve lives in the process!


Employing Unpaid Interns The RIGHT WAY
Will DOUBLE or Even TRIPLE Your Business
in the Next 12 Months.


Right now, we’re showing you a system for staffing up your business at no cost to you.

Imagine getting highly educated, prescreened, hard working, motivated and energetic people working to grow your business – for free.

We know it sounds crazy, but it’s true!

In fact, American Big Business – especially the Fortune 500 – has known about and been using the Intern system for DECADES.

The problem has been that UNTIL NOW it’s been tough for the small business owner or “one-person shop” to use Interns the right way, because there was no one to take you by the hand and show you how simple and easy this system is to implement in virtually ANY business.


Is The The Intern Profits System™ System Right For You?

Here’s who this system is right for:

Any person who owns their own business.
Any business owner who would like to “duplicate” themselves.
Any business owner who KNOWS that they could be doing more, but have Human resources and payroll constraints.
Any business owner who feels like his list of new projects he would like to do gets LARGER, not smaller, over time.
Any business owner who knows that she’s not doing enough online marketing or social media marketing.
Any business owner who has been burned or had back luck with VAs or outsourcing, or became frustrated with language barriers or time zone difference with offshore VAs.
And for anyone who has seen any of our free videos and wants to know “how.”

If any of those items describes you – you’re in the right place. An internship program, constructed the way we’ll be describing, will absolutely transform your business!

How Interns Help You


Interns really did come to the rescue for us – and we’re sure they will for you too. In fact, here are just some of the ways Interns can help you…

Save Time – By adding more man-power to your team you will in the end save an enormous amount of time. We spend on average about 1-3 hours a week managing our interns but receive anywhere from 15-50 hours a week of tangible work products.
Work on Your Business, Not In It – With your new found talent you will be freed up to do more work on your business versus trying to juggle all of the daily tasks of running your business.
Your Business Will Grow – Whether you have an online business or a bricks and mortar business, with the use of highly educated interns your business will no doubt grow.
You Will Build a Team – If you are just a single business owner or have a very small team, interns provide a great opportunity to expand your team on a very small budget.
You Will Build a Pool Of Potential Employees – And this might be the biggest one. You will have the opportunity to test drive and train future employees.

So WHO Can Have An Intern?

You can have an intern. Almost any business owner – or even freelancer – can have one (or many) interns. You can have an intern if you are:

The COMPLETE System That Gets You a Profitable,
Money-Making, Time-Saving, Stress Reducing
Workforce of Unpaid Interns

If you follow our guidelines in the The Intern Profits System™ system, you will go out and build an army of hardworking, educated, college students in no time. We’re providing you with…

A Complete System From A-Z. We don’t leave anything to chance. You get the benefit of all of our hard work and experience at building the systems, and you get to just pick up the instructions we’ve already created and run with them.

Everything you need to get started, create, and run your own successful in-house internship program. We’ve included everything. You don’t need anything else.

Every step of the way we show you exactly what to do, providing templates, checklists, scripts, agreements, everything you need.

We don’t just tell you what to do, we tell you how to do it. Even giving you suggestions about how to talk to officials at schools, and how to talk to potential interns.

Our Amazing Intern Database. This is it-our pride and joy. We built a sophisticated, but easy-to-use database that helps you locate your perfect intern at the click of a mouse. Don’t forget we’ll be giving you a demo of our database shortly.

Easy Intern Assignments. hese are easy assignments you can give your intern to start building your business today. Just hand your new intern an Easy Intern Assignment, pat them on the back, and send them off to work!

Let’s go through exactly what’s in our program, how it is structured and what it will do for you…

Let’s LOG IN to your online learning area and walk you through what you’re getting immediate access to… take a moment to watch the video below.

Component #1: The The Intern Profits System™ Course

The first component is the actual The Intern Profits System™ COURSE.

This is a Modular Course that takes you step by step through the process of getting your internship program started in 30 days or less.


Video Training Written Manuals
Step-by-step Instructions Examples and Templates to Follow
Every detail covered – quick & easy!


Component #1 is comprised of the following 5 Modules


The Intern Pprofits System Course Module 1
What You Need to Know About an Internship Program
How Long the Typical Internship Lasts
Types of Internships That Are Available
Expectations of an Intern and the School
Your Responsibilities When Hiring an Intern
All Things Legal – how to avoid all the legal hassles and pitfalls, making yourself bulletproof!
Paying Your Intern


The Intern Pprofits System Course Module 2
What Will Your Intern Do? Identifying Your Needs
Finding the Right School(s) and Interns
How to Impress the Schools and Intern Coordinators Right Away
What to Do Before Calling into the School
Getting Approved by the Schools to Submit Your Intern Position
Other Sources to Find Interns


The Intern Pprofits System Course Module 3
How to Write a Winning Job Description
How to Post Your Job Description
How to Screen Candidate Resumes
What if You Do Not Receive Any Resumes?
Tools for Successful Interviewing: 3 Steps to Hiring an Intern
How to Determine Which Candidate is Best For You
Final Steps for Hiring Your Intern
What to Do if Your Intern Turns You Down
Rejection Letters


The Intern Pprofits System Course Module 4
Getting Your Intern Started
Managing and Training Your Intern
Motivating, Critiquing and Giving Feedback
What If Motivation, Critiquing and Feedback Doesn’t Work?
And Terminating An Internship Early


The Intern Pprofits System Course Module 5
Concluding the Internship
Staying In Touch
Hiring Your Intern
Lessons Learned and Improving Your Internship Program
Starting the Process Over Again


AND YOU GET BOTH INSTANT online access, so you can get started RIGHT NOW… plus we ship you the ACTUAL physical course with all materials, too, right to your door.


Component 2 – Amazing Intern Finding Database


Until now, one of the hardest things about starting your internship program was actually doing the research on schools, the students, and the kinds of programs that might be a good fit for your business.

We’ve eliminated so much of the drudge work involved in finding your new intern. We’ve built a sophisticated database system that makes finding an intern as easy as point and click. Our database, which is Component #2 of our system…

Saves You Weeks of Research
Is intuitive and Easy to Use
Has a Simple Interface
We Built it with the help of our interns From the Ground up
And the best part is, You Get Lifetime Access!

Let’s show you just how easy this amazing tool is to use…

PLUS You’re Getting LIFETIME Access
to the Intern-Finding Database


If our system has a magic bullet, this is it. There are no monthly fees. Let us repeat… there are no ongoing fees of any kind. You’re getting lifetime access not only to the course, but also to the database. The database is…

Quick & Easy to find the right schools and interns
Point and Click and you’re done!
Covers HUNDREDS of Schools
Continually growing –we are always updating


In Component #3 we’ve included actual projects for your intern to work on. Probably one of the biggest pitfalls of internship programs of the past has been not knowing what to have your intern do. People typically waste the resource of unpaid interns by having them do menial tasks, like fetching coffee, making copies, or other “busy work”. That’s not what we’re going to teach you!

In this section we have provided you with what we call “Easy Intern Assignments.” These are easy assignments you can give your intern to start building your business today. Just hand your new intern an Easy Intern Assignment, pat them on the back, and send them off to work!

 In each Easy Intern Assignment you get the following:

Video or Audio Recording With an Expert for each assignment Transcript of the Recording
Action Item Checklists to Help You and Your Intern Implement Each assignment


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