Dan Kennedy (GKIC) – The Source Code to Business Success and Advanced Wealth Attraction


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Dan Kennedy (GKIC) - The Source Code to Business Success and Advanced Wealth Attraction

Dan Kennedy (GKIC) – The Source Code to Business Success and Advanced Wealth Attraction

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Sale Page : gkic.com/blog/source-code-to-business-success/

Here’s Your ZERO-Risk Enrollment Form for GKIC’s ALL NEW:

“The Source Code to Business Success
and Advanced Wealth Attraction”

Here’s Your Step-by-Step Blueprint For Making More Money In Less Time, With Less Effort, Attracting Your Ideal Customers, Clients Or Patients And Experiencing A Quantum Breakthrough In Your Business


Order now. This is Your FINAL CHANCE to Get Everything You Need – Dan Kennedy’s Own Proven, Time-Tested Wealth-Attraction Strategies, Systems, Samples, and Tools – to Finally Experience Having a Business and Lifestyle of Total Autonomy, Control, and Freedom.

Ready to get started? If you already know you want to get this and jump right to ordering options, click on this link.

An urgent message from Dan Kennedy for anyone who got “fired up” and “opportunity eyes” were opened up during the “Source Code To Business Success – Real People, Real Results” livecast.

When Dave Dee told me about this final training he was going to do, I was excited.

• I was excited because I knew you would be learning EXACT secrets that I taught at my $4,000 per person seminar on which the Source Code is based. Secrets that over the years have made me a from scratch millionaire many times over and secrets my students have used to do the same.

• Excited because I knew that the kind of people who would be ordering are those willing to go “above and beyond” to be successful…people who can tell the difference between mere fluff and proven “get me real results” information.

• And I was excited because I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs in all kinds of business niches – attorneys, financial planners, dentists, coaches, information marketers, speakers, restaurant owners and more – use these exact strategies to make huge profits in their businesses and build wealth and create financial freedom for themselves and their families. And I’m hoping that YOU will decide to be next.

So let me get straight to the point here:

“I guarantee that when you use the specific and unique business
growth and advanced wealth attraction strategies … the way I teach them…with the tools and coaching GKIC provides… you make sales and money, like never before… and it can happen in as little as eight weeks.”

Because I’m determined to give you fast and measurable results with this system I’ve put together an amazing premium bonus package just for the attendees of the webinar and only for a short time. I’ll tell you more about that after you’ve seen what is in the System & Toolkit…

Let’s Take a Look at Everything You’ll Receive With The Source Code To Business Success Program…

• First, Part One of the System – direct from my exclusive $4,000 per person “Advanced Wealth Attraction Academy,” exposes the forces that move money and how to harness them to attract Wealth EASIER than ever before… all on five (5) DVDs, eight (8) audio CDs, and transcripts of the entire presentation.

• Second, Part Two of the System – covers day two where I show you how to apply what I taught on day one to your business, including how to make everything you say and do to be magnetic to the people you want to attract and receive money from… all on four (4) DVDs, seven (7) audio CDs, and transcripts of the entire presentation.

• Third, GKIC’s Two Success Action Guides… these will give you the step-by-step instructions on what to do and in what order to do them so you can implement these strategies immediately. No more guesswork or wondering where to start… it’s all laid out for you in a “paint-by-numbers” format.

• Fourth, GKIC’s Million-Dollar Rolodex Online Tool gives me an “instant network” of key contacts that will help you quickly make your business exactly like you want it to be without hassle or struggle.

• Fifth, The “Know Your Numbers” Online Tool allows you to easily and quickly determine the critical metrics you need to diagnose the health of your business, make critical decisions with confidence, and fast-track your path to wealth, power and freedom.

Plus You Also Receive These 
$8,482 Money-Making Bonuses…

• Bonus #1: My Personal Operating System – These seminar attendees paid $2,000 to discover my personal “modus operandi” business systems and processes. You get it for FREE, including complete samples of my contracts, consulting questions, and MORE…everything’s there on five (5) DVDs, eight (8) audio CDs, and transcripts of the entire presentation.

• Bonus #2: TWO (2) Tickets to Info-SUMMITSM 2015 (Worth $3,394)… In Denver, CO on November 5th-7th, you and a guest can discover how to turn a passion, hobby, or skill into a thriving 6-to-7 figure business and free yourself from the dreaded “work-money” link.

• Bonus #3: Three (3) Q&A Calls With ME (Worth $591)… I’ve agreed to get on the phone and answer questions regarding how best to apply my secrets to your particular business situation.

• Bonus #4: Eight (8) Weeks to Success Implementation Program (Worth $2,497)… Weeks 1-4 cover LEAD GENERATION with leading experts on Facebook, Podcasting, YouTube, and Content Marketing. Weeks 5-8 take you through all 29 Wealth Attraction principles in the Source Code. At the end of 8 weeks, I will have everything DONE!

An Unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, you get an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. Get the system and put it to the test. If you don’t agree it is everything I say it is and more, return it for a fast, no-questions-asked refund. Frankly, you could take the system and put a small portion of it to work in your business and see results in three weeks or less, so you’ll know, with money-in-the-bank proof, just how amazing this system is. With that being said, I am trusting you to be honest and fair. I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that what you are going to receive is pure gold. It works not just for me but for EVERYONE who uses it.

Still not sure? Here’s PROOF

“I’ve only been with GKIC for 24 months: I bought a Kennedy book, and then joined GKIC as Gold, then Diamond, then Peak Performers. In addition, to my own hustle, I lay claim that Dan Kennedy & GKIC has been responsible for all of my wealth and business success. Thank you, Thank you.” – Thie Convery – Convery Wealth

“I first saw Dan at a product launch in 1992 where he was the keynote speaker. I bought and used Magnetic Marketing in dribs and drabs but the real power of GKIC marketing was revealed earlier this year when the business I had sold came back to me nearly bankrupt. By implementing, implementing, implementing and getting help from Dave by joining Platinum, my business has turned around and is flourishing. We will be completely debt free in 2015. I’ve met many new friends and vendors and can’t wait to take all I’ve learned to others in my industry.” – Richard Bueckert , KDC

“GKIC was my light in the dark. People missing out on this are just bleeding, confused crap shooters in the dark doing hope marketing. I was one of them but I like to be on this side. Thanks Dan, Dave and GKIC Team for whipping my butt and helping me make a lot of money – wait till you see my info-biz banging.” – Gopal Kamath , Kamath Resort

“Dan Kennedy is like the Aristotle of marketing and business building and that means when you apply what Dan teaches – your business grows… Not learning from Dan is like turning down a private lunch with Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. I have never failed to make money for myself and my clients applying things I learn from Dan … and I’ve been learning and applying for 15 years now.” – Russell Martino, Profit Maker Marketing

“This is my third year attending the Info-SUMMITSM and each year I learn insights that continue to increase our business. The speakers are top notch – Dan is amazing! And the vendors have tools and products that help our business grow.” – Ken Vinton, Pain Relief Center

“GKIC has armed us with the tools and information and contacts we need to help more couples save their relationships, keep their families together, and defend their legacy for the rest of their life. Thanks GKIC.” – Morgan Robinson, Marriage Solutions & 90 Days to Affair Recovery

“GKIC has meant a great source of new marketing ideas to bring more business into my business. More things that I can possibly implement all at once – but I am working it.” – Susie Hirsch, Surface Creek Veterinary Center

YES! I want a Step-by-Step Blueprint For Making More Money In Less Time, With Less Effort, Attracting Your Ideal Customers, Clients Or Patients And Experience A Quantum Breakthrough In Your Business. Sign me up to get my very own copy of GKIC’s brand NEW program “The Source Code to Business Success and Advanced Wealth Attraction”.


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