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YouTube Kickstart BlueprintSmartmarketer – YouTube Kickstart Blueprint

4 Steps to Scaling Your Facebook Ads onto YouTube: How I Cracked YouTube Ads for Ezra Firestone’s $100 Million Brand
By Brett Curry & Ezra Firestone | March 1, 2021

What if I told you that right now — at this very moment — you’re probably 90% of the way toward scaling your Facebook ads onto YouTube?

Hey, I’m Brett Curry!

I’m an agency owner and Google premier partner, as well as one of the top spenders on YouTube ads for small businesses.

And while most brands never break into this hugely profitable sales channel — either because they fail to launch profitable campaigns or because they simply avoid the platform altogether…

In the last year alone, I’ve overseen $100 million in profitable ad spend for my clients, including Ezra Firestone’s ecommerce brand, BOOM! By Cindy Joseph.

Ezra’s Big Ads Problem (Uh Oh!) and Why You Should Scale onto YouTube


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