Hugo Alberts – Realizing Resilience Masterclass

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Hugo Alberts - Realizing Resilience Masterclass2Hugo Alberts – Realizing Resilience Masterclass


The Realizing Resilience Masterclass© is a complete, 6-module resilience training template for practitioners.

Besides the masterclass for you, it also includes all the materials you need to deliver high-quality resilience training sessions that are science-based (meaning all claims are backed up by research and references).

With your purchase, you will gain the rights to use all of these materials (the client workbook, the exercises, the PowerPoints, etc.) under your own brand.

If you are passionate about helping others deal with life’s challenges in a more resilient way, this masterclass is for you.

Because not only will you master the 6 most important pillars of resilience, but you’ll also learn to explain and implement them.

All the materials you need to confidently apply the science behind resilience in a time-tested way are at your disposal.

This makes the Realizing Resilience Masterclass a practitioner’s ultimate shortcut.


Psychologist and researcher Hugo Alberts (Ph.D.) has been exploring the scientific side of positive psychology for the past 12 years, with 20+ academic publications on this topic. As a practitioner, positive psychology is at the heart of his work with a diverse range of clients.

His aim is to give people both the psychological perspective and the hands-on tools that have proven to increase mental well-being through the practice of positive psychology.


Help other people bounce back from adverse life events

✓ Add resilience training to your professional coaching arsenal

Easily build your own workshop, training program, and treatment plan for clients

✓ Grow your practice by mastering the most fundamental resilience skills

✓ Apply resilience practices that are backed up by science

✓ Discover how resilience provides a direct gateway to improving well-being

Become a sought-after practitioner with this unique set of tools at your disposal


MODULE 1 Positive Psychology 2.0

This module introduces the ‘non-happyology’ side of positive psychology, acknowledging the darker side of the human experience. Building on this, you will gain the confidence to teach and apply positive psychology in a holistic and balanced way.

MODULE 2 Resilience

In this module, you will learn what resilience is, what characterizes resilient people, and introduce the four key elements (attention, thoughts, action, and motivation) that we should focus on when we want to make people more resilient.

MODULE 3 Attention

In this module, we focus on the first element of resilience, namely the way in which resilient people direct attention to positive and negative life events.

MODULE 4 Thoughts

In this module, you will learn practical interventions for helping others direct their thoughts in a constructive way through concepts like benefit finding, appraisal theory, and explanatory style.

MODULE 5 Action

Resilient people are able to cope effectively with both negative and positive life events. In this module, you will learn how to promote these effective coping styles.

MODULE 6 Motivation

What motivates resilient people to effectively make it through times of adversity? In this module, you will learn to create a valuable starting point for developing more adaptive coping styles.

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