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[Download Now] Larry Harbolt – Creative Financing System



Larry Harbolt – Creative Financing System

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Get Larry Harbolt – Creative Financing System right now!

Never Be Forced to Step Into a Bank Again
Creative Financing System
Is Not Your Fathers “Subject To” or “Lease Option” Financing

This System Is a Combination of Every Type of Creative Deal Structuring and Creative Financing Options Available to Every Investor Regardless of Their Own Credit or Financial Situation. With This System Having to Get Bank Financing Will Be a Thing of the Past. It Contains Multiple Deal Structures to Help Even the Most Novice Investor Be Able to Structure a Creative Deal Other Investors Will Walk Away From Simply Because They Won’t See the Same Opportunities as the Trained Eye of the Owner of This System.

Here is what you get…

“3” Information Packed Manuals

460 Pages of Creative Seller Financing Strategies and Paperwork

14 Audio CD’s for Your Listening Convenience – 4 Document CD’s for all your needed paperwork

“3” Separate Bonus Books

The Psychology of Effective Negotiating 101

Negotiating from a Position of Power by Knowing the Seller’s Personality Type.

Shortcuts to Success

The “4” Questions Every Investor Needs the Answers to Before making an Offer to Buy.

How to Deal with Contractors Like a Professional Rehab Pro

The Key Items You MUST Know and Do to Protect Yourself from Unscrupulous Contractors Taking Advantage of You and Your Checkbook.

Plus, several other bonuses All Valued at Thousands of Dollars

You Also Will Learn…

Fast CA$H By Finding High Profit Seller Finance Deals

  • What to Look for and How to Secure the Best High Profit Properties.
  • How to get YOUR Phone Ringing Off the Hook with Motivated Sellers.
  • Proven Letters to Property Owners.
  • Detailed Repair Checklists that Will Prevent You From Under Estimating Repair Costs.
  • Multiple Ways to Create Your Real Estate Wealth TAX FREE.
  • The Essential Ironclad Contractor Agreement To Maximize Your Protection

The Master of Win-Win Money Making Deals Using Seller Financing

  • “4” laminated “Quick Study” template’s that make YOU an Instant Expert.
  • How to pick out the Money Maker Deals at lightning speed.
  • How to Avoid the “7” Costly Mistakes ALL NEW Investor’s make. (this one you have to know)
  • How to create Massive Profits on Seller Financed Deals You’ve Never Owned.
  • How to quickly Pre-screen Sellers-Eliminate the Time and Money wasters.
  • The 7 Essential Buying Formulas that Maximize Your Profits and keep you safe from doing a bad deal.

Explode Your Income Training Program & the Million Dollar Paperwork

  • The 7 Strategies to buy All of the Houses You Want Using Seller Financing Even if You Have No Credit, Bad Credit, or don’t want to use your Good Credit.
  • The Complete MILLION DOLLAR step-by-step buying procedures.
  • Structure multiple offers for CASH IN A FLASH and LONG TERM WEALTH.
  • Buying and Selling Contracts and Forms designed to protect you as well as put CASH in your pocket.
  • With How to Filled out Examples – with multiple clauses to keep you Safe!
  • How to sell houses In a Flash by making them easy for your buyers to buy.
This Will Be The Solution to the Problem Of Getting Affordable Financing to Fund Your Deals And Set You Apart From the Rest. This Information Will Put You On the Fast-Track of Building Your Real Estate Wealth and Lifestyle.

The following are a list of benefits Seller Financing can give not only the seller of the property but also you, the buyer.

Why What We Are Offering Is So Important in Today’s Market

The Benefits of Seller Financing

  1. Investors Are Finding It Impossible to Get Institutional Financing Today.
  2. Never be Humiliated Filling Out a Loan Application Just to Be Later Turned Down.
  3. You Will Have A Distinct Advantage Over Other Real Estate Investors In Your Area.
  4. You Will Be Able to Buy Real Estate Even If You Are Bankrupt.
  5. You Don’t Need Money or Good Credit to Buy Real Estate.
  6. You Have the Ability to Create Huge Future Discounts If You Get Seller Financing Terms.
  7. No More Credit Checks. Most Sellers Don’t Belong to A Credit Bureau.
  8. Quick Closings and Low Closing Costs.
  9. You Can Use Seller Financing Terms to Get Quick Cash.
  10. The Correct Wording in Your Paperwork Will Give You Non-Recourse Financing.
  11. You Can Have Multiple Loans In Your Name But Not Show on Your Credit Report.
  12. The Seller Can Get What They Want Without Bank Approval.
  13. You and the Seller Set the Rules, Not the Bank.
  14. You Can Know What the Seller Is Thinking Before They Say A Word.
  15. You Can Overcome Almost Any Objections Before the Seller Has a Chance to Say a Word.
  16. Seller Financing Deals Make Perfect Wholesale/Flip Deals.
  17. You Can Get Long Term Income or Fast Cash – Whichever You Prefer.
  18. You Will Be Able to Do More Deals With Less Money.
  19. Seller Financing Deals Do Not Require Seasoning.
  20. There Are No Points or Loan Fees Ever Again.
  21. You Can Structure Creative Deals – By Using What You Want to Get What You Want.
  22. Being Creative You Can Make More Profit Per Deal.
  23. You Can Create Huge Profits Without Having Property Ownership.
  24. If You Get Better Terms = Greater Profit.
  25. This Is Creative Information Your Competition Doesn’t Know.
  26. It’s All Done with Non-Threatening Easy to Use Paperwork.
  27. Never Be Forced to Step Into a Bank Again!

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