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Corporate Counseling OpportunitiesRichard Nongard – Corporate Counseling Opportunities

Develop your impact
Hired by companies
Because you are a hypnotist!

Dr. Richard Nongard, lead speaker, business editor and course developer, will show you the exact formula step by step on how you can take advantage of the company’s counseling and therapy experience.

Do you want to know how to spend a few days a month to provide business services and seriously increase your income while helping more people on a larger scale?

Businesses often pay speakers and lecturers between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 to professionals like you, as well as potential six-figure payments for company-wide training materials. As a therapist, you have expertise in problem solving, human resource management and personal improvement to start making more money by tapping into this lucrative and respected environment.

I will show you step by step how to make the company pay you.
I will show you how to recruit, contact and speak, write, train and mentor American companies.

In three online sessions, you will have answers to your questions and you will know exactly how to connect with people who will hire you in the business world through counseling, social work or therapeutic experience. your.
Are you in it? It only costs you $ 97 to find a solution to your frustration of not growing your business because you don’t know who to connect with to take advantage of the opportunity for other therapists.

After this training, you will know

* RIGHT to market your therapeutic expertise so you can expand your scope to help others on the MASSIVE scale!

First session: in our first session, you will discover many opportunities that you are currently missing because you simply do not know them. And I will give you a resource that I use to book company events that you can access right away and start exploring those opportunities across the country.

You will complete the first session knowing both the contacts to talk to, training opportunities and what to offer them.

These are not remote opportunities – I will share local resources with you to get involved in local businesses. Drive in your city. Do you see financial services companies, insurance companies, banks, hospitals, transportation companies, car dealerships or other businesses? They are looking for people like you and they will pay a high sum for your expertise.

Session Two: I will show you how I become a guest on multiple TV shows, multiple radio shows, and multiple podcasts (some with more than 1 million downloads) so you can be discovered by a corporate executive who are in the position to hire you. The best part? You can do these interviews from your home or office on the phone or online and get literally worldwide exposure!

Dr. Phil met the right person. You can meet the right people and launch your success. I will show you step-by-step how to connect with them, and how to pitch them for your services. Dr. Phil is not any smarter than you are, and probably not even as good at therapy as you are. Imagine what you can offer and how an expanded audience can truly help people.

Session Three: In our third session I will show you a method for writing a book in 10 days. I have used this method and my books give me huge passive income. But more importantly, they reach the right people. My most recent book basically took the principles of personal growth every therapist knows and applied them to business leadership. I then got endorsements from the current CEO of Hilton Worldwide and the former CEO of General Electric Capital. I will show you how I did it, and how you can do exactly what I did.

Online with 24/7 Access – Learn on your own schedule!
Enjoy downloadable access to all course materials. I will teach you exactly what I am doing to book coaching, speaking and consulting jobs in high paying corporate settings.

Register now and I am going to give you an interview I did with Anthony Galilee on Zoom. He got his master’s degree in psychology and then spent the next 30 years getting paid $10,000+ doing corporate training (and that is $10k per day!). He will share exactly how he did it, and what you can do to emulate his success. Lunch with Anthony would pay for itself thousands of times over, and for less than the cost of lunch with us, you will get this interview that is filled with actionable strategies.

Do You Want to Write a Book? Be on the Radio? Do you see the potential here that you are missing? Every day I talk to other therapists. They wish they could make an extra couple thousand a month and by taking this course, the doors to this potential will be open to you. Register now and reserve your spot.

Write Books
Get Media Invites
Do Keynote Speaking
Create Training Events
Work Online and Offline

Everything I teach in this course will be actionable and step-by-step. You will have the names of the places to contact and the resources to do it. If you think your expertise is not being valued, or that you could help a wider group of people with your counseling skills, this is the course for you! Join me.

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