Heather Morgan – Salesfolk – Cold Email Mastery

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Heather Morgan – Salesfolk – Cold Email Mastery Course

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“My sales emails aren’t getting enough responses. What am I doing wrong?”
Does this sound like you? Sales is a numbers game, but you might be playing the game wrong. Get the same blueprints that made SalesFolk’s clients over $134 million.
Fresh Templates
See real templates that always get responses
Sales Hacks
Tricks to help you work smarter; not harder
Campaign Strategy
Learn how to craft an 8-touch email campaign

Chris knew his current sales emails weren’t getting the job done.
Not wanting to waste any more time, he enrolled in…

SalesFolk’s Cold Email Mastery Course.

…And as Chris dove into the course material, he learned:

  • How to write subject lines that skyrocketed his open rates
  • Why the first sentence of his emails had been backfiring on him
  • When he should use nontraditional CTAs to boost prospects’ replies
  • How to leverage existing customers to convince prospects to trust him
  • The embarrassing follow-up mistake that had been making him look obnoxious
  • Why most of his emails were going to spam — and what he could do to fix it


Your Premium Email Mastery Course Membership Includes:

  1. 24+ bite-sized lessons, empowering you to implement what you learn at your own pace (and counting; we’re still adding some new content to the course)
  2. Dozens of hours of HD video, featuring the exact emails SalesFolk has wrote to help their clients make millions of dollars
  3. The strategy and logic behind SalesFolk’s methods, so you can apply their best practices to your own industry and audience
  4. Private webinars with industry experts, where you’ll learn the outreach tactics they’re not sharing anywhere else
  5. Hundreds of real cold emails that do — and don’t — work, so you can see exactly why your own emails are falling flat
  6. An actionable checklist for creating accurate, jargon-free buyer personas — and our guide to building highly-targeted lists around them
  7. The 5 major mail-merge mistakes most people don’t know they’re making
  8. SalesFolk’s step by step process for creating a scalable, 8-touch email campaign — the same process SalesFolk uses for every client
  9. A shortlist of 10 things not to do in your cold emails, so you can quick-check every email for slip-ups before hitting “send”
  10. And so, so much more


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