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My Latest and Greatest Powerful Cash Flow Secret…


How You Can Pull in a Cool $1 Million Per Year with Self-Storage…And If You Even THINK You “Know” What This Opportunity Is All About…


Dear Investor,

Did you know that I have a self-storage strategy that isn’t about what you think “self-storage” is about?

After all, we all know what self-storage is, right? It’s something that looks a little bit like this…

But I’ll bet you anything that you didn’t know that you can earn a fortune with self-storage without even owning a self-storage property! In fact, guaranteed, I’ll be the FIRST and ONLY only to divulge this secret to you.

Now, I think I’m getting ahead of myself. So, let’s start with some self-storage basics:

Self-Storage is the #1 Growing Commercial Real Estate Investment in the Country

As you already know, other “commercial-commercial” properties such as retail strip malls, “big boxes,” office buildings, industrial/warehouse, etc. have suffered the wrath of the recession. And will continue to do so for a couple more years to come (at least). Once the market “comes back,” it will still be a long, arduous, and painstaking process to become a solid, cash flow, and less risky investment in real estate.

Yet in the midst of all this, self-storage is growing at an incredibly fast rate!

How fast?

About 3% to 5% annually!

Okay, that’s not “ground shattering.” Or is it?

Consider this…

Commercial-Commercial Property Investments Have Been Systematically Taking Losses of 20% to 40% PER YEAR Since 2007!

So, you consider that commercial-commercial property has been taking LOSSES each year and yet self-storage has been growing 3% to 5% per year (and higher in certain areas of the country). Now you’re starting to see the opportunity.

But who really cares about a paltry 5% growth ratio. Right?

Let’s get to the dollars and sense in what’s possible for this highly profitable industry…

Self-Storage is Growing Fast Because People are Downsizing Their Homes!

Some people are simply letting their homes go back to the bank. Many times they have to move in with Mom and Dad or go to a small affordable apartment unit. “Stuff” is an emotional psychological tie to people. People don’t want to get rid of “stuff” for a variety of reasons. There are pictures, heirlooms, old clothing, and sentimental items we just “can’t get rid of.” There are bigger things like furniture that we keep because we swear we’ll get back on top soon, get a larger home back, and we’ll need to furnish it again.

So, why not let it go in the first place?

After all, economically it WOULD be cheaper to let the crap go than spending $100 to $300 per month on a self-storage unit for YEARS to keep the stuff. But that’s not how it works when people are emotionally attached to their crap.

Eventually people get sick of paying the fee which is why reality shows like Storage Wars have become massively popular in the past year. But before they let the unit go, you could have already made a fortune off their unit!

You Can Even Make a Fortune in Places Like California, New York, Washington, and Other “Off Limits” Places for Other Types of Real Estate Deals!

The larger the population size, the higher the demand for self-storage. Southern California took a major hit with foreclosures, as did everywhere else in the country. But, California has always been a very difficult, if not impossible, place to invest in commercial and/or residential-commercial property deals…especially with NO CASH and NO CREDIT!

Self-storage is a different animal.

You can make money with self-storage in places that are impossible to get cash flows with for other types of investment real estate property deals!


Because the demand is HUGE in places like Southern California, you can make a killing in self-storage while finding it next to impossible to get your foot in the door on other types of real estate deals, especially without a boatload of cash.

Even better…

You Don’t Need to “Buy” a Property to Make This Work!

This is the VERY FIRST TIME I’ve ever taught anything about real estate where you don’t have to buy a property to make money in real estate!

Okay, sure. There are “lease-options” and “owner financing” deals where you’re not really buying the property…but you’re still buying the property on paper. So I’m not saying this to try to dazzle you with a loophole in the English language.

I’m serious when I say…

This is one of the ONLY types of real estate “investing” where you can see a HUGE monthly cash flow without owning a building. (There is only ONE other type of real estate investing with commercial property that this is possible and it will be revealed later!)

Okay, back it up! How is this possible? How is it possible to make a strong cash flow in a real estate “investing” transaction without actually owning a piece of property.

It’s not a secret I’m going to reveal right now. (I can’t.)

But, I will tell you that the self-storage possibilities aren’t just limited to:

1) Buying a self-storage property that’s already functioning.

2) Building a self-storage property from scratch by buying the land, getting permits, getting a construction loan, etc.

3) Buying a building to convert to self-storage use.

There is ONE MORE SECRET to making this work!

And it’s the easiest, most profitable one of all!

Once My Students Discover This Secret, The TIME Will Begin Ticking! The Competition WILL Become Fierce! So…Do This and DO THIS FAST!!

I have some awesome students. Some of them are, well…too awesome! They get my materials, devour them, and start working the strategies I present. They get an upper-hand in the market, quickly.

Then DROVES of my students follow shortly thereafter.

This, unfortunately, creates too much competition, causing the competition to squeeze the life out of any future profit potential for new investors to come in.

And this is definitely one of those opportunities.


Because it’s the EASIEST one to work since there is a strategy to do it to make you thousands a month in cash flow without buying a property!

This will mean that those of you who discover this opportunity, choose to work it, and get out there to make your deals happen, you’ll be able to start pulling in a monthly cash flow of anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 per month within 90 days before the rest of the investing world is even clued in on what’s going on!

Is This a “No-Cash-No-Credit” Opportunity?

I know I teach no-cash-no-credit real estate investing methods. Is this one of them? Can you really get into the profitable self-storage business without cash?

Yes, there is a way of doing that. And this will be revealed in the course materials.

However, with all due honesty, I will tell you that if you have a few thousand dollars in your savings account (or available on your credit cards) to use to invest with, you’ll find that this process will be much easier.

Why do you need a little money?

Think of it in terms of a “deposit” or “earnest money” to get your foot in the door on a property. A property owner/seller who isn’t legally handing over his/her building to you in an unofficial “sale” (as in a lease-option or seller financing deal) will want to see some kind of small deposit to see that you’re serious about the property or building.

Now the rest of the money you need for this enterprise is something that can be given to you. And I have to stop here because otherwise I’ll be revealing too many secrets!

“Okay, Monica. If This ‘Secret’ is So Freakin’ Awesome…Why Don’t You Just Tell Us the Secret Now?”

Because I CAN’T let everyone know what this is without showing that they really want to do this. Why give the information out for nothing, have people do a half-assed bumble job slopping up the self-storage world because they don’t know what they’re doing, and they ruin the opportunity for the rest of us?

How would that work?

Because if I told you in a single paragraph a summarized version of what you’ll be doing, a lot of you wouldn’t bother going through the course materials to understand EXACTLY how to do it (without screwing it up) and you’ll not only mess up your own deals but you’ll muddy the waters for those who are serious about this.

Warning: DO NOT Get This System if You Plan on Skimming Through It Otherwise You’ll Never “Get” the True Cash Flow Secret for My Special Self-Storage Cash Flow Methodology!

I have so many students that order my Apartment Building Cash Flow System that get it, don’t go through ANYTHING in the course, and start ringing up all the brokers and lenders in the Resource Directory. They have NO CLUE as to what they’re doing. They don’t have a deal to talk to a lender or broker about. Then they quickly burn all their bridges because they didn’t bother learning anything about the business before wasting these money sources’ time.

So, I did something a little vindictive and devious this time. I include full instructions on how to make this system work…but you have to go through the ENTIRE COURSE THOROUGHLY to understand the secret.

Now, I’ll give you a very small hint: make sure you go through all of the course audio with your undivided attention! That’s the only hint you’ll get. (Okay, one more hint: watch the video and pay special attention to the last 1/3 of it!)

Guaranteed, This Self-Storage Cash Flow Secret System Has NEVER Been Written About, Presented by Other “Gurus” and Authors, or Revealed By Anyone…INCLUDING MYSELF!

If you think you know what I’m talking about, think again! You really don’t have a clue. No one has ever talked about this strategy in any book about self-storage investing. If you think you can go to Amazon.com and get a self-storage investing book to know about this incredibly lucrative cash flow secret, you’re going to be wasting your time. No one has ever taught this strategy before. I’m the first and only one.

And this is the VERY FIRST TIME I’ve ever revealed this highly powerful, massively profitable self-storage cash flow secret!

If you missed the boat on my other opportunities by not moving on them fast enough or not moving at all, don’t miss this one. This is your one opportunity to get started in real estate without the back-breaking “requirement” of lining up financing as you do with conventional commercial real estate deals.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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    The practical examples made a huge difference. Great course!

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    Well-structured and engaging. I feel more confident in my skills now.

  3. Lindsay Morgan (verified owner)

    I was impressed by the quality of the content. Well done!

  4. Jackson (verified owner)

    A fantastic resource for beginners. Easy to follow and very informative.

  5. Hayden (verified owner)

    The content was high-quality and easy to understand.

  6. Jacob Turner (verified owner)

    The course exceeded my expectations. Very comprehensive.

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