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Franziska Iseli – Amplify

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NEVER BEFORE RELEASED: The most impactful and meaningful way for coaches to get dream clients on demand

Discover The Most Fulfilling And Effective Way To Spread Your Message, Amplify Your Business, And Build Lasting Impact – Without Sacrificing Your Purpose Or Mission As A Coach

Introducing Amplify – a systematic framework for coaches who want to amplify their message, get high-paying dream clients with ease, and make an extraordinary impact in this world… by leveraging the power of workshops and live events.

Let’s get right to the point:

You chose to be a coach so that you could change people’s lives, make a positive impact in this world and live the abundant freedom-lifestyle of your dreams.

And not to become an expert at SEO…. At running Facebook ads, crafting 18-part email marketing campaigns or trying to make sense of Google Analytics.

Yet somehow there seems to be no way around digital marketing for you as a coach. Because if you want to sign on high-paying dream clients and make the impact and 6-figure income you deserve, then online marketing is the only way to go.

Or is it?…

Let’s look at the facts:

If you are like most coaches out there, then marketing your business online is daunting and hopelessly overwhelming. You never quite know what you’re doing, the trial and error is draining your energy, and, on top of that, digital marketing turned out to be way more expensive than you thought.

What a bummer.

Why is that, you wonder? The answer is simple:


And your purpose in life is not to create the highest-converting Facebook ads or draft the ultimate email campaign…. It’s to make a positive impact, create deep and lasting transformation for your clients, and to serve at the highest level possible. Because that’s who you truly are. This is the mission that’s 100% in alignment with your heart’s desires. And this is what you do best!

But I know…

  • Somehow you have to get clients, otherwise you can’t serve them.
  • Somehow you must market your business, otherwise you can’t make an impact.
  • And somehow you need to get your message heard, or you can’t fulfil your purpose.

But the problem is that everyone in our industry tells you that digital marketing is your only option.

So you end up frustrated, stuck and heart-broken… because instead of being the easy-peasy tool the industry proclaims it to be, online marketing is actually the thing that stands between you and your ultimate success as a coach.

Mindvalley has been recognised for Workplace Happiness (World Most Democratic Workplace Award 8 Years Running) and as Top Ten in Customer Support worldwide by Nicereply.com. So when you order from Mindvalley, you know your happiness is our top priority.

What if I told you there was a fun, rewarding and impactful way for you to get high-paying dream clients and amplify your success?

  • A way that allows you to build meaningful connections and lasting relationships?
  • To serve at the highest level possible and 100% in alignment with your purpose and gifts?
  • A way that enables you to help more people in less time, finally get your message heard and achieve epic levels of transformationfor others?

Whilst creating more abundance and freedom for yourself.

And I promise it has nothing to do with complex sales funnels or crazy social media campaigns! In fact, it is something you can successfully do without any knowledge of online marketing whatsoever… Because all you need is a message to share and the desire to make a positive impact in this world!

I’ll reveal the “big secret” in just a second, but let me ask you 3 important questions first:

  1. Are you frustrated and overwhelmed with online marketing?
  2. Would you like to discover a more fulfilling and highly effective way to get clients and grow your business?
  3. And are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and leverage your personal gifts to amplify your impact in this world?


Then let me finally reveal the fun, rewarding and powerful alternative to online marketing that I’ve been talking about this entire time:


See, delivering value live and in person is one of the most fulfilling and profitable ways to be of service and rapidly grow your business as a coach.

But there is one big misconception, one limiting belief that most coaches have in their heads which probably comes up for you too at this point….

The belief that running workshops and live events is only for the Tony Robbins type of coaches amongst us – the coaches who are already extremely successful. But the great news is that if this is what you believe, you’re wrong!

Because even though the industry makes you feel like you have to be “famous” in your field or you need to have at least 2 bestsellers published before anyone would come to your live event, that’s far from the truth!

And I want you to know that you don’t need to wait for permission from anyone, you don’t have to be perfect or know it all to run a successful workshop or live event….


Doing successful workshops and live events positions you as an expert and authority in your industry and allows you to build a reputation in the marketplace faster and more efficiently than anything you could ever do online.


I’ll tell you:

Because when you are fully present in a room with your audience, you instantly…

  • Amplify your message.
  • Amplify the energy.
  • And amplify your impact!

“But Ajit,” you might want to say, “that’s all great but fact is that I’m NOT Tony Robbins or anywhere close yet, so how the heck am I supposed to fill a room with people who want to hear what I have to say?”
“How do I even structure a live workshop?”
“What are all the key elements I need to consider?”
“And where should I even start?”

All of these are great questions and exactly the reason why we created Amplify for you!

5 reviews for Franziska Iseli – Amplify

  1. Michelle Reed (verified owner)

    The course exceeded my expectations. Very comprehensive.

  2. Victoria Rogers (verified owner)

    The instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable.

  3. Rachel Harris (verified owner)

    The instructor’s passion for the subject is contagious.

  4. Richard (verified owner)

    A must-have for anyone serious about learning this topic.

  5. Victoria Rogers (verified owner)

    I feel more prepared for my career after taking this course.

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