Idealme – The Market Research Blueprint

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Idealme – The Market Research Blueprint

Price:  $97
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  • How to collect demographic information for your customers and prospects. 
  • How to plug that information into a detailed buyer persona and customer avatar template that will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about who they are.
  • The trick to layering “psychographic” information into your customer avatar to know your prospects and customers deepest desires, fears, and objections.
  • The proven tool you’ll use to discover what your market wants, which websites they follow and the biggest “in demand” problems they have in your niche.
  • I reveal how to calculate exactly which demographics, interests and behaviors to use in your facebook ads to blast your ad ROI off the charts. 
  • Don’t have a list? Want to build a bigger one? You’ll get the tried by true method I’m using to add thousands of targeted of leads onto my mailing list for pennies.
  • My “Automatic” segmentation tool that allows me to “sideways sell” them additional products in other markets… creating 2, 3, 4 or more lists for the price of 1.
  • I’ll give you a look into my autoresponder, so you can see my campaigns first hand and understand how your follow up campaigns should be set up.
  • Process maps you can use to apply these sequences into your own niche funnel. 


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