Greg Davis and John Crestani – Super Affiliate System 2.0


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Greg Davis and John Crestani - Super Affiliate System 2.0

Greg Davis and John Crestani – Super Affiliate System 2.0


Price: $997
Sale Page: johncrestani.clickfunnels.com/sas-gregreplay
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How To Start A Wildly Profitable 7 Figure Marketing Business & Get Your First Commission Check TONIGHT

How Is This Different?

I’ve been there. I spent 4 YEARS buying other ‘make money online’ programs

This model is proven. It’s used by the smallest and the largest online marketers in the world.

It requires very little effort. This method can give you the 4 hour work week

Who This Webinar Is For

  • Employees tired of the 9-to-5 grind
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for the best possible way to make a BIG income online
  • Marketers who are looking to add another stream of income

House Rules For Today’s Webinar:

  • This is NOT “Get Rich E
  • This will be INTERACTIVE!
  • Neither my results nor my students results are typical. The people you are going to hear about are hardworking entrepreneurs who put in effort and did the work. Nothing works unless YOU do!

This does not require the following…

  • NO email lists
  • NO product
  • NO clients
  • NO customer support

Here’s What Im Going to Show You Today…

  • The 3-step system I put together to eliminate risk and instability in my affiliate business
  • The 7 biggest mistakes affiliates make in paid advertising
  • Live Demo of the method
  • An offer for a few people to work with me

Here’s Why You Should Pay Attention & Replicate This System

You can do this from ANYWHERE It doesn’t require any technical skills It only takes a few hours per week You can do this on your own schedule

This is exactly what these students of minQ have done to make their dreams come true…

The Only 3 Things You Need to Have A 7-Figure Marketing Business

Step #1 Step #2 Step #3

Dead Simple (Only 3 Steps)

Responsible for making me one of the top affiliates in the world

Makes me upwards of $35k per day

  1. Facebook Ad
  2. Presell page
  3. Offer


Facebook Ads

Get attention & Get the Click

Presell Page

Agitate the problem, focus their attention, Transition from social mindset to buyers mindset Boost your conversions (and profits)

The Offer

The best offers should convert to Big, Broad, Cold audiences

The 3 Critical keys to success

Get any of these wrong and this system will fail

Key 1, Videos are THE KEY to Getting High Engagement

Key 2, High Clickthrough Rates = Low-Cost Click

Key 3, Only promote offers that convert like crazy

7 Mistakes that separate small time affiliates from super affiliates


Not advertising internationally

Why Do Most Affiliates Not Advertise Internationally?

They don’t think people speak English outside of the US?

They don’t think people buy products online outside the US?

They don’t think you can advertise outside your own country?


NOT using free ad network credits


Creating Your Own Presell Pages

Why Shouldn’t You Create Your Own Presell Pages?

  • It takes time
  • It takes creativity
  • It requires technical skills
  • They might not get high clickthrough rates


Doing ANY Programming

Why Shouldn’t You Ever Do Any Programming?

  • It slows you down
  • It’s hard to learn
  • It’s not an efficient use of time
  • You might make mistakes u
  • Mistakes take time to correct
  • There are tools that do everything for you now

Mistake #3

NOT Using a Swipe File

Why Should You Use a Swipe File?

  • It makes launching ads a breeze
  • Just mix-and-match headlines and images to find a winning combination
  • It saves you time from having to spend hours researching the best images and headlines

Mistake #2

NOT Building Recurring Revenues

Why Should You Build Recurring Revenue?

  • ®ne ad campaign can sustain you for years or more
  • Creates consistent income
  • You get paid more




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