Excel For Decision Making Under Uncertainty Course


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Excel For Decision Making Under Uncertainty Course

Excel For Decision Making Under Uncertainty Course

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with Dr Isaac Gottlieb.

Excel for decision making courseIn this course you’ll learn the techniques Dr Gottlieb teaches his MBA students without having to attend a costly university. Learn how to leverage Excel tools for making business decisions under uncertainty, including:

  • Simulations (Monte Carlo)
  • Decision Trees
  • Forecasting, including use of the Data Analysis toolpack.

You’ll examine real business case studies, apply Excel tools to aid in decision making and learn how to use Excel to analyze data and reach decisions.

Practice exercises for each session encourage you to fine tune what you learn.

And when you’re finished we’ll send you a Certificate of Completion to add to your résumé.

This course is ideal for executives or analysts that want to improve or refresh their skills and all levels of business school students.


Isaac GottliebDr. Isaac Gottlieb earned his PhD in Management Engineering from Columbia University. He is a clinical professor at the Fox Business School of Temple University and has over 15 years of industrial experience.

He was awarded a Microsoft Excel Most valuable Professional (MVP) for 2014 – 2016.

Dr. Gottlieb has taught Excel over the last 15 years to over 30,000 MBA, executive MBA, MS, PhD and undergraduate students at Columbia, NYU, Temple, and other universities. He has conducted numerous corporate seminars in the United States and abroad.

He is also the author of Next Generation Excel: Modeling in Excel for Analysts and MBA’s.


The course is intended for all levels and does not require any specific knowledge other than basic Excel skills. It is touching topics of statistics, probability, finance and accounting – but novice level will do.


The course contains three sessions: Simulations, Decision Trees and Forecasting. You can take them in any order. Each session includes practice exercises using real business scenarios.


Excel for Decision Making Course Syllabus


You will learn how to apply Monte Carlo Simulations using Excel. This part will show how to generate probabilistic, uncertain or risky situations and simulate the potential outcome hundreds or thousands of times, constructing a risk profile of an investment, a budget or a business plan.

Risk Profile of a Business Plan BudgetRisk Profile of a Business Plan Budget


You will find out how to “grow” decision trees in Excel using a free 3rd party add-in. Instead of using manual techniques, you will be able to create multi stage decision trees in Excel that can help you both analyze and demonstrate the potential consequences of your decision making process.

decision tree created in ExcelA Decision Tree Created in Excel


The Forecasting module will take you through a variety of tools including the Data Analysis toolpack.

You will be able to use Moving Averages, Exponential Smoothing, Trends, Regressions and Multi Regressions using Excel.

Using Excel for ForecastingUsing Excel for Forecasting


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