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Crazy Eye Marketing - The Sales Funnel Training Vault

Crazy Eye Marketing – The Sales Funnel Training Vault



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How To Build Sales Funnels


There are two levels of sales funnels:

  1. Macro Sales Funnels
  2. Micro Sales Funnels

Let’s start with the Macro level…

Sales Funnel Diagram

^^ This is a Macro level sales funnel ^^

It essentially represents your whole business

You’ve gotta attract leads and prospects

You’ve gotta build some sort of relationship with them to convert them into paying customers…

Then, you have to maintain that relationship in order to increase customer lifetime value.

Macro sales funnels are held together with marketing automation and retargeting(the glue)

Inside the Macro sales funnel are Micro sales funnels.

Micro sales funnels are specifically designed to sell your stuff.

Micro sales funnels can look very different depending on what you’re trying to sell; however, here are a few common models

1) The “Classic” Sales Funnel – typically used to sell front-end products and services…

2) The “Webinar” Sales Funnel – typically used to sell mid-level products and services…

3) The “Product Launch” Sales Funnel – typically used to sell mid-level products and services…

That makes sense, right?

There are two levels of sales funnels…

  1. A Macro sales funnel IS your business and…
  2. Micro sales funnels SELL your stuff!

The Ultimate Macro Sales Funnel Strategy Is Interest Driven

I’m going to say something stupid…

People only care about what they care about.

Think about this page you’re reading. You’re reading it because you care about your business, sales funnels, marketing automation, digital marketing, etc.

However, if I showed this page to my best friend, he wouldn’t give two (expletives).

He doesn’t have a business. He doesn’t care about sales funnels, marketing automation, etc.

He works for the government.

He has “job security”, a pension, works regular hours, and basically just has to show up and he gets paid.

If I showed him a page about how to make more money in his government job while working less than he already does, he’d eat that up in a heartbeat.

Of course, that page would teach him about how he can automate certain portions of his job to become more efficient, stand out and get promoted, and since it’s automated … he’d work less.

In essence, I would teach him about funnels, just framed another way.

People are different and you have to talk to them differently.

How do you determine these differences?

You “watch” them.

You watch how they interact with your business, your content, your products & services…

Based on these interactions, you present content, products, and services that they actually care about, via marketing automation and retargeting(the glue)

Since you’re showing them stuff they care about, they’ll engage with you more often and convert at a much higher rate.

But, don’t just take my word for it – check out these stats from MailChimp on the power of sending segmented (tailored) campaigns:

  • Open Rate: 14.31% increase
  • Click-Through-Rate: 100.95% increase

A 100.95% increase in CTR!

Two times more people click through when shown something they care about!

And check out this stat from CMO.com with regard to retargeting:

  • Web site visitors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert on your web site

Again, people only care about what they care about…

So, you need a strategy to extract that information…

I call the strategy The Interest Driven Sales Funnel.

Aaron’s Interest Driven Results

Below are some of the results produced by following the Interest Driven Sales Funnel strategy:


  • Open Rate: % of people who received the email and opened it
  • CTR (Click Through Rate): % of people who received the email, opened it, AND clicked the link inside
  • EPC (Earnings Per Click): The average amount an individual spent after clicking on the link in the email
  • Main Series: His general email autoresponder series. Sent links to content as well as products
  • AS # (Action Series [Micro Sales Funnel]): A series of 3 emails sent to an individual AFTER they clicked a product sales page link in one of his emails (they showed they were interested in a particular product)

All told, he wrote 21 emails in about 2 days, added them to his autoresponder tool … and engagement and EPC shot up across the board!

What’s really cool is that … it’s done.

He doesn’t have to actively manage it.

He doesn’t have to manually move people around.

His autoresponder tool is automatically building a relationship AND segmenting people based on their interactions with a product. If they looked at a particular product, it sends them 3 emails to try and sell it.


What You Get When You Join The Vault

The Strategy

First and foremost, The Vault is going to teach you the Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy(how to build sales funnels that mold to your subscribers interest so you can better relate and sell more)

To help you understand this strategy I’m going to ship you these two books:

  • High Level Digital Strategy For Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs – This book is Digital Marketing 101. While it’s designed for the “newer” digital marketer and outlines strategies on traffic generation, lead capture, marketing automation, retargeting, POS optimization, and Micro Sales Funnels… it serves as a great reminder and starting point for more experienced digital marketers as well! (Includes instant access to digital and video versions).

  • The Sales Funnel Book – A deep dive into the Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy (the ultimate Macro Sales Funnel Strategy). You will learn about the Main Series and different structures for it, Micro Sales Funnels for both digital and physical products, services, lead generation, Value LaddersFunnel Filling Strategies, and more! This book is your guide to sales funnel success! (Includes instant access to digital version)

The Tactics & Technical

Once you’ve nailed down the strategy, it’s time to focus on implementation!

For this, we focus on three tools that make…



While there are a million and one ways to drive traffic to your business, one of the best ways is with Facebook Ads.

When you join The Vault, you will gain instant access to our How To Generate Leads And Sales With Facebook Ads course.

In this course you will learn how to drive new traffic into your Macro sales funnel and how to retarget those already in it so you can continue to move people through your funnel.

Marketing automation is an integral part of both your Macro and Micro sales funnels. Without it, moving people along is very hard.

The best marketing automation tool for the Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy is ActiveCampaign.

When you join The Vault, you will gain instant access to our ActiveCampaign & Interest Driven Sales Funnels course.

In this course you will learn how to develop advanced automations for both Macro and Micro sales funnels following the proven Interest Driven Sales Funnel Strategy.


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