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My brand new training program will teach you how to embrace your struggles and your strengths so you can fully step into your true power and purpose.

David Sharpe – Story Selling Formula

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YES, David! I’m serous and ready to….

Gain Confidence, 

Build My Brand 
And Earn A Fortune 
Sharing My Story!

Enroll today in David’s Story Selling Formula training program and get a

step-by-step formula for powerfully sharing your story so you can turn your 
life experience (even if it’s a mess) into a million dollar message!

Dear Legendary Marketer,

It’s time to share your voice and your story with the world!
Imagine having 1-million people hear your story and be exposed to your business over the next 12 months! I never thought that would be possible for me …until it happened!
Now it’s YOUR time.
My brand new training program will teach you how to embrace your struggles and your strengths so you can fully step into your true power and purpose.
It will help you get clear on your story and prepare to share it confidently (even if you think it’s boring and you have no story! I’ll show you the hidden goldmine waiting to be cashed in!)
It will give you a proven multi-million dollar formula to share your story so you can attract hot, motivated prospects to you (instead of you chasing them) and build your brand!
Let’s face it….
People join people. Not companies and products. Your story is the one thing that will separate you from the herd of other people shouting for your prospects attention. You must learn how to tell it.
Here’s the good news…
You don’t need a list, a website or any technical experience for this. You also don’t need a huge success story (or any previous success at all!). You can start from scratch (I did!).
I will show you how to package and deliver your story so powerfully you will become a magnet for money and followers.
In this brand new training I will show you — like I have for thousands of other students — how to monetize your story and share your life experience in a way that is authentic to you and results in a sizable income you can earn from anywhere in the world.
You have an advantage others didn’t have just 10 or 15 years ago. There’s a opportunity much bigger than anything you’ve ever seen before right under your nose. It’s available to anyone.
If you own a cell phone and an internet connection you can make a full time income from home.
You must know how to grab your prospects attention and stand out from the crowd. You must immediately stop being an amateur and start being a pro (or at least start looking like one!)
Why? Because your prospects have the ability to shop around to decide who they want to buy from and join in business with.
You can’t hide behind your computer if you want to quit your job or fire your boss.
Think about the last person you bought from. You probably followed them on Facebook or watched a few of their videos and you resonated with them. You absolutely heard their story and felt attracted to them. So you pulled the trigger…pulled out your credit card…and bought.
It’s time to stop just being the consumer and start being the creator. It’s time to start having people follow you, watch you, listen to you and then buy from you.
With my Story Selling Formula training program I’ll teach you how to have thousands of people listening to you, following you and eagerly joining and buying any business, product or service you put in front of them.
I’ll show you how to build a real, long-term and sustainable business that will outlast any company or product …because I’ll show you how to build… 
==> You Inc.
Over the next year you will do one of the following:
A) Forfeit all your profits to your competitors…the ones who did learn how to sell their story and build their brand…
B) …or, use my Story Selling Formula to attract amazing prospects with credit card in hand and collect the earnings that are rightfully yours.
The choice is yours and the time is now.
There is no other strategy or skill more powerful (or profitable) than learning how to share your message with passion, purpose and clarity.
The time is now. Your time is now! 
Sign up for the Story Selling Formula Training Program right now and you’ll get:
1. Story Selling Formula Master Course 

MODULE #1: Story Secrets To Prepare You For Greatness

Session #1 – Why you must believe your story is your greatest asset and how to crush all doubt and fear that’s standing in your way immediately. I will help you overcome those pesky fears and doubt and tap into your passion and purpose!
Session #2 – Understanding why stories sell and facts tell, because when you do, you’ll become a narrator that will take your listeners on powerful journeys every time you speak. You’ll soon create instant attraction and powerful bonds (even if they’ve never met you!). Although I only teach how to use the power of story to attract and engage your perfect motivated customer…these strategies could be used to attract (and even seduce) ideal partners for relationships or dates.
Session #3 – Getting clarity on who, what and why you want to influence people so you can have total confidence every time you open your mouth. No longer will you try to speak to everyone, because your message is not for everyone. It’s for the type of person who will resonate with your message — your perfect BUYER. This will allow you to repel those you don’t want (tire kickers, complainers, lazy people), and attract ONLY motivated BUYERS who will become loyal fans, followers an customers ..for life!
Session #3 – Become best friends with courage and vulnerability and learn to embrace your struggles. Most of us have been taught to never speak about our failures and struggles. But we’ve been lied to. I’ll show you the most powerful way to influence and connect with someone by sharing your pain and struggle. If you only ever heard this one module, this strategy and knowledge is enough to make you a very wealthy person.
MODULE #2: The Story Selling Formula
Session #1 – The Story Selling Formula is the powerful structure and blueprint you’ll use to tell stories with. It’s been responsible for over $160-MILLION in sales in my businesses. It was responsible for my first dollar and my first million! With this formula in your hands you’ll have a crystal clear process to share your story — and any story — and keep listeners on the edge of their seat, applauding you and ultimately PAYING YOU.
Session #2 – The Timeline Exercise will help you go back into your life’s experince and pick out the hidden fragments of GOLD that I will show you how to CASH IN ON. You may think you don’t have anything to share or a story to tell… but I will prove you wrong and help you uncover your multimillion dollar message.


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