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On Video you’ll learn the story of my voice over career and answer your questions about a career in voice-over. You learn…

Dave Fennoy – Voice Acting For Games Videos

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“How to break into and succeed in the fun and lucrative world of voice acting for video games”
(Learn a step by step system to make it in this challenging field)

Dear VO Friend,

If you’ve always wanted to learn the secrets of how to do voices for video games, you’ve come to the right place!
It’s a great “niche” within the voice over world.
It’s fun, lucrative and challenging.
BUT, very few people know how to even get started . . . much less SUCCEED!
Until NOW! (Drum roll please)
My name is Dave Fennoy. About a month ago I held an event at a well known studio in the L.A. area. And, we recorded all of it!
Here’s a little bit MORE about me:
  • Voice Actor on more than 160 games
  • Nominated 5 times for best performance in a video game including a BAFTA. (British Academy of Film and Television Arts)
  • Winner of Dice and Machinima Awards for “Best Performance” in a video game.
  • Voice Arts Awards for Video Game Reel.
  • Named one of the 20 best male game voices of all time by IMDB.
Hear from People Who Were at This Event!

Suffice it to say, I know “a little bit” about how this works!

I’d like to show you how YOU can get into the business and increase your chances for success.
On Friday evening we Covered:

On Video you’ll learn the story of my voice over career and answer your questions about a career in voice-over. You learn…

  • That where you are, I have been.
  • The kinds of obstacles I had to overcome and how I did it.
  • Examples of the kind of commitment it takes to find success.
  • “Fennoyisms” or my philosophy and technique for voice over.
  • I’ll share not only the highlights, but the low points and mistakes in my career so that you can learn from them… and hopefully not repeat them.
  • And I’ll open the floor for an hour long Q&A and discussion about our industry.


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