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[Download Now] NICABM – How to work with clients who blame


Salepage : NICABM – How to work with clients who blame

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How to Work with Blame: Expert Strategies to Shift Your Client Out of Anger, Pain, Resentment and Blame

Blame is a powerful emotion.

Problem is, blame’s power can also be addictive. When a client blames others, they often feel more certain in their belief or they feel more protected from painful emotions like shame.

But this protection comes with unintended consequences, because blame can push people out of the client’s life and poison so many of their intimate relationships.

So how do we help clients who struggle with blame?

We asked 22 world-renowned experts how they work with clients who blame. These are their top strategies.

How to work with clients who blame


Module 1: The Neurobiology of Blame


The Neurobiology of Blame

Dan Siegel, MD Shelly Harrell, PhD Ron Siegel, PsyD
Rick Hanson, PhD Kelly McGonigal, PhD
  • Why we’re hardwired for fault-finding
  • Two types of self-awareness that can foster blame
  • The link between rumination and blame


How to Work with Blame When a Client Has a History of Trauma

Bessel van der Kolk, MD Rick Hanson, PhD
  • How trauma can alter the brain to be more oriented toward blame
  • How to work with highly-sensitive blame triggers in clients who’ve experienced trauma

Module 2: How to Work with Clients Who Externalize Their Blame


The Missing Skill That Can Keep a Client Frozen in Blame

Marsha Linehan, PhD Michael Yapko, PhD Rick Hanson, PhD
Kelly McGonigal, PhD Ron Siegel, PsyD
  • Two polar opposite ways a client often assesses blame (and why both lead to pain)
  • Two rigid beliefs that can make a client highly prone to blaming others


How to Help Clients Move from Blame into Self-acceptance and Kindness

Ron Siegel, PsyD Chris Germer, PhD
  • The hidden issue often lying just beneath the client’s pain (and may be the key to successful treatment)
  • How to help clients break a pain-blame loop


How the Loss of Mentalizing Fuels Blame

Peter Fonagy, PhD
  • Why your client’s blame may be linked to a deficiency in their ability to mentalize
  • The unique phenomenon that can heighten the intensity of a client feeling wronged

Module 3: How to Work with Blame That’s Protecting a Client From Shame


How to Work with Clients Who Fear Self-Blame

Richard Schwartz, PhD Christine Padesky, PhD
  • How to work with blame in narcissistic clients
  • How to help clients whose externalized blame is protecting them from internalized blame
  • Why certain blamers will only seek treatment when they’re depressed


How to Reverse Black-and-White Thinking That Drives a Client’s Blame

Lynn Lyons, LICSW Kelly McGonigal, PhD Joan Borysenko, PhD
  • How to adjust your language to avoid triggering a client’s blame defense
  • The deep fear that keeps some clients from admitting fault in an issue

Module 4: Practical Strategies to Help Clients Break Blaming Patterns


How to Disrupt Blame in Rigid Thinkers

Terry Real MSW, LICSW Ron Siegel, PsyD
  • How to approach unfulfilled needs so clients don’t fall prey to blame
  • How to work with clients whose blame is powered by issues of grandiosity


Helping Clients Avoid Blame Traps

Kelly McGonigal, PhD Zindel Segal, PhD
  • Specific questions that can help clients see the true costs of their blame
  • Why the benefits of blaming others can be so addicting for some clients


Four Practical Skills to Spark Change in Others

Bill O’Hanlon, LMFT Joan Borysenko, PhD
  • One strategy that can radically shift a client’s use of fault-finding
  • One change to a blame pattern that can be a turning point for clients with addiction disorders

Module 5: Blame and Relationships


How to Work with Blame That Poisons Intimate Relationships

Stan Tatkin, PsyD MFT Ron Siegel, PsyD Richard Schwartz, PhD
  • The core deficit that could be fueling a couple’s blame dynamic
  • The common blame formula that can foster victimhood (and how to undo it)
  • How childhood vulnerabilities play a key role in a couples’ blame cycle


A Bottom-Up Approach to Restore a Relationship Shattered by Blame

Pat Ogden, PhD
  • How to read the subtle pain signals that may be hiding behind a client’s blame
  • How to disrupt a blaming pattern that’s keeping a relationship in pain

Module 6: How to Help Clients Shift from a Blaming Mindset to a Growth Mindset


Avoiding Common Missteps When Working with Blame

Shelly Harrell, PhD Rick Hanson, PhD
  • Why timing can affect a successful blame intervention
  • Why disappointment may be the sleeper emotion that drives so much blame (and how to resolve it)


How to Prevent Resentment and Guide Clients to Growth

Michael Yapko, PhD
  • Why some families can be particularly susceptible to a blaming relationship
  • How to help clients connect blame to the way they approach expectations

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