Dan Kennedy – Ultimate Information Marketing Machine 2021

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Ultimate Information Marketing Machine



Ultimate Information Marketing Machine


“Get Personal Attention As GKIC Takes You By The Hand And Guides You Through Our Blueprint For Creating Top-Selling Info-Products In 8 Weeks.”

Now’s the time to break the “work-money” link and earn automatic income with GKIC’s blueprint for info-marketing success. The Ultimate Info-Marketing Machine will give you all the templates, systems and tactics we’ve used to launch blockbuster info-products so you can easily “move” them into your own business or niche. This “done with you” program will help you shortcut trial and error and get you to the big money fast with your own product launch we’ll help you create. Everybody has specialized knowledge people will pay good money for, so let GKIC and Dan Kennedy take you by the hand and show you how to create a high-converting info-product.


If you’re looking for autopilot income that’ll let you escape the work-money link, then this message will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for.

Because we’re going to show you “one-time, one-time only” how to have info-marketing giant GKIC literally hold you by the hand and show you how to have your own high-converting info-product without having to undergo the painful “trial and error” most other people go through.

Best part? You can make money before creating a product thanks to GKIC’s info-product launch system. It’s a system that is backed by Dan Kennedy who has 40 years in marketing and has made his clients a collective 1 billion dollars.

It has helped every kind of business owner from butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers to the biggest names in diet plans, infomercial products, and info-product creators.

Now it’s your turn. You have something other people will pay good money to discover. It could be how to get more prospects to a retail store or how to create coaching programs.

And don’t worry: It doesn’t matter how smart you are or if you graduated from an Ivy League school. You don’t need any special knowledge or magic powers to make this work.

If you can follow simple instructions, copy and paste information, and just follow in the footsteps of MANY successful entrepreneurs before you, then in just 8 weeks, you could experience:

  • Greater autonomy in your business—and life. If you’re currently working 60-80 hours trying to make ends meet, this is the perfect opportunity to stop trading dollars for hours and start leveraging your time so you get paid up to $1000-$2000 teaching others what you know. You only have a certain number of hours per day…now’s the time to multiply your income thanks to GKIC’s blueprint to escaping the “work-money” link.
  • More options for you and your family. I remember when I made it big in info-marketing. I used to be worried about money and frustrated until I found this blueprint. Nowadays I can go and watch my kids play sports and be present with them without having to worry about money. In other words, money worries not only hurts you, but it also hurts your family by making you less present with people you love.
  • More certainty about your future and the future of your business, and no staring at the ceiling at 2am wondering if you’ll make payroll. I’ve been there and I know so many others who have, too. Worrying about money STINKS but when you have systems in place that bring certainty to your business, you sleep better. I know this for a fact.
  • Working with your ideal customers…not “looky loos” and people who won’t take action. Think about your ideal customer, client or patient right now. Now think about how great your life would be if you were to multiply that customer by 100. The Ultimate Info-Marketing Machine will help you not only make money on autopilot, but have fun doing it by working with cool people.
  • Not only that but:

The Ultimate Info-Marketing Machine is an 8-week journey that you’ll be on with the GKIC team to earn autopilot income with your own info-marketing product launch.

Each and every week, you’ll be soaking in valuable business success information and taking consistent action steps to create the autopilot, hands-free income you desire.

And if you are already kicking butt and taking names in your information marketing business, you’ll experience multiple “a-ha” moments that could jumpstart new profit streams in your business.

Here are the 3 money-making components of the Ultimate Info Marketing Machine:

  • First is the Ultimate List Building Machine. This is where you’ll discover how to get hot prospects to sign up for your webinar, buy immediately and show up for your program. We’ll talk about how to drive traffic through postcards to a psychic landing page that coaxes them to sign up.
  • The second component is the Ultimate Conversion Machine. Our team will show you how to create a killer webinar and a micro-sales letter that makes your prospects whip out their wallets and buy. Most people really mess this up, but you’ll be sitting pretty when your merchant account is flooded with orders.
  • The third component is the Ultimate Product Creation Machine. This will take the mystery out of product creation and allow you to make money before you create your product by creating a fixed-term training program. We’ll even talk about delivery and answer all the “techy” questions you may have.

Here’s what you’ll experience that will put you on the right path in your business:

  • 8 Weekly Training Sessions With Dave Dee and Guest Experts: Every week, you’ll experience a 90-minute training session where I’ll guide you through the process of creating every piece of your machine. This isn’t “motivational rah-rah” stuff…it’s the actual plan you will use every week – all you have to do is follow the directions.
  • Recordings and Transcripts of Each Webinar Session: Just in case you miss a session, don’t worry – it will be available online at your resource center.
  • FAST Implementation Guides: This FAST Implementation guide will lay out the specific steps you need to take in order to execute that week’s goal.
  • Templates and Tools: Complete fill-in-the blank templates, tools, and resources that enable you to quickly and easily create every element involved in the lead generation / conversion / retention process – including: Lead Gen Postcard, Lead Gen emails, “Bucket List” emails, Webinar Handouts, Voice Broadcast, Landing Page, Thank You and Upsell Page, Buyer’s Emails, Buyer’s Handout, Training Calls, Recorded Stick Message, Stick Letter and Dave’s personal “7-Figure” KILLER Webinar Template!

See, most programs give you the audios or videos and then leave you on your own but that’s not how Ultimate Info-Marketing Machine is designed.

This is 8 weeks of experiential learning and immersion into a solid success formula where you’ll discover the exact steps to completely transform your business.

And because of the extra involvement of the GKIC team, we must limit participation in Ultimate Info-Marketing Machine to just 75 serious business owners who are ready right now to step up and take action.

So take action and let the Ultimate Info-Marketing Machine guide you to autopilot income today!


Who Is It For?

The Ultimate Marketing Machine is for intermediate and advanced marketers who already have a business and can easily “plug and play” these marketing strategies for immediate profit windfalls.

What You Get

  • Lead Generation Postcard ready to go…so all you have to do is give it to your printer.
  • Lead Generation Website ready to go to work for you to siphon leads into your business.
  • Free Standing Insert (FSI) you can use right away to promote your business.
  • Facebook Ad you can use to utilize the power of Facebook’s sophisticated ad engine to bring you more leads and sales.
  • Book…that’s right, your OWN book you can use to establish yourself as an authority in your niche!
  • CD you can give away as a lead generation magnet or send to prospects
  • Micro-Sales Letter you can use to ramp up sales using GKIC’s proven formula
  • Business Card that’ll replace the one you’re using right now that isn’t helping you get more leads and sales in your business.
  • Checklist you can give away to prospects as a lead generator and demonstrate quickly that you’re the go-to person.
  • Follow-up Mailings you can use as an impenetrable system to persuade your ideal customers, clients or prospects to do business with you.

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