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Dominik Lisowski – BFTBS Course

Dominik Lisowski – BFTBS Course

Price: $497
Sale Page: dominiklisowski.com/optinrwf5x190
Archive: archive.is/TVCQu



I own almost every course that you can find on-line. I buy them just to know what my ‘competition’ is selling (they’re not teaching, they’re basically just selling). Most of the ‘gurus’ are copying each other. I never found what I teach ANYWHERE else. It’s just because I teach MY OWN methods, not something that I’ve read or watched. As you probably know I’m in this business for almost 3 years. It wasn’t always like that. I’ve lost so much $ when I was starting and trying different approaches. I want you to avoid that and I highly believe that investing couple of hundreds of $ is nothing compared to the knowledge you’re about to learn from this course, which I treat like my own child (lol).


  • Build a high-converting store with me
  • Pick the best theme and customize it
  • Develop the perfect store name
  • Create a stunning logo for your store
  • Use my personal, high-converting product description
  • Use my personal, professional FAQ page
  • Use the best badges that I use (included)
  • Go over Shopify settings with me
  • Choose the best apps that will help you profit
  • Know why you should start with a GENERAL store
  • Watch me building a store


  • Use my personal research method (I’ve invented it)
  • Don’t use research strategies that don’t work!
  • Don’t copy what others’re doing
  • Why you should NOT pick best-sellers
  • How to use 100% of AliExpress’s potential
  • Product image – why is it SO IMPORTANT
  • Use the ‘secret’ mobile app for researching
  • Make $20-$80 in profit per 1 sale
  • Why you should always charge for shipping
  • What product prices convert best?
  • Watch me researching products



  • Why you SHOULDN’T use your pixel for testing
  • Don’t mess your pixel or you’ll go broke (IMPORTANT)
  • Why you shouldn’t use PPE for testing
  • Why you shouldn’t use WC for testing
  • Why your adset needs more than $5 (!)
  • Why you need at least 2 adsets per product
  • Know how to find perfect audiences for testing
  • Know how to determine a winner after 12h-24h
  • Use my powerful TESTING ROADMAP
  • Watch me setting up testing campaigns


  • How to re-create your general store and make it niche
  • Why you HAVE TO re-create your store
  • Know when to re-create your store
  • Increase your AOV (average order value)
  • Increase your profits by branding
  • Setup your upsells
  • Watch me going over branding


  • Why most of the common ways fail when it comes to scaling
  • When should you scale
  • How should you scale
  • How Facebook really wants you to scale
  • Why you SHOULDN’T duplicate your adsets the way that others do
  • Know how to read your data
  • Know how to use your LLAs
  • Know which age groups you should target when scaling
  • Know which placements you should target when scaling
  • Going worldwide!
  • Don’t screw your pixel when scaling
  • SKYROCKET your profits
  • Know that big money = bigger problems. But you DO WANT these kinds of problems.


You’ll be granted an access to my private Facebook group for people who bough the course. I’m very active here so any trouble – you’ll be able to post it and get help!


Customers may ask me their questions through the PRIVATE MESSAGE via Facebook. I’m not always answering but I treat them with the high-priority so as soon as I’m able to – I will write you back!


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