FX Safe Profit EA (Real 20K Account +122.58% Gain!!!)


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FX Safe Profit EA (Real 20K Account +122.58% Gain!!!)1FX Safe Profit EA (Real 20K Account +122.58% Gain!!!)


Forex Robot – FX Safe Profit

A Safe and Profitable robot, created by FXProvider. FX Safe Profit uses a unique trading method which helps gaining income steadily and gradually. It utilizes many technical indicators into trading decision.

STRATEGYFX Safe Profit uses a unique trading method which helps gaining income steadily and gradually. It utilizes many technical indicators into trading decision. These comprises Super Trend Detection technology accompanied with RSI, CCI, PSAR, Stochastic, and Momentum indicators. Although most of trading decisions are pretty accuracy, there are sometimes trades go against the market due to high impacted news. In this scenario, FX Safe Profit adapts a small portion of martingale trading method into its trading strategy to quickly exit from bad positions.

PROOF OF WINNINGBesides careful backtest, we do forward testing our robot with more than 1 year. We also attach here a REAL, VERIFIED account associated with the robot.


The FX Safe Profit EA trades solely with the EUR/USD pair, using a raft of technical indicators to detect signals suitable for trade entries. Once such a signal is detected, the EA opens several positions (usually against the trend). The series is then closed simultaneously in accordance with a preset take profit or stop loss level. The problem comes when the trend remains in an unfavourable direction for longer periods of time, as you can see from the photo below.
Photo credit: Myfxbook.
The trend remains unfavourable for nearly a week, forcing the EA to start using a risky strategy we know from gambling – the Martingale method. The trade contract size is raised – in the beginning it’s at 0.22 lots and in the end reaches 3 lots. This increases the chance of heavy drawdown – one such raft of trades may deplete the account in no time.


We’ve already mentioned the excellent profit curve and this is how it looks like:
Photo credit: Myfxbook.
After 8 months of trading, the gain is at 56%, which is a decent result – actually, many of you must have expected a more striking result from a robot using the Martingale technique but this one has other pros that go along with the solid (albeit not stunning) profit. One of these pros is the level of relative drawdown, which is at 14%. Not only is this level quite low and indicating meager risk of ruining one’s balance, but it also leads to a decent return-to-drawdown level of 4. The latter means that we can anticipate acceptable returns in exchange for anything we invest in this EA – as you know, we recommend any reading above 2.5.
Adding to the positive readings, the average pips per trade are at 8 – this reading indicates that the trading system is stable and may withstand the effects of sudden changes in market environment. Moreover, the results the robot shows will not be broker-sensitive – but that does not mean that you should pick a broker with irrationally high spreads.

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