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[Download Now] Ken Wilber – Actualize OS: Digital Training


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Install a New Operating System for Your Mind that Illuminates the Full Spectrum of Your Potentials to Actualize the Greatest Possible Version of Yourself
Experience the life changing 10-part online training
with world-renowned author, teacher and contemporary philosopher, Ken Wilber.

With The Many Problems That Humanity Is Now Facing, Have You Been Asking Yourself, How Can You Rise To The Challenge And Be Of Greater Service, At This Critical Moment In History?
You’ve landed on this page for a reason.

There’s a powerful impulse awakening within you and many other around the world. It’s a deep inner yearning to be of greater service and become all that you are capable of being in this life.

It’s the growing awareness that we as a species are not living our lives at the level that you know in your heart we are capable of. The feeling that in spite of all of your success and accomplishments, that there is so much more to express and give, just waiting beneath the surface, ready to emerge.

You may be experiencing this as an unwillingness to settle for complacency and mediocrity, or the rising inspiration to make a greater impact in our world.

If you’ve reached this point, it’s because you’ve already done a lot you can be proud of.

Most of the essential needs in your life are probably met, and from an outsider’s perspective, it may already look like you’ve “made it”. And that’s because in so many important dimensions, you have.

And yet, even though you’ve already accomplished so much, you can still sense that you’re just scratching the surface of what we are, individually and collectively, capable of

What is Self-Actualization
If you’re like most people, you’ve probably already heard about the concept of self-actualization. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is taught in high schools and universities, and it is common knowledge in the academic world.

Every human grows through this hierarchy of needs, and when their needs are sufficiently met at one stage they move to the next.

We all begin with physiological needs, the need for food, water, warmth, and shelter, then we move up from there, to safety needs, belongingness needs, and esteem needs.

Finally, at the highest level, once all of our earlier needs are satisfied, we switch from “deficiency needs” to “being needs”. This is the shift into the impulse for self-actualization, and this is truly the beginning of our new lives discovering what it means to be fully human.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Loading Module Introduction
  2. Encountering Your Greatness
  3. A Radical New Stage of Human Development
  4. Exploring the Terrain of Your Full Spectrum Potentials
  5. Accessing Higher Levels of Development to Accelerate Your Growth
  6. Engaging with the Actualize Operating System
  7. Neuroplasticity and Expanding Your Perspective
  8. Reorienting and Retraining Your Default Operating System
  9. Weekly Practice: Taking on the Role of Other
  10. Loading Module Conclusion

Installation 1:
Accelerating Your Evolution
Install a technology for your mind to illuminate the full spectrum of your development, catalyze growth and enrich your understanding of yourself, others and the world

Lesson Plan:
Installation Module Introduction
Introduction to Levels
Tools for Growth
The Backbone of Development
Exploring the Levels
The 1st and 2nd Levels
Infancy to Adulthood: the Magic-Mythic Levels
The Amber-Mythic Stage of Development
New Levels Define the Modern Era
The Radical Emergence of 2nd Tier
An Integral Tipping Point
Accelerating Your Evolution
The Path of Transformation
4 Important Steps
Weekly Practice: Embracing the Full-Spectrum

Installation 2:
Activating Your Multiple Intelligences
Illuminate the full spectrum of your skills, talents and abilities to cultivate your true greatness and live your life at the highest level

Lesson Plan:
Introduction to Lines of Development
Many Kinds of Intelligence
Lines Develop Through Levels
The Willpower Line of Development
Is an Intelligence the Same as a Skill?
Exploring the Cognitive Line of Development
Solving the Great Problems of Our Time
Emotional Development Versus Cognitive Development?
10,000 Hours of Practice
Installation 2 Conclusion
4 Important Steps
Weekly Practice: Activating Your Full-Spectrum Potential

Installation 3:
Awakening Your Higher States of Consciousness
Explore your five primary states of consciousness to awaken your highest potentials and discover the dimensions of who you really are

  1. Introduction to States of Consciousness
  2. Our Pathway to Transcendence
  3. The Gross, Subtle, Causal, Witness and Non-Dual States
  4. Progressing Toward Enlightenment: A Profound Shift in Perspective
  5. Growing Up and Waking Up
  6. The Comprehensive Nature of the Actualize OS
  7. Becoming an Actualized Being
  8. The Benefits of Reaching Higher States of Consciousness
  9. A Perfectly Balanced System
  10. Toward Ever Greater Love, Compassion and Care
  11. On The Struggle Between Science and Spirituality
  12. The Deeply Psychoactive Nature of States
  13. Closing Comments by Program Host
  14. The Non-Dual State: a Guided Experiential Contemplation with Ken
  15. 4 Important States
  16. Weekly Practice: Accessing Your Multidimensional States

Installation 4:
Accessing the Unique Power of Your Typology

Discover the underlying drives and impulses of your personality and sexuality so that you can optimize your life to leverage your unique gifts and abilities

  1. Introduction to Types and Drives
  2. Understanding the Uniqueness of Your Nature
  3. Finding Yourself in the Actualize OS
  4. What are Personality Types and How Do They Work?
  5. How Do We Use Types to Achieve Our Fully Potential?
  6. Are There Masculine and Feminine Types?
  7. Types in Men and Women: Agency and Communion
  8. Drives in Men and Women: Eros and Agape
  9. The Higher Evolution of Masculine and Feminine
  10. What Does an Actualized Relationship Look Like?
  11. Using Types to Propel Our Actualized Development
  12. Closing Comments by Host and Upcoming Events
  13. 4 Important Steps
  14. Weekly Practices: Accessing the Innate Power of Your Typology

Installation 5:
Activating Your Multidimensional Perception

Expand your perception to reveal the four fundamental dimensions of reality, so that you can perceive the full spectrum of life and create solutions at a higher level

  1. Introduction to Awakening Your 4-D Vision
  2. What Are The Quadrants or Why are They Important?
  3. How Does Each of the Four Quadrants Affect the way We See the World?
  4. What Happens When We See the World in All Four Quadrants?
  5. Can Seeing in all Four Quadrants Help Us Find our True Purpose in Life?
  6. How Does our Life Purpose Shift as Our Perspective Grows?
  7. The Power of Collective Unity in Action
  8. Energizing the Psychoactive Map With 4-D Vision
  9. Changing the World with 4-D Vision
  10. Closing Comments and Upcoming Events
  11. 4 Important Steps
  12. Weekly Practice: Awakening Your 4-D Vision

Activation 1:
Cultivating Your Whole Body

Discover the three essential aspects of your human body so that you can express the full range of you physical, subtle and causal abilities

  1. Introduction to the First Application Module
  2. Identitifying and Developing Our Three Bodies
  3. The Proper Care and Development of Our Gross Physical Body
  4. Cultivating Yoga, T’ai Chi and Tying the Subtle Body to the Physical Body
  5. How Do We Identify, Access and Developing Our Casual Body?
  6. Cultivating Our Optimum Health and Wellness In All Three Bodies
  7. Attaining Your Self-Actualized Body
  8. Closing Comments and Upcoming Events with Program Host
  9. 4 Important Steps
  10. Weekly Practices: Breathing the Microcosmic Orbit

Activation 2:
Shadow Vision

Illuminate the hidden influences and blind spots that sabotage your development and hold you back from achieving the highest visions for yourself and your life

  1. Introduction to Shadow Vision
  2. Allergies and Addictions
  3. How Do We Identify Our Own Shadow?
  4. What Powers the Shadow and How Does it Affect us?
  5. Common Addictions and Their Disruptive Effects
  6. Healing Our Shadow: The 3-2-1 Practice
  7. Reclaiming Our Fundamental Power
  8. Transforming Your Shadow Into Light
  9. Freeing Your Consciousness for Higher Development
  10. Beyond the Individual: Addressing the Collective Shadow
  11. A Daily Practice for Reclaiming Our Shadow
  12. Closing Comments and Upcoming Events
  13. 4 Important Steps
  14. Weekly Practice: The 3-2-1 Shadow Process

Activation 3:
Activating Your Inner Tech

Discover the full range of inner technology that will open you to entirely new realms of power, energy, vision and fulfillment in your life

  1. Introduction to Inner Tech
  2. Becoming The Witness – Guided Meditation with Ken
  3. Realize Your Ultimate Potential By Realizing Who You Really Are
  4. The Power of Ultimate Cross Training
  5. Spiritual Technology and Brain State Training
  6. Closing Comments and Upcoming Events
  7. 4 Important Steps
  8. Weekly Practice: Apply the Actualize OS to Daily Life

The Actualization Module:
Actualizing the Greatest Version of You

Integrate all the installation and applications of the Actualize OS in your direct experience to discover the full spectrum version of yourself

  1. Welcome to Actualization Module
  2. Introduction to the Actualization Module with Ken Wilber
  3. Part I: Recapping the Actualize OS
  4. Recapping the AOS: Levels
  5. Recapping the AOS: Lines
  6. Recapping the AOS: States
  7. Recapping the AOS: Types
  8. Recapping the AOS: Quadrants
  9. Recapping the AOS: Bodies
  10. Recapping the AOS: Shadow
  11. Recapping the AOS: Inner Tech
  12. Part II: Where do we go from here? How to take the Actualize OS further
  13. Part III: Activating the Actualize OS
  14. Activating the AOS: Flight Plan and System Check
  15. Activating the AOS: Navigating the World of Forms and Appearances
  16. Activating the AOS: Breaking Free Means Including Everything But
  17. Activating the AOS: Transcendence and Ultimate Freedom
  18. 4 Important Steps
  19. Weekly Practice: Apply the AOS to Daily Life

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