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Dov Gordon – Simple Compelling Message Masterclass

Price : $149
Sale Page : dovgordon.net/dov-gordons-simple-compelling-message-masterclass-recorded-edition/

Clients are drawn to confidence.

And it begins with your very first sentence: How you talk about what you do.

Do you sound like everyone else – and you know it?

Or do you sound confident and compelling?

FACT: The clients you want don’t hire the consultant, coach or expert who is best for them.

They hire the consultant, coach or expert who is best marketed to them.
That’s why you can look around and see bozos with less skill and less talent getting paid more than you.

They act with more confidence. (Even if they don’t know what they’re doing.)

BUT WAIT: There are two types of confidence, and to attract your ideal clients you need both.

What often happens is that…

You have high confidence in your ability to help –
but low confidence in your ability to communicate your value and get clients.
That was my struggle for years. And maybe today it’s yours.

Let’s get it fixed once and for all in the Simple Compelling Message Masterclass.

A simple compelling message will:
‣ Make you feel good about your message.
‣ Get the people you want as clients instantly interested in you.

It’s easier than you think to communicate your value. But if you mimic everyone else and follow the typical formulas marketing experts teach, well, no wonder – you’ll sound like everyone else.

In this Masterclass, you will learn my original “7 Magical Message Filters” process. With it, you rapidly create a simple, compelling message that makes you stand out.

Clients can instantly tell the difference.

What IS The Masterclass?
The Simple Compelling Message Masterclass is a focused, self-guided workshop, designed to ensure that, in just a few hours, you’ll be speaking about what you do in a way that makes you stand out.‣ Step One: The Training.

First you’ll watch our 20 minute training video on The 7 Magical Message Filters.

‣ Step Two: The Worksheet. You’ll go through the 3-page worksheet and do your best draft work answering the questions, digging deep and finally designing the first version of your message.
‣ Step Three: Live Hotseat Recordings. You’ll go through the two-hour live Masterclass recordings, where you’ll watch and hear Dov leading others through the 7 Magical Message Filters. Watching them makes it crystal clear how you can polish and perfect your own compelling message.

‣ Step Four: Your Polished Compelling Message. With your newly acquired mastery, you’ll now go through the worksheet once more, resulting in your polished, ready-to-captivate clients compelling message.

‣ Step Five: Bonus Clarity Call with a support coach. Gone through the training, recorded examples, and refined your message? It’s time for a free 15 minute Clarity Call.

You WILL finish this Masterclass with a Simple, Compelling Message – guaranteed.

Who This Is For:

‣ If you have a consulting, coaching or expertise-based business and you struggle to communicate your value.

‣ If you are tired of ‘hacks’ and you’re ready for real marketing and sales skills that, like learning how to swim, will serve you for life…

(A serious swimmer isn’t looking for ‘hacks.’  He’s looking for skills, processes, drills, etc.  A serious entrepreneur isn’t looking for marketing ‘hacks’ either. She’s looking for skills, processes, drills, etc.)

 If you are a Future Corporate Refugee. If you currently work as an employee and you’re looking to leave and do your own thing – but you’re scared.

You haven’t been able to clearly articulate what you will be doing; what you’ll be selling to whom. This Masterclass will open your eyes and give you clarity and confidence to make your ‘move.’

A final word from Dov:

It’s usually not a question of tactics, ad spend, tricks or anything else. The most common marketing problem I see is an unclear message.

A compelling message must be at the root of your marketing funnel. It’s the ‘marketing helium’ you’ve heard me discuss.

So let’s fill up your balloon the right way.


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