Dr. William Baldwin – SRT-Spirit Releasement Therapy

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Spirit Releasement Therapy

Spirit Attachment

In practice, the therapist trained in Past Life Therapy (PLT) and Spirit Releasement therapy (SRT) will recognize that some of the past life scenarios are not those of the client, but of someone else, an attached spirit of a deceased human being. There are specific methods of differentiating between the two. This condition has historically been labeled spirit possession. A more accurate term is spirit attachment, indicating an interference, a much more common event than possession, which implies complete takeover.

Our language reflects an inner knowledge of this condition: “What got into you?” “What possessed me to do that?” “I’m not myself today.” Even the comedian, Flip Wilson, expressed the concept with the comic line “The devil made me do it.” the possibility of spirit possession, that is, full or partial takeover of a living human by a discarnate entity, has been recognized, or at least theorized, in every time and in every culture. A disembodied consciousness seems to attach itself and merge fully or partially with the subconscious mind of a living person, exerting some degree of control on the behavior, the mental functioning, and emotions, as well as producing sensations and symptoms in the physical body.

Attachment to any given person may be completely random, even accidental. An attachment can be benevolent in nature, self serving to fulfill a personal need of the spirit, malevolent in intention, or completely neutral. Some investigators in this field estimate that between 70% and 100% of the population are affected or influenced by one or more discarnate entities at some time in their lives.

Spirit Releasement Therapy®

The treatment for the condition of spirit attachment consists of six distinct steps. The first step is to discover and identify any and all (there is never just one) attached discarnate spirits or entities. There are many clues which assist the therapist in the discovery of an attached entity.

The second step is differential diagnosis. Most of the attached entities fall into one of three categories: EBs, the earthbound spirits of deceased humans, terminated pregnancies, and mind fragments of living people; DFEs, the dark force entities, historically called demons; ETs, extraterrestrials and aliens, that is, beings from other worlds, dimensions or densities. There are others which defy classification.

The third step is dialogue with the entity. Each type requires the precise treatment which will lead it to release willingly from the client and go to its own appropriate destination.

The fourth step is the actual release of the attached entity; each different type requires a different releasement process.

The fifth step is a specific guided imagery of Light for the client. It is important to metaphorically fill the space left by the departing beings.

The sixth step entails ongoing therapy for the client. More entities may be found and released in subsequent sessions. Past life therapy and fragmentation recovery are vital to restore balance to the client. It is essential to resolve the conflict and to heal the emotional vulnerability which first allow the spirit attachment.


Spirit Releasement therapy is not based on any religious belief system. there is no exhortation or prayer, no ritual, no superstition-based litany. The approach is clear, rational, methodical and thoughtfully complete. SRT cannot be considered a suggestive therapy. The techniques were developed by empirical methods: observation, trail and error, appropriate course correction, comparison and contrast with existing systems of exorcism and deliverance, and synthesizing many proven clinical modalities with a client-perceived and reported spiritual, nonphysical, imaginal, internal dimension. The consistency of the descriptions given by clients in the altered state added to and verified the developing clinical framework of SRT. The results of thousands of sessions indicate the validity of the hypothesis and the methodology.

There is no proof that entities, that is, the surviving consciousness of deceased human beings, actually exist. However, because of the efficacy of SRT within the clinical framework of the spiritual dimension, it can be inferred that the spiritual dimension of reality exists and there are many types of conscious being existing (living) there.

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20060821030748/http://www.spiritreleasement.org/spirit_releasement_therapy.htm

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