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[Download Now] Alex Saenz – Wholesaling Mastery



Alex Saenz – Wholesaling Mastery

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This Wholesaling Real Estate Course is a 6 week course in which you will learn step-by-step everything you need to know and more on how I was able to go out and get a $10,000+ wholesale deal at 18 and then how I’ve been able to scale from there to hit five and six figures per month!

I will go over:

  • The hottest marketing streams to use in today’s market that are actually working
  • How to determine a property’s worth with extreme accuracy
  • Exactly how we’ve been able to go out and get a deal in a new market with $0 or little amounts of marketing in the first 30 days
  • The “Do-Not’s” of wholesaling to ensure your business runs smoothly and effectively
  • The differences between virtual and local wholesaling
  • My highly effective phone system for managing your leads
  • Our secret, high converting seller script
  • How to negotiate with sellers like a pro
  • How to use my “Quick Offer Formula” to determine what you should offer to the seller
  • Step-by-step walk through on how to present and sign a contract with the seller
  • How to ensure that your buyers can make a decision on the property in hours
  • How to find a trustworthy and effective title company/closing attorney
  • How to effectively build and utilize a massive buyers list
  • How to get the highest price for your properties
  • How to sign a contract with your buyer
  • What to expect on closing day and how to ensure you get your $10k+ check



You’ll also get access to our private group that will allow you to get questions answered, find JV partners, help find trustworthy title companies, and much more!


You’ll get instant access all of my contracts, scripts, and other tools that I use every day in my real estate investing business. You’ll be prepared with everything you need to do your first deal and more!

Class Curriculum

Section 1 – Wholesaling Real Estate 101

  • How & Why It Works (14:18)
  • The Big Picture (PURPOSE) (11:27)
  • Why Mindset/Commitment Is EVERYTHING! (5:26)
  • Local Wholesaling Vs Virtual Wholesaling (5:01)
  • The DO-NOTS Of Wholesaling (4:18)

Section 2 – Lead Lists And Marketing Channels

  • Generating Seller Leads (Core Marketing Channels) (10:31)
  • Direct Mail Breakdown (13:02)
  • Bandit Sign Breakdown (7:39)
  • Driving For Dollars Breakdown (13:27)
  • FSBO And Zillow Offer Breakdown (9:47)
  • Craigslist And Virtual Bandit Sign Breakdown (9:21)
  • How To Pull High Equity Absentee And Owner Occupants On Listsource (11:57)
  • How To Pull The Empty Nester And Tax Default Lists From Rebogateway (8:33)
  • How To Pull My FAVORITE “Secret List” In Any City (3:33)
  • The BEST Skiptracing Service That You Should Be Using (3:16)
  • How To Create An Optimized Real Estate Website In Minutes (1:03)
  • The Phone Number Systems You Should Be Using (2:52)
  • Bonus List Providers That You Can Use (2:13)
  • Marketing Game Plan For Different Budgets (11:37)

Section 3 – Processing Your Seller Leads

  • The Best CRM For Your Real Estate Business! (17:56)
  • Coupon Codes For InvestorAutomation Podio & Needtoskip.com (2:17)
  • How To Process The Leads & What Questions To Ask (11:20)
  • How To Build Rapport (10:02)
  • How To Set Appointments (Phone vs In-Person) (8:11)
  • Meaning of ARV & MAO (1:02)
  • How To Find Out What A Property Is Worth Quickly & Effectively (Breaking Down The Numbers) (23:54)
  • How To Use The Quick Offer Formula & Estimate Repairs (3:53)

Section 4 – Closing The Seller

  • Our Secret Seller Script (11:59)
  • Our Highly Effective Seller Presentation (8:22)
  • How To CRUSH Objections From Sellers! (2:38)
  • Ninja Negotiation Tactics (10:15)
  • How To Sign A Contract With The Seller (18:45)
  • How To Take Pictures Of The Property (2:44)
  • How To Make It Easy For Your Buyer To Make A Decision (2:41)

Section 5 – Getting Your Check

  • How To Find A Quality Title Company- Closing Attorney (3:21)
  • The 3 Methods To Get Paid On A Wholesale Deal (7:22)
  • How To Build A Massive Buyers List (7:16)
  • How To Utilize A Massive Buyers List To Make More Money Per Deal (1:57)
  • Why Real Estate Groups And Meet Ups Are Important! (2:32)
  • How To Get The Highest Price From Your Buyers (5:49)
  • How To Sign The Contract With Your Buyer (5:38)
  • How To Close Your Deal And Get Paid $10k+ (4:56)
  • How To Celebrate Your Check Like A Champ (6:49)
  • My Current Team Structure To Do Six Figures A Month (4:49)

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