Docc Hilford – The Hypnotic Eye

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The Hypnotic Eye

What a spectator sees… IT sees!

The Hypnotic Eye is a wildly entertaining piece of mentalism.

Adaptable to any performance style or personality, The Hypnotic Eye sees whatever a spectator sees, then tells you!

If a spectator thinks of any card and looks through a shuffled deck…when she sees her card, the Hypnotic Eye will see it too.


It can be used for many different effects, but the complete audio/video pro package teaches THREE professional effects.

Effect No. 1

The beautiful jeweled eye is kept in a black velvet covered, silk lined box. You claim it can enter a person’s mind, see whatever the spectator looks at and will psychically communicate the information to you! A spectator looks through a 54 card deck. Don’t see any problems here – just a deck of different, mixed, playing cards

She shuffles the cards as much as she wishes. Then fans the cards so you can’t see them. She MENTALLY selects a card. She doesn’t move it – remove it – or even touch it. She merely THINKS about a card she sees .Then shuffles the cards again so no one knows the location of her card. You take the Hypnotic Eye to the other side of the room. The participant keeps the full deck of cards. She tells everyone in the room, including you and the eye, what card is in her mind. No one knows where that card is in the deck. She looks at one card at a time. SUDDENLY! You shout, “STOP!” The woman is holding the card she declared as hers!

The Hypnotic eye knew and told you! AMAZING!

Effect No. 2

You gaze into the center jewel of the Hypnotic Eye. It tells you of the immediate future. You write a prediction on a paper, fold it and place it on the table. A spectator looks through the mixed deck of cards. She shuffles as much and in any manner she wishes. Then deals cards one by one, face up on the table. When she feels the urge to stop dealing, she put the next card face down to the side. The paper is opened and read aloud by anyone watching. It is, say, the 6 of Hearts. The face down card that the spectator dealt aside is turned face up. It’s turned over by ANYONE present. And it’s the 6 OF HEARTS! It was a completely free choice. And the card wasn’t switched. The Hypnotic Eye knew!

Effect No. 3

As in effect no. 1, the cards are inspected, mixed and one card is mentally chosen by the spectator. This time she doesn’t tell anyone about the card. She looks at cards singularly through the full deck. When she gets to her card, the Hypnotic Eye tells you the NAME OF HER MENTALLY CHOSEN CARD! And you shout it out loud. No one knew the mentally chosen card but her! Nothing written down. No secret gimmicks nor electronics. But she’s holding the proof – her mentally chosen card while you CALL IT OUT! Here’s the best effect of all…It can be added to any other effect with The Hypnotic Eye. While the participant looks through the deck, the Hypnotic Eye will tell you when to make her pause. You can then reveal details about her life that no one could know – PLUS you tell her the suit or value of the card she’s looking at, at that very moment! A powerful cold reading tool. The Hypnotic Eye can be as serious or as playful as you wish. YOU DECIDE!

BONUS: Docc will even give you ways to use the Hypnotic Eye with words from a books or pictures or any other group of things through which a person can look. And the Hypnotic Eye will tell you what word or picture it is! Lou Berdasco (Former IBM President) wrote: “You just gave me goosebumps! For real! This is an absolute knock-out!” Jeff Silver (Professional Magic/Mentalism Performer) wrote: “Wow! This thing is really UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING! The method is as entertaining as all the different effects.”

• The Hypnotic Eye can be performed anywhere, at any time.

• This is NOT a force or a peek.

• It’s a bizarre new concept in mentalism.

• No preshow or special requirements.

• It’s your slave – ready when you are.

• You will have your audiences under your control, when they…GAZE INTO THE HYPNOTIC EYE



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