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[Download Now] Elaine Perliss – Handwriting Analysis


Salepage : Elaine Perliss – Handwriting Analysis

The Ultimate Tool for your Hypnotherapy Practice!

This specialty certification course in Handwriting Analysis is required for All HMI Students. Now, we’re delivering this certification course directly to your home or office. No standing in line, no one hour lunch break, no spending 8 hours in a classroom each day. Plus, you have access for 6 months to study and review at your convenience.

Become a Certified Specialist in Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting is an ideomotor response, reflecting subconscious behaviors and personality traits. Your client’s handwriting holds valuable clues for understanding their subconscious personality and traits that can identify the blocks standing in the way of a successful therapeutic intervention. Because every successful Hypnotherapist is also part detective, Handwriting Analysis is an invaluable tool in the discovery of the client’s subconscious motivation.

In this six part series, Senior Staff Instructor, Elaine Perliss, will introduce you to the wonderful world of Handwriting Analysis. She will explore how understanding and analysis of the traits in their clients’ writing can provide the Hypnotherapist with a valuable tool for their practice.

Being a Certified Specialist in Handwriting Analysis is also a great way to attract new clients and/or add additional income to your practice.

In this Handwriting Analysis Certification Course you will receive:

  • 12 hours of streaming video instruction
  • 97 page Handwriting Analysis Course manual
  • 180 day unlimited access
  • Six information packed 2-hour video lessons that illustrate how to analyze handwriting with easy to understand terms and techniques

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Tell if your client is lying, telling the truth, acting out or “putting on a front” for the world to see.
  • Assist your clients working on their relationship goals in discovering key personality traits to look for in their ideal life-partner.
  • Determine if your client’s projected healthy self-esteem and self-confidence is real, or if they’re actually very confused and unsure about where they stand in life.
  • Understand your client’s ability to feel and express their emotions, thoughts and behaviors.
  • Help your professional clients hire the applicant who’s best suited for the job opening they have, through discovery of the applicant’s “true” behavior, and not just what they “said in their interview” or “wrote on their resume”.
  • Use your skills to generate additional income for your practice with Professional Profiles – Used extensively in the fields of Hypnotherapy, Mental Health, Law Enforcement, Human Resources, Colleges, Universities and more!

Here is what the Six 2-Hour video lessons include:

Handwriting Analysis 1 of 6

In this first lesson, Elaine covers the basic foundations of Handwriting Analysis including the basic rules and guidelines. In addition this class will give you an in-depth coverage of several traits including margins, page and letter zones, baseline slant, letter slant and pressure in writing.

Handwriting Analysis 2 of 6

In the second of six classes, Elaine Perliss begins with a review of the traits covered in the first class. Then, building on this foundation, she covers several additional traits including the spacing between letters, words and lines, the size of the handwriting, the significance of loops, importance of capitals and finishing with the most important capital letter of all; the capital “I”.

Handwriting Analysis 3 of 6

In this, the third class, Elaine Perliss begins with an in depth review of the traits covered in the first two classes. Moving along, Ms. Perliss introduces several new traits, beginning with the most important lower case letter of all; the “t”. You’ll see how this letter is vital to understanding the writer’s self esteem and confidence. In addition, she covers the lower case “i” and “d”, ovals and the beginning, ending and connecting strokes.

Handwriting Analysis 4 of 6

Elaine Perliss combines the brilliance of Kappasinian Hypnotherapy with the benefits of Handwriting Analysis in this fourth class in the six-part series. In this class, you’ll discover the writer’s “Sexuality” and “Suggestibility.” In addition, you’ll learn how the writer learns, as well as the significance of the speed of the writer’s writing.

Handwriting Analysis 5 of 6

In class 5 of 6 in this series, Elaine Perliss adds to the now solid foundation of traits covered in the previous four classes. You’ll see a review along with coverage of several new traits. As Elaine explains in the class, the new traits covered are, in many cases, a combination of traits covered in previous classes. She shows how when certain traits are combined, they will give the Handwriting Analyst a greater in-depth picture of the writer’s subconscious motivation.

Handwriting Analysis 6 of 6

In this last of the six-part series, Elaine provides an overview of the traits covered in previous classes. Then she ties together several last traits into the mix including neuroses, fearful and aggressive personalities, physical disorders, paranoia and finally suicide ideation. The new traits covered in this class also represent a combination of traits covered in previous classes that will show how certain traits when combined will give the Handwriting Analyst a greater in-depth picture of the writer’s subconscious motivation.

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