[Download Now] Duane and DaBen – Radiance Building Consciousness: Part 2 Continuity of Consciousness

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[Download Now] Duane and DaBen – Radiance Building Consciousness: Part 2 Continuity of Consciousness


Archive: https://archive.fo/wip/OHMqq

DaBen Light Body Meditations

In this course, Part 2 of the Building Consciousness series, originally taught as a live seminar, DaBen leads you on journeys to build a continuous consciousness of yourself throughout time, dimensions, and space; from your unmanifested self to your manifested self; amongst your higher levels of being to your light body, mental, emotional and physical energies, to your atomic and subatomic levels. You will discover your consciousness on a large scale–up to planetary consciousness and beyond. You will track your presence on this planet now, to your presence on other planets millions of years from now.

In this course, you will learn how to experience the connections between yourself and everything you look at. As you view these connections, you can travel out on them to experience higher energies more completely and to merge your consciousness with them. Through finding the connections between yourself and whatever you focus on, you are taken into an experience of Oneness where you are able to dissolve any sense of separateness and experience more of a sense of the Infinite awareness of the All-That-Is. You will learn how to put your awareness many places at once, and explore more about non-linear time.

You will work with beings of light who will teach you how to lift higher into the Infinite, and others who will show you how to expand into areas of consciousness you have never before explored. When you return to ordinary reality you can find your awareness greatly expanded.

You will be guided to experience the continuity that exists between states of consciousness–from alert to dream states, so you can experience many elements of these expanded states in ordinary reality. You will work with continuity of consciousness for physical energy systems and healing, as well as for exploring who you are from birth to death as a continuum. You can better infuse your everyday perspective of your earth plane life with your continuity of existence.

Course contains 12 DaBen journeys, Duane talks, and written material. There are no Orin journeys. Music is by Michael Hammer and Thaddeus.

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