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 Eric Thomas and Associates – Breathe University

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Welcome To Breathe University™

A holistic approach to success, involving a series of intimate instructional sessions with Inspirational Speaker and Life Strategist, Dr. Eric Thomas. Study along with him as he delivers strategies on how you can move from where you are to where you know you should be through videos, mp3s, community discussion groups, access to live Q&A’s facilitated by Eric, and other tools and resources that you can use to help transform your life in the areas of:

  • Finance
  • Relationships
  • Career Goals
  • Marriage and more…

As you learn from Eric and the ETA team, you’ll gain an understanding of the true meaning of the word success and how it’s not only attainable but applicable to everyone no matter where you are in life right now. Whether you’re a recent graduate, professional athlete, coach, stay at home parent, government, business, or ministry leader, Breathe University will equip you with the strategies you need to ascend to the next level.


Love and Marriage (TGIM)

You asked for it and now its finally here! The creative minds of the hit YouTube series, “Thank God I’m Married,” have gone into the lab and developed an engaging and interactive course in the fundamental principles in achieving and maintaining a successful marriage. Eric exposes rudimentary beliefs concerning marital roles, expectations, and values through expressive analogies, narratives, exercises, and practices to help you and your loved one remember the reason you said, “I do.”

Packages Include:

  • TGIM Video Series
  • Additional MP3 resources/Reading Materials

Greatness Is Upon You

This course is designed to help you move through the material of Eric’s sophomore release, “Greatness Is Upon You,” a personal and professional development guide filled with life changing principles on how to achieve and sustain greatness in different areas of your life. Participants of this course should expect to engage in content that will make the distinction between character and reputation, legacy and currency, victim and victor, being beaten and beating the odds. Students should work through the book and workbook along with the videos to maximize results.


The Secret To Success

In this course, Eric unleashes the practical, easy to apply secrets that led to his success in a heartfelt and energetic series of interactive videos that will challenge you to look beyond your environment to realign and shape your destiny by beginning with your biggest obstacle: You. Students will learn how to face their flaws and fears one core shaping principle at a time. When used in combination with Eric’s autobiography, “The Secret to Success,” the barriers students will be able to break through are innumerable.


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