Gary Halbert – Berry Trim Ad Breakdown

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Gary Halbert – Berry Trim Ad Breakdown

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Ever feel like you wish you could crawl inside Gary Halbert‘s head and hear what he is thinking when he writes the ads which broke all sales records?

As you know from the Boron Letters, our father started training Kevin and I to think like him at a very early age but what you may not know, is he discussed all of his work with us relentlessly.

Throughout our entire lives Gary constantly talked about marketing and little else.

Even when we discussed things like politics we did it from a marketing view. As teens, we were forced to drive him around in his own car so he could focus even more on his passion, copywriting.

If Paul Harvy wasn’t on the radio, there was usually a lot of the conversation about killer offers, copywriting, hooks and the big idea. This of course, continued at dinner and while walking around etc.

Now, we fully understood the value of the education we were getting but, we did not understand…. just how rare the explanation of all the little ity bity details of the copy really was until…..

We took the time to explain every line in his hottest ads and sales letters.

We put out two so far and just finished our third and each time we try to add something extra special.

In fact, our latest breakdown holds the most value so far because…..

We cover all the basics of AIDA and everything you would find in any decent ad breakdown…….. We also explained aspects nobody else knew about and take you behind the scenes but……….. for this latest edition………. we did something truly remarkable…..

We made a point of using the different copy elements in this super successful promotion as a way to give you detailed step-by-step Gary Halbert copwyriting instructions. But…

The hot new technique in using these ad breakdowns to start thinking and writing like Sir Gary of Halbert wasn’t actually discovered by Kevin or me.

In fact,…

Here Is The Breakthrough I Only Wish We Discovered

After seeing how many people who watched the first breakdown were ordering every other breakdown we come out with, we realized we were on to something, but it was one of those buyers who deserves the credit for this brilliant idea.

If you study Gary Halbert material, you may know he recommends students hand write out his winning ads or sales letters and as strange as it seems, every one of his students who went on to be a great copywriter, did this exercise.

Of course, writing out winning ads didn’t mean you were guaranteed to become a top copywriter but, if you skipped the exercise, it almost certainly meant you would never become one of the best.

The explanation of why this process trains your brain to understand what it is like to write great copy is very lengthy so, without getting into all of that, let me say we accidentally found a way to put this technique for learning to write money generating ads on steroids.

Back to our genius buyer.

He explained to us that he was already in the process of writing out winning Gary Halbert ads but now he listens to the breakdowns as he writes out the Gary Halbert classic because it allows him to train his brain to think like history’s best copywriter and it works!

It’s simple and pure genius but there is an even better reason to look into our latest ad breakdown of our father’s record-breaking promotion.

Even if you already have the other two breakdowns, you will want to add this to your collection because in this particular promotion our father used a powerful technique he never used in any other ad…

In this ad you can see how our father wrote from the perspective of four different people and how they are layered to build massive trust.

Now before you think a diet ad is not in your wheelhouse, all you need to know is we thoroughly explain how you can translate these rarely used tactics into profit for you or your clients and to prove what you will learn….

We asked a professional copywriter to review the material and describe the content so here is what someone who makes a living writing copy says you will find inside.

How to get the reader to immediately associate your product with their happiness.

Ordering your authorities for maximum impact

Secrets of the 4 way guarantee

How to subliminally associate one simple action with the deepest benefits your prospect desires – that gets them to happily buy

How to write complete sentences, but incomplete thoughts

Give the reader the illusion of choice – use this, and you win either way.

Discover when, where and how often to bring the ultimate benefit into play

3 Ways to get the testimonials you want!

Underground tactics for fleshing out buyer objections before ever writing a word of copy Subliminal tour de force

How to ensure the copy does NOT sound like an ad…until it’s too late

The right time to introduce the name of the product, and what YOU must do once you have

How to “re-write” testimonials and still play by the FTC rules

Several methods to get your prospects to keep reading more

How to practically take over your reader’s thoughts and actions…sales come much easier using this one secret

A meaningless term which will massively increases your readers security

Gary’s method for tweaking a weak testimonial and greatly benefit the ad.

Hidden calls to action

Using “micro descriptions” adding vital elements to your copy

The picture trick which slides the reader into action

See how to pepper copy with ideas to drive desire (seldom, if ever, talked about copywriting technique)… Get other products by Gary Halbert right now!

Three ways to make testimonials more powerful

The connotation test for better word choice.

ways to get testimonials you want and need  legally and ethically

Who men and women prefer to look at (important when using pictures)

How to gain credibility with a very unique tactic which is hardly ever used

When to switch tone, to add believability and credibility to your copy

Garys way to tap into the fads and concerns of the times to grab even more attention

Believability enhancement techniques..

Kevin and Bond show how their father  answered questions in the readers mind before they ever asked

Powerful punctuation tactic to nearly force the reader to continue reading.

How and why to use puffery

THE top questions your readers are asking themselves… that you need to know the answers to… when they are reading your promotion

How to turn even a bad testimonial into a great testimonial

Why (and how) to “reverse edit” a testimonial …and you can use many of these tactics to empower today’s latest trend: sales videos… Amazing “motivational” secrets…

Garys special guarantee which helps readers decide to buy

Sign off secrets to make sure your reader buys…

How to build a connection to the reader without using the word you

The 33% difference — how to state your price

A very unique P.S. technique that ramps up the writers credibility

How to make readers feel safe picking up the phone and ordering

When to and when not to use a middle initial or full name to add power.

Guarantees that actually discourage buyers from using products…

How to use technical jargon for credentials and not lose attention

How to keep your readers glued to the page and moving briskly through you copy…

How to choose testimonials to sway all types of readers

If you think you should always use “you”, see how Gary breaks this rule, and why

What buyers of weight loss products really NEED to hear in order to buy.

The artful use of name dropping that significantly adds to credibility.

what the FTC says about re-writing testimonials

The “must have” post scripts (P.S.’s) – that appeal to the most readers likely to buy…

How to leave nothing to chance when the reader is ready to buy

Something missing in your copy? You’ll see how to… borrow “authority” and pass the reader’s “sniff test”

A specific formatting tactic which adds credibility

How to give your reader reasons to believe (they want to, this technique pushes them over the edge)

How and why you MUST use logic to seal the deal

Gary’s Specialized language tactics …

When qualifying words like almostnearly and similar words actually improve copy? Yes they can and youll find out how and why!

How to artfully use repetition — and say the same thing 3 times in a row so smoothly the reader barely notices — but definitely leaves an impact

Formatting tricks that really grab attention

Gary’s testing and tracking techniques…to ramp up your best campaigns

Which words best strike your prospects emotional chords getting them to buy

How to use different tones in one promotion for maximum impact…

Gary Halberts way to repeat the EXACT same power words, three times in a row so your reader will barely notice

3 better ways of introducing testimonials into your body copy without using that exact word…testimonial

How Gary used this ESSENTIAL ingredient in tracking sales.

Using commas for conversational tone

How the art of not saying something can be more powerful than being explicit

How to transition copy…

What to call that tracking number so your prospects will be sure to use it

When to suggest the idea of continuity to get more more sales from the same number of buyers

The secret of the right location  advantages and benefits that stimulate imagination and engage your reader

How to use the 3 principle powers of pictures to get your reader truly involved.

How to format pictures for maximum effect on sales- why its vitally important  this takes the guesswork out!

The art of promising, yet gently delaying them… Building the bulk of copy…

Dimensionalizing  to stimulate your readers imagination for fun and profit

See how Gary fuels the desires for instant gratification with the product’s promised benefits

Special hidden bonus  Kevins cool tactic for getting video into an email

If you need more proof we really deliver the goods, just look at what others say about our last breakdowns…

John Carlton  The most respected and ripped-off copywriter on Earth

… I never doubt their instincts in business, and I know first-hand that they sucked up every detail of marketing wisdom from their dad possible. They have the Halbert mojo.

They possess an insiders knowledge of how Gary worked that is unparalleled by any of the many writers and marketers who hovered around the edges of Circus Halbert(That’s the name I came up with after my second year of seeing the wonderful chaos and unpredictable fun that Gary could produce in business.)

These guys are a bubbling resource of insight and knowledge about the behind the scenes thought, research and action that went into every Halbert ad. They watched Gary go through the routines of writing, participated in the back-and-forth arguments he looped through when perfecting his ideas, and lived the creative process with him, day after day, year after year.

Listen to what these two share carefully. There is no better insider resource.

I still can’t believe these two punks grew up into men. Where does the time go?”


James Schramko  Professional Marketer

“I made many notes whilst listening to this powerful insight into the amazing genius Halbert mind. I recommend this to any business owner seeking marketing excellence”


David L. Deutsch, top direct response copywriter 


“A revealing, insightful, eye-opening look into how Gary Halbert worked his magic.”


Scott L. Haines- Professional Copywriter & Author

Shortcut Copywriting Secrets

“As someone who has been editor of a highly-acclaimed ad breakdown
service for copywriters and marketers… and… dissected and critiqued
scores of ads over the years, I must say I am thoroughly impressed with 
what Bond and Kevin have put together here.

“Actually, I’m a bit envious. My ad breakdowns are considered good
(even great, according to some)… but… Ive never seen anyone 
anywhere go into this level of detail. Especially on something Gary wrote.

“I worked side by side with Gary for nearly a decade and had the privilege of
seeing, hearing and absorbing (literally by osmosis) his process and mindset…
and… it transformed my life from one of poverty and lack, to one where I can
get almost anything I want with the power of my pen.

“Unfortunately, no one can learn directly from Gary anymore… but… this 
product is hands down the next best thing!

Sammy Markowitz- Professional Copywriter

“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone do ad breakdowns to such detail before. Your 
insights can help any budding copywriter, very quickly, learn A LOT 
from the sales pulling punch of highly successful ads. And this type
of instruction may perhaps be the best way to learn how to write
killer advertising. So I think this is awesome .”

Judy Kettenhofen (Professional Copywriter)  Ill definitely be viewing this over and over again , whenever I need another hit of unadulterated high-octane copy juice.”


John Carter ( Owner Barparts.com)

Bond and Kevin break it down line by line and word for word.

You can look inside Gary Halbert and understand why each word was important and why he placed it where he did

Dont cheat yourself  watch these online videos!


Rey Brannen-

They give you the big strokes themes and concepts together with sometimes many minutes discussing the impact and psychology behind a even a single word. It is common practice… to copy full sales letters by hand to get a feel for copy. What I do with the new Halbert brothers material goes a step beyond that, as I write the copy down WHILE I go along with their expert explanations so that I am not just guessing at why the copy was written as it was.

I have never seen such an in depth copy writing training product.

To me it is the next closest thing to Matrix type technology where you can get a direct download for how to write copy from master copywriters…


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