Heather Prestanski – The Client Hatching Formula


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Heather Prestanski – The Client Hatching Formula

Price:  $297
Sale Page: step-up-live-boldly.thinkific.com/courses/the-client-hatching-formula
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No Mercedes? No Beach House? No Eiffel Tower Pictures?
No Problem.
While other coaches are selling a lifestyle of hustling to create a life that looks just like theirs, you’ll be helping others create the unique life they actually want.
Heather Prestanski
I teach coaches how to change lives while crushing their income goals without falling into the traps of luxury manipulation or complicated funnel processes. I have coached over 200+ people and have apprenticed & masterminded with some of the world’s top coaches and leaders. This process has allowed me to tweak and perfect The Client Hatching Formula – the smartest way to fill up your 1:1 coaching without wasting money on ads, spending all day in groups, or tinkering with complicated sales funnels. Making sales through coaching does not have to be about manipulation (ex: look at how rich I am! You should be too), fear (ex: if you don’t pay me by maxing your cards and draining your 401K you’ll be poor for the rest of your life) or sleaze (ex: I’m a killer sales person.. but can’t get you results). These methods are actually being taught by some of the most popular coaches online and it’s my mission to offer a different approach. One that works. One that’ll keep your feel-good meter running high vibe.


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Week 1 Module 1
Week 1 Checklist 
Week 1 Video 1 
Slides Module 1 Video 1 
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Week 1 Module 2
Week 1 Video 2 
Slides Module 1 Video 2 
CHF Niche Compressor 
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Week 1 Module 3
Week 1 Video 3 
Slides Module 1 Video 3 
CHF Inner Circle List Generator 
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Week 1 Module 4
Week 1 Video 4 
CHF Module 1 Video 4 
CHF Client Connection Tracker 
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Week 2 Module 1
Week 2 Video 1 
Week 2 Video 1 Slides 
Week 2 Checklist 
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Week 2 Module 2
Week 2 Video 2 
Week 2 Video 2 Slides 
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Week 2 Module 3
Week 2 Video 3 
Week 2 Video 3 Slides 
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Week 2 Module 4
Week 2 Video 4 
Week 2 Video 4 Slides 
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Week 2 Module 5
Week 2 Video 5 
Week 2 Video 5 Slides 
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Week 3 Module 1
Week 3 Video 1 
Week 3 Video 1 Slides 
Week 3 Checklist 
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Week 3 Module 2
Week 3 Video 2 
CHF Module 3 Video 2 Slides 
Concrete Offer Generator Tool 
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Week 3 Module 3
Week 3 Video 3 
CHF Module 3 Video 3 Slides 
Client Hatching Formula Mind Map 
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90 Day Money Tree Game
How to play the 90 Day Money Tree Game 
90 Day Money Game Tracker 
Play to Win! (Access Rules Here) 
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Objection Handling Day 1 Audio: Getting to the Root of the Objection 
Objection Handling Day 1- Getting To The Root 
Objection Handling Day 2 Audio: Exploring My Options 
Objection Handling Day 2- Just Exploring My Options Today 
Objection Handling Day 3 Audio: Not Right Now 
Objection Handling Day 3- Not Right Now 
Objection Handling Day 4 Audio: Third Party Objections 
Objection Handling Day 4- I Have to Talk to My Partner/Spouse 
Objection Handling Day 5 Audio: I Can’t Afford It! 
Objection Handling Day 5- I Can’t Afford It! 
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Avatar Webinar 
Avatar Mindmap 
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