Dan Gibby – Pristine – Seminar Series – 3 DVDs with PDF Manuals


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Pristine - Seminar Series - 3 DVDs with PDF ManualsDan Gibby – Pristine – Seminar Series – 3 DVDs with PDF Manuals


Trading is one of the most dynamic businesses in existence today. It allows the astute few who know how to prepare for and objectively trade each market open to stack the odds in their favor. This DVD will show you precisely how to prepare and trade each market day in a more relaxed and confident manner by teaching you how to:

Determine the bias for the broader markets and major sectors using technical analysis, oscillators, and market internals.
Prepare each market morning by updating your trade bias based on Futures, Gaps, Pristine ESP™, key newsletters, and morning news.
Prepare for market movements from economic reports.
Scan your universe of stocks and sectors for compelling opportunities.
Use Pristine ESP™ to trade the open.
Monitor news and market movers for preand post-market trading opportunities.
Manage all open trades like a professional.
Trade with and against gap openings.
Trade sector and stock related strength and weakness.

With the proper training, trading can become your profession, one that has the capacity to generate wealth as well as income. Many Pristine Trained Traders have gone on to make trading their career by studying and incorporating our trademarked methodologies. If trading mastery is your goal, then this power-packed DVD is for you. With a computer and a high-speed internet connection, the information contained herein will assist you in your quest, giving you the ability to be in business anywhere on planet Earth, anytime a market is open.

Successful trading involves finding quality patterns, entering them, and managing them in accordance with your trading plan. Of the many high-odds Pristine patterns we teach, this DVD will focus precisely on how to find and trade quality breakouts and breakdowns in a confident manner by covering:

Proper bases and consolidations.
Congestion versus fluid moves.
Initial breakouts and breakdowns.
Retracements from breakouts and breakdowns.
Secondary breakouts and breakdowns.
Breakouts and breakdowns from Wide Range Bars.
Breakouts and breakdowns from Gaps.
Breakouts and breakdowns after bullish and bearish retests.
Quizzes to test your ability to find quality breakouts and breakdowns.
Using Pristine ESP™ to find breakouts and breakdowns.
Late Day Breakouts and Breakdowns.
Proper entry and trade management.

The patterns taught in this DVD are extremely powerful. Pristine teaches that it is better to master a few high-odds patterns versus trying to be a “jack of all trades.” In fact, all a trader needs are two to three solid tactics for each of the four market cycles. That’s a total of eight to twelve. Here you are presented with two of the most powerful.

Investors are bombarded with news events about publicly traded companies. News is often already incorporated into stock prices;

however, price charts often leave clues as to when news is on the way. In addition, prices often move aggressively upon

news announcements, giving skilled traders the opportunity to trade with or against the news depending on price action.

Pristine Certified Trainer Dan Gibby will teach you how to “think” like a professional when a particular news item scrolls

across your screen. Among other things, this DVD will equip you to:

Gauge traders’ perceptions of fear and greed.Intelligently predict how a stock “should” react to various news events.Find tradable opportunity in affected stocks, including fading the “expected” move.Analyze opportunity in over a dozen news events, including bankruptcy; biotechnology discoveries; buyouts; debt rating changes; disasters and sabotage; earnings and dividends; illegal activity and governmental investigations; layoffs and strikes; product recalls; comments by public news sources and analyst rating changes; short interest; stock splits, and more.Create and profit from a “Thought Process Checklist.”

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