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[Download Now] Akram – Affiliate Virtual Summit


Archive: https://archive.fo/wip/jBlJR

20+ Leading Industry Experts Show Which Tools To Use, How To Scale Ads And Profit From Affiliate Marketing

Module 1: The Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing
  • The Kick-Off: What to expect and how to get the most out of this Affiliate Marketing Virtual Summit!
  • How is COVID-19 Impacting the online marketing industry(46:39)
  • How to hire, train and scale media buying teams(47:01)
  • An Affiliate Network, how does it work and how to choose one?(41:12)
  • An Advertising Network, how does it work and how to choose one?(53:18)
  • Tracking and trackers. All you need to know(37:25)
  • Technical aspect of Affiliate Marketing(30:43)
Module 2: Traffic day. From Theory to Practice. (Workshops)
  • Dating offers on Push traffic(80:00)
  • Popunder Traffic For Sweepstakes Offers(67:19)
  • Mainstream native and financial offers(62:39)
  • Push and mobile content offers(73:10)
Module 3: Facebook Day
  • Facebook Ad creatives, CRO and adjusting campaigns for COVID-19(71:29)
  • Top 6 conversion rate optimization for landing pages(41:45)
  • Traffic, apps, rock’n’roll: The FB + app advantages of this approach(23:23)
  • Scaling e-commerce products(50:35)
  • Creating ads for Dropshipping on Facebook(57:44)
Module 4: Google Display Network and other Traffic Sources
  • New opportunities: interstitial ads and retargeting cross markets(47:12)
  • Hack Google Ecom And Leadgen With These Secret Manipulations(60:21)
  • Succeeding in native — insights, best practices and case studies(60:43)
  • White-Hat Lead-Gen During a Pandemic: What to do, what to avoid(65:00)
  • TikTok: introduction to advertising capabilities(54:09)
  • How to launch profitable campaigns on Snapchat(39:42)
Module 5: E-commerce & FBA
  • Let’s Talk Content – Top Productivity Tools(52:00)
  • E-commerce Trends of 2020 and Social Media Marketing(42:24)
  • Building a tech fashion brand & using celebrity endorsements(39:47)
  • How to build several eCommerce brands all doing 7 figures(99:22)
  • 3 Keys to Scaling Your eCommerce Business to 8 Figures(60:10)
  • How to get started, scale and not get banned on FBA(62:47)
  • Scaling Ecommerce Products

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