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All 14 programs:

01. Wealth

02. Confidence

03. Attract Women

04. Attract Relationships

05. Super Confidence

06. Super Health

07. Attract Good Luck

08. Become Super Popular

09. Incredible Power

10. Lose Weight

11. Amazing Magnetism

12. Incredible Body

13. Total Self Improvement

14. Amazing Sexual Performance

Proven “Personalized Mind Messaging” overwrites your self-limiting mental scripts… Gives you the control to turn your dreams into realities… EASILY!

Our NEWEST customized programs automatically “INSPIRE and REWIRE” your mind to help you BECOME the YOU of YOUR DREAMS… FAST!

Our powerful GOAL SPECIFIC audio programs redirect your brain’s coding, creating NEW patterns that help you become SUPERIOR in ANY AREA of life you choose!

SAFER than flashing messages… MORE self-directed than hypnosis… EASIER than self-help books.

Select the Brain Train programs that align with your desires… and ACHIEVE your goals… TODAY!What are the theories and research behind Brain Train’s results?

What’s the success secret that others overlook?

Dear Friend, Visionary and Seeker:Thought patterns develop progressively as we move through life, ingrained in us from outside sources – parents, siblings, schoolyard bullies, arrogant teachers, ex-lovers, cranky neighbors, horrible bosses. Those voices can be QUICKLY deleted when you replace unwanted and inaccurate mental messages with new ones you choose for yourself.

Research by leading universities in the field of cognitive and behavioral science has proven the existence of “automatic thoughts” or thoughts that come to the mind involuntarily, imprinting themselves effortlessly as an automatic response to certain stimuli. These are the thoughts that ultimately determine whether you’ll fail or succeed in reaching your personal goals. They are produced by our subconscious as it reacts to the random vibrational thoughts around us.

With Brain Train audio programs, the random vibrations bombarding us throughout our daily lives are replaced with those selected specifically to produce the results that YOU desire.

Programs that flash words on your computer simply do not work. They can’t. They possess far too many varying words for the mind to imprint successfully. Besides, it has been well established that if you read a word too many times the brain simply ceases to recognize it.

Now, the Dream – to be able to program your life, to manage your moods and keep them under your complete control, to rearrange the way you think and act – is a Reality.

How can you exude an aura of power and sexual attractiveness?It’s really quite simple – just listen to a new “soundtrack.” It’s like recording over an unwanted song that’s stuck in your head with “new lyrics” – affirmations that you pick out for yourself. You simply listen to your chosen affirmations repeatedly. The brain’s ability to rewrite its mental script using this technique has been thoroughly researched, and “If you listen enough, you will become it!” is a proven fact!

How can you unleash your natural power and attract women, wealth or whatever YOU DESIRE?

While many ingrained thoughts are positive, just as many may not be, particularly if you’ve ever had to survive a non-affirming environment. Negative automatic thoughts create unwanted feelings and behaviors that reduce your ability to conquer challenges and meet your goals.

Read on and find out how Brain Train can change that for you!

Here’s the basic cycle:

• It is well established that the human body/mind is a bioelectrical machine that naturally generates magnetic energy.

• Your thoughts, whether negative or positive, are a powerful component of that natural energy – energy that produces palpable vibrations just like an electrical machine. (Ever heard someone say, “I got a bad vibe from that guy” or “He rubbed me the wrong way”?)

• Your “thought energy vibrations” become feelings and behaviors. Attracted by magnetic alignment, those vibrations naturally synchronize with similar bio-atmospheric vibrations in the universe.

• As negative thought vibrations continue, the magnetic alignments snowball, gaining in size and strength. The vibrations attract and produce even more of the same thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

• And the cycle goes on…

• See how easy it is to feel constantly overwhelmed and beat up by a relentless snowball of negative energy bearing down on you?

Brain Train gives you the power to change your energy vibrations from negative to positive.

Quickly. Easily. That snowball becomes a steamroller, with YOU at the wheel!Your progress through life will no longer be random. You will no longer be plagued by debilitating doubts or fears. Automatic negative thoughts and responses will be replaced; you will have a re-engineered machine generating POSITIVE vibrations for your life.Imagine…

• Feeling any way you want to … all the time

• Being able to overcome your fears

• No longer being afraid of or resistant to change

• Eliminating negative expectations from your life

• No longer feeling like a victim

• Being able to think positively

• Feeling in control of your destiny at last

• Being able to accept a compliment or approval

• Thinking that you deserve not only happiness, but love, and believing it!All of this awaits you, your life, on your terms, forever. And, don’t take our word on it. Read on and see what just a few of our satisfied customers have to say about our amazing product!

Why is it that some people try to change… but can’t?

Before we go on, ask yourself: How many people do you know (including that person in the mirror every morning) have made real attempts to change themselves or their lives – but are still unhappy and unsatified? How many are plagued by desperate financial situations? How many lack confidence, fail in their careers, or simply can’t find the right sexual partner?

Too many, right? But, more importanly, Why?

In most cases, these good folks have honestly tried to overcome their problems – to stop smoking, to control their temper, to find a woman, etc. They’ve read hundreds of self-help books, watched years of infomercials and Dr. Phil shows, and spent money on hypnosis, actualization seminars and other tactics, with little if any results.

The reason they haven’t met their goal is not because they aren’t trying.

It’s because their foundation of automatic thought energy vibrations and the associated behavioral patterns remain unchanged, continuing to produce the same old undesirable outcomes. The brain must be prepared and rewired to respond to new patterns. And that is precisely what Brain Train’s amazing audio programs do!Each program is designed to erase your negative programming, and then positively reinforce and recondition your way of thinking – your individual thought vibrations – to achieve whatever you desire.

Don’t make excuses…radiate RESULTS!

These vibrations are a vigorous force, randomly affecting millions of lives every day. Now imagine, just for a moment, the wonders of life that could be yours if this amazing power were harnessed? If you could use it to conquer and control the objects of your desire? If you could simply ‘click here’ and make natural energy work for you? Imagine no more.

Because YOU CAN…

• Be more motivated

• Have greater confidence

• Land the lover of your dreams

• Experience more financial wealth than you’ve ever had before

• Improve your performance in any and every aspect of your life, and

• Select the superstar personality traits that suit YOU!

NEED to change your life? NEED to re-program your brain and imprint new thought vibrations directly into your brain cells? Then you NEED to use BRAIN TRAIN!So why wait?The time for making excuses is over. Besides, your friends don’t need them and your enemies won’t believe them. At this point, there’s not much left to say. Just do it. Claim your power. Replace any random energy around you with positive magnetism.

It takes very little effort to listen to a voice that believes in you and that wants you to succeed. You only need to be ready to hear it. Because as you listen to the self-selected programs, our products will help you learn to reaffirm your most fervent desires, changing you into the person you deserve to be!Think about it. Every second you listen to your personally selected program will fine tune your brain into automatically responding to daily challenges with confidence and aplomb. Brain Train audio programs offer, beyond a doubt, the most remarkable and life-changing tactics to advance human development since the beginning of time!So don’t hesitate. Don’t waste another moment being the “you” the world designed for its own purposes. The you everyone else created.

Be the “you” that you want to be. And be it NOW!

Proven power through the AgesWhat we are revealing to you is the most important thing you will learn this year. Perhaps the most important thing you’ve learned in your entire life. It is a truth recognized world-wide, known to those in power since the days of ancient Egypt. That profound and revelational fact is:Any idea, plan, or purpose – no matter how simple or complex – can be imprinted on the mind through repetition of thought.

It is important to understand that all of us are “all that we are” in large part because of the kind of thought vibrations we attract and subconsciously internalize through the stimuli of our daily environment. These vibrations work away on us every day, whether we know it or not.

It’s how songs get stuck in our head, where writers get those crazy ideas. It’s the magic behind love at first sight. These vibrations, loose and scattered all about us, affect the way people think, the way they walk, drive, pick from a menu, decide whom to date, etc.

These radiating vibrations are the culprit behind the impulses that make people scratch their heads and wonder: “Now why did I do that?”Known across the Ages by titles such as The Power of Positive Thinking, Repetitive Suggestion, Vibration Techniques and countless others, doctors and scientists have struggled to saddle this incredible energy for the good of all mankind for hundreds of years. Now, at long last, they have succeeded. And now, so can YOU!Consider the following facts:

• FACT: Patients, convinced they had cancer (although they did not), were given harmless sugar pills. They were informed that their hair would fallout as a result. In almost every case, these patients experienced hair loss. This is the power of suggestion at work.

• FACT: Americans join the Armed Forces from every walk of life. Different ages, genders, races, colors, education levels, family backgrounds and so on. Yet, after only eight weeks of “Boot Camp” – with drill instructors giving all those recruits the same orders every day, sending out the same vibrations every minute – previously diverse individuals are transformed into a squadron of teammates, soldiers who walk, talk and behave in perfect unison.

• FACT: FACT: Religious mystics chant for decades, repeating the same mantras over and over to gain extraordinary powers. It has been documented that these shamans have gifted themselves with abilities such as levitation, telepathy, second-sight, and a host of others, simply through the power of self-suggestion.

These are not theories. They are not science fiction. These are facts. And they are the same type of facts that supply the foundation of the audio programs we have perfected. BRAIN TRAIN programs show you how to reinvent your life any way you want.


If you answer “YES” to any of the following questions, you owe it yourself to download now:

• Are you afraid of high places? Enclosed spaces? Driving in mid-town traffic?

• Terrified by bats, spiders, barking dogs, public toilets?

• Do you shy away from public confrontations? Or conflict of any kind?

• Are you afraid to speak your own mind, to stand up for your own rights, to let the world know who you are and what you want from it?

• Do you hate the way you act at parties? Around the opposite sex? First thing in the morning? During job interviews? Does life just seem to pass you by?Many, many people share these fears. They are just like you. They’d like to alter their personalities, change the way they react in tense situations, improve their ability to think clearly, to see answers, to become more positive. To set their feet firmly and refuse to be moved.

They’d like to sharpen their wits so they’re always ready with the right answer, the perfect comment. They’d love to improve their emotional balance, to be energized and effective and, well, happy.

Let’s face it, that’s what we all want. To empower our inner selves, to be stronger, to master new skills, improve our health, be attractive to the opposite sex. To figure out our place in the universe once and for all.

If this sounds good to you, if you’re ready to take control of your life, to live it the way you’ve always wanted to… If you want to shake free of your tired, unfulfilling existence and transform it into the life you know you deserve, NOW IS THE TIME!

If you want to:

• Exude confidence

• Speak with authority

• Eliminate all stress

• Conquer the business world

• Attract the lover or mate of your dreams, and finally, once and for all

• Put the pieces of your day-to-day puzzle together into a new picture for your lifeIf you have been searching for the route to the top of the world… you are almost there!

All BRAIN TRAIN products are fully tested and unconditionally guaranteed to work for you.

BRAIN TRAIN will get you where YOU want to go.

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