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✓ The EXACT tools and resources I use everyday in my business creating presentations for the top Fortune 500 clients in the world

Eugene Cheng – Slides That Sell The Complete Presentation Design System [53 MP4s + 59 PDFs + 9 DOCXs + 21 PPTXs + 40 KEYs]

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Module 1: Breaking the Mould – 2hr Presentation framework

✓ The EXACT tools and resources I use everyday in my business creating presentations for the top Fortune 500 clients in the world
✓ Choose your own adventure: Learn how to navigate this course so that you can jump to the part that is most relevant to your goals and skill-sets
✓ The three biggest challenges you will face designing presentations and how this course will help you overcome them and excel
✓ The secret sauce behind the biggest brands in the world like Nike and how they create a seamless design experience throughout their imagery
✓ The hidden and untapped potential of SlideShare and why you need to be flexing your presentation muscles on it today

Module 2: My $5000 Presentation System Revealed

✓ The exact step-by-step process I use to create winning presentations for startups, corporations and even for SlideShare in under 2 hours
✓ Understand why most 99% of people struggle to put together presentations really fast (hint: they are focusing on the completely wrong things)
✓ Introduction to the 3Ps of presentation design that you can use to approach your next presentation design session
✓ How to know when you are over engineering a presentation and stop yourself from falling into an endless loop of changes

Module 3: Creating a Compelling Story

✓ The one thing you need to do before even putting a word down and why most people fail before they even get started
✓ Learn the secret structure behind compelling presentations and how to measure the ultimate success of your next presentation
✓ Create a presentation storyboard in 30 minutes or less by understanding the deepest, darkest fears of your audience so you persuade them to take action
✓ The famed ‘Bridge’ System for presentation storylines that captivate the imaginations of readers and bring them to exactly where you want them

Module 4: Getting to the Point

✓ What great ads and presentations have in common
✓ How to build slides that amplify, not overwhelm
✓ Using anecdotes in your presentations to become more persuasive

Module 5: The Complete Guide to Imagery

✓ How to use images to impress and bewilder
✓ Picking the right images for your presentations
✓ Where I find my images and how I use them

Module 6: Creating a Presentation that Looks Like a Pro

✓ Backgrounds – the 80/20 technique for better-looking presentations
✓ How to match fonts like a designer without design knowledge
✓ Making your presentation images consistent in 30 seconds
✓ Why color theory is a waste of time and how you should pick colors fast

Module 7: Plug-and-Play Layouts

✓ The rule of thirds – what they didn’t tell you
✓ Re-using layouts for consistency and time savings
✓ How to lay out typography even if you aren’t creative
✓ Fail-proof layouts you can swipe
✓ Hiearchy – A simple design principle that will make your presentations 5x better
✓ Why you should ‘steal’ like a presentation designer.

Module 8: Growth Hacking Your Presentation

✓ The perfect marketing eco-system – inside the EXACT system and tools we use to develop our marketing and amplification machine
✓ How to leverage the good-will of major influencers to skyrocket the view and share count of your next SlideShare presentation
✓ Back to basics landing pages – how to craft landing pages in 5 minutes that look fantastic and are sure to convert your potential lead


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