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Some people are calling it a crisis but…

It’s The Greatest Copywriting Opportunity I’ve Ever Seen!

“Applying Harlan’s marketing techniques to the real estate market will change the face of the industry.”
– Jenna Lloyd, Author, Craigslist 4 Everyone

From: Harlan Kilstein

Unless you are in a coma, you are aware the real estate market is seriously in the toilet.

And there is a crisis chain starting at the local level of the home owners, moving to realtors, real estate agency owners, mortgage brokers, real estate investors, and finally the real estate gurus and the banks and stock companies who bought the junk mortgages.

It dawned on me the other day when I did a quick search for homes for sale in my zip code. There were 732 homes or condos for sale in just my zip code.

So I decided to check out the number of foreclosures. The percent of foreclosures in Boca Raton rose 742.9% in 2007 and the number is still rising. And in Deerfield Beach, just a few blocks south of my office, the percent of foreclosures rose a staggering 950% last year. And this year say the analysts, it’s going to get much worse.

And since I’ve penned these words just a few weeks ago, the market has taken another turn downward. Homes in my area are going vacant and people can’t sell their homes for even half of what they sold for a year ago.

Now, if you’ve been following the news about the effects of the sub-prime mortgage market, the government is prepared to act. But if I told you what they’ve got cooking – you’d understand it’s like putting a band-aid on someone whose head has been cut off by a guillotine.

Now if your name is Bear-Stearns, you’re in luck; otherwise, you are seriously screwed.

Here Some Cases In Point:

One of my closest friends Jeff is a mortgage broker. Two years ago he was coasting on easy street. You literally had to take a number to get his attention. At one point, he considered marketing to his list but thought – it wasn’t worth his time. He didn’t need to do anything to keep the money flowing. That’s what he thought…now, things are unbelievably tight.

Another close friend Mitch is a realtor. In fact, he was the leading realtor in our neighborhood. He and his partner sold more homes than all the other realtors in the area combined. From January to April 2007, it was “Glory Days.” From April thru December 2007, he didn’t sell a single home.  This year, it’s even worse.

Mark is a real estate investor. He went to the seminars, bought the programs and started applying what he learned. And the money didn’t just flow. It was a geyser. He made so much money so quickly by using a single strategy I taught him, he called a year later to complain about how much money he owed in taxes. Those days are over. He is stuck with properties he can’t sell and he is paying taxes and other fixed costs.

Several of my clients were real estate gurus. I wrote several letters for them and they made piles of money. Making money in real estate was so easy, even Internet marketers were getting in on the easy pickings. Today, a lot of real estate gurus are hiding from their customers hoping they don’t become the subject of a class action law suit.

And it gets personal as well. Two years ago, my own home was worth approximately $850,000. Today, similar homes on my block are begging for buyers at $675,000. And…

There’s No Quick Fix In Sight

Benjamin Franklin once defined insanity as the person who repeats a behavior and expects to get a different result. If that’s the case, the entire real estate community is clinically insane.

When the money was rolling in, the real estate community didn’t have to do anything but cash their checks. Now, they are abandoning the business in droves.

When the money was rolling in, everyone wanted to be real estate brokers. When the market took a nose dive, they ran like the wind in the other direction.

When the money was rolling in, they ran nonsense ads, had crappy websites, held open houses and made a killing. And now the market has changed – yep – insanity, They are doing the same things that didn’t work last week, last month, and all of last year thinking something is going to change.

Pay attention here because this is super important!

What we are witnessing today is a cycle in the real estate industry. The stages of the cycle are:

The Up Market

The Down Market

The Peak Market

The Bottom Market

From 1995 until today was the largest up market in history. The market peaked in 2005-2006 and then like a nuclear submarine under attack dove for the bottom.

Today, things are bad. But they are about to get worse. Here’s why.

Only the earliest of the bad credit loans have started to come due. The rest of the bad credit loans are scheduled to roll in for the rest of 2008 and 2009.

Only then will the market truly hit bottom.

That’s when the investors will come back into the market like scavengers picking over a carcass. It isn’t going to be pretty…

Except For You

Realtors don’t know how to do anything different. They want to do the same things when the market was up and at a peak even though the market is down. They are desperate to get new listings and make sales. But their properties are just sitting on the multiple listings and not moving until they expire.

If you think realtors are dying to find a solution, you’re right.

Mortgage Brokers (if you can still find one in business) are still yelling about lowest rates, no money down, and no credit required. They only know one song and they keep playing it – endlessly – like the band playing as the Titanic sank beneath the waves.

If you think mortgage brokers are dying to find a solution, you’re right.

Real Estate Investors are scrambling looking for the next big killing. They’ve jumped from foreclosures to short sales to rental properties to no money down. To paraphrase Dan Kennedy, they are walking around with their umbilical cords in their hands looking for someplace to plug in.

If you think real estate investors are dying to find a solution, you’re right.

Real Estate Gurus are in serious pain. They used to fill hotel rooms and pitch their no money down schemes. They would sell their boot camps, DVDs, and coaching groups for tens of thousands of dollars. Using the scorched earth policy, they dipped into the pockets of their prospects and sold them millions of dollars of programs – all of which would have worked except – the market changed. [I have to laugh. Every day on my short ride into work I hear a real estate guru pitching his tired old song and dance with the addition of one empty line “And these strategies work even better in a down market. Yeah right.]

If you think real estate gurus are dying to find a solution, you’re right.

Banks and Finance companies are in serious pain. People are just mailing in their keys and walking away from their homes. Against their will, banks are now in the real estate business. Each time a house forecloses, it costs the bank a minimum of $45,000. Now the banks have a glut of homes and to sell them, they turn to real estate agents who proceed to do…nothing!

If you think banks are dying to find a solution, you’re right.

And the best part is…

You Are Their Solution!

In the world of real estate there are two kinds of markets – a buyer’s market and a seller’s market.

When the market is hot, the sellers can afford to be choosey and name their price.

When the market is ice cold, the buyers offer ridiculous bids – and they are often accepted because they may be the only offer they receive.

If you are wondering where the market is today, I’ll tell you…

It’s A Copywriter’s Market!

You can chose which aspect of the real estate market you want to specialize in and…

You’ll never run out of clients.

Because every section of the market is desperate for something that works. And because you have skills no one else does, you are the answer.

Copywriting is completely new territory to me. Harlan’s teaching is enabling me to feel confident I will be able to apply my new skills in the real estate marketplace. Harlan, thank you for showing me these skills.
– Tom Lowry

Solve Their Problems And Rake In The Cash

It’s a fact. Forget the 80/20 principle. In real estate, in a cold market approximately 3% of the agents are doing 97% of the deals.

What are they doing different? They have a marketing system in place and are using classic direct marketing techniques to attract clients.

Care to guess how many people trying to sell their homes are using direct response copy? How about none.

The ads used in every aspect of the real estate market are identical clones. They read the exact same way, number of rooms, number of square feet, number of bathrooms, hardwood floors, blah, blah, blah.

In the heyday of the mortgage market, sales letters went out that were so bad, my nine year old daughter could have done better! And they still made money. God only knows how low their response rates were! But today, those letters have disappeared now that the easy money is gone.

I just glanced over at some of the websites of the big name real estate gurus. They haven’t even bothered to adjust their copy to account for the dismal real estate market. They are shoveling the same horse manure hoping desperately someone will buy in because they don’t know what has happened to the market.

Heck, just the other day I responded to a radio commercial promising “new strategies for today’s market.” When I got their free CD, I saw it was produced three years ago. How’s that for “untruth” in advertising!

Are You Ready To Rake In Some Serious Moola?

At my recent Real Estate Marketing seminar, I connected the dots for you and unveiled the most powerful direct response marketing system for selling real estate during the present crisis market.

WARNING: The Real Estate market is bound by some pretty arcane rules set to protect realtors from any competition. Follow the steps I outlined or you could face some serious fines and/or civil penalties.

This is the short list of what I covered at the seminar:

  • 24 Secret Strategies to sell any house in ANY market. No one knows these strategies and when you use them, you’ll blow the roof off real estate sales, regardless of the economy.

  • How to write a single sales letter and license it so you get paid for the same work dozens, or even hundreds of times. These strategies are so powerful, they’ll continue to work even when the market turns and heads up.

  • What all realtors are currently doing that’s NOT working and a single twist that will increase sales overnight.

  • The one word that is the basis of every single sales letter you’ll ever write and that can not be found in ANY real estate sales materials.

  • Cialdini researched powerful strategies for influence. None of them are currently used in real estate marketing. When you use just one, you’ll stun the market. If you combine two or more, you may cause a riot of buyers each wanting to shove ahead of the others to purchase the property.

  • What all realtors are doing online and…why it’s NOT working. And, what you should be doing instead.

  • Try not to laugh when you discover how realtors are using YouTube. You’ll learn how to make your real estate sales videos stand out.

  • How to design a real estate website that actually sells homes. No one is using these strategies even though more than 80% of buyers are checking out homes online BEFORE dealing with a realtor.

  • How to speak to realtors in language they will understand and how to structure “an offer they can’t refuse.”

  • A secret way to locate the most desperate home sellers and have them grateful you called. You’ll be puzzled why more people aren’t using this simple online trick.

  • How to combine the power of NLP in your real estate copy. There are a number of strategies I normally don’t recommend you use but I DO recommend them here.

  • A single strategy – used effectively in sales – which is never used in selling real estate but motivates tire kickers into making an offer.

  • How to talk to realtors so they’ll want to buy your sales letters and get them to refer their colleagues.

  • What all realtors are doing on Craigslist and why it’s doomed to failure and what really works instead. Pay attention because…

The Mortgage Brokers Are Going To Line Up And Give You Money!

  • Get an inside view on what is happening inside the mortgage market and why loan officers are dying for help.

  • Three letters most loan officers never heard of. They’re in the alphabet but somehow, these slipped by the business.

  • Why all mortgage brokers are singing the same broken record and how to get them to change their tune. (If they don’t, ask if you can have their furniture when their offices close for good.)

  • Understanding radio commercials and why your mortgage clients should use them if…they do it your way only.

  • Forgive Them Father For They Have Sinned! Get your brokers to stop mailing those dumb mass market letters they bought for $50 on Ebay. I’ll show you what they should be mailing instead.

  • How to approach loan officers and mortgage brokers and what NOT to say to them so you don’t scare them off.

  • And all of this is just the warm up so you can tap into…

The Most Lucrative Real Estate Market of All

Real estate investors are the modern day incarnation of Pavlov’s dogs. They are completely programmed to invest in real estate programs promising huge gains. But they have just one small problem…

They are stuck with lots of properties that are white elephants. The value of these properties has dropped and they are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Those who got caught up in the Miami condo craze are really up the creek. The smart ones are walking away and abandoning their deposits. The others are praying for a miracle. That miracle is…you.

Not only did I reveal how to find real estate investors desperate for your services, I’ll showed exactly how to sell them on your services.

Case History #1: I taught a copywriter how to write a specific letter for a real estate investor. The letter was a huge success and the investor made a cool million within 6-8 weeks. The copywriter turned around and repeatedly resold this exact same letter for $10,000 a shot.

Case History #2: A home owner wanted to sell a large estate quickly. Although it was listed with a broker, there was no activity on the house. A copywriter created a website for the house using long copy. Ads were placed directing prospects to the website with an unusual url. The house sold for 10 times the expected price.

Case History #3: An expert at teaching developers how to sell new homes was afraid of a new competitor. Not only did I completely redesign his website, I also taught him an NLP technique crucial for sales. At first, he scoffed at the importance of this technique. I insisted he try it with a few clients. They excitedly told him their sales have increased. His seminar sold out and his business boomed.

There are ten of thousands of prospects out there who are literally begging for CPR for their business. You can provide the answer they so desperately need.

Copywriting For The Real Estate Market

Frankly, it shouldn’t take a sales letter to convince you there’s a desperate market in real estate – just listen to the news.

There has never ever been an opportunity like this before in copywriting. Never.

Ever since I began talking about this program, I’ve been flooded with inquiries from realtors offering the help me (and themselves in the process.)

And the 24 secret strategies I revealed in this workshop will be deadly effective in any market.

If you’ve never been to one of my seminars, let me tell you it’s all meat and no fluff. There was no downtime. I over delivered.

And that’s going to spell bigger paydays for you because…

Your New Clients Await You

What I revealed isn’t found in any books on copywriting. These sales letter strategies are a new addition.

When you integrate these sales strategies into real estate copy, watch out.

Get download Harlan Kilstein – Real Estate Marketing at Forimc.com right now!

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