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Frank Keeney - Predictable Ecommerce Growth

Frank Keeney – Predictable Ecommerce Growth

Price: $5000
Sale Page: www.frankkeeney.com/bundle-video-content/
Archive: archive.is/X26s1

Step One: Watch This Ecommerce Product Bundle Training Right Now Here: www.frankkeeney.com/bundle-video-content/



Now that you’ve absorbed all the cool training above, if you feel you’re ready to STEP UP and move forwards fast with your business then apply now and let’s see how I can help EXPLODE your business by clicking below now…

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Product Sales Sub-menu Member’s Area

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Youtube Product Sales Sub-menu Member’s Area

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[Image: HohBwZV.jpg?1][Image: crfil97.jpg?1]
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For the advanced eCom Marketer just this module alone is worth the price. Not to mention Module 8 “YouTube Product Sales”.

As a fairly advanced eCom marketer myself, I can tell you the “Video Product Sales” training is just gold, the best content I’ve seen on how to create Videos that sell. Frank breaks it down so simply, my videos have taken off after creating them using this strategy.

Frank states he now uses videos only for his FB marketing, this video creation strategy works that well. You dont have to create your videos from scratch, I don’t. What I do is rip product videos from multiple sources and arrange the video content the exact way Frank teaches and boom! Slideshow videos can also work but you can find just about any product already on youtube. Perfect 10

I’ve always used Camtasia for creating and editing my Videos, way before I watching his “Video Editing With Camtasia” video, but if you don’t this is another excellent video.

[Image: L9QbkGU.jpg]
For the Beginners and Intermediate Shopify sellers,
Frank shows in 15 in-depth videos his methods for setting up your Shopify Store
for Maximum Conversion and FB Ads compliance.

I Provide as a Bonus the scarcity theme Frank personally uses for all his stores.
This is a clean high converting theme with scarcity timer settings.


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