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Cody Sperber – Direct Mail Deal Maker

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The Direct Mail Deal Maker is the result of years and years of hard work, test marketing and field research. The end result? An absolute turn-key system, even including Cody’s personal distribution and printing connection for push-button direct mail fulfillment, to immediately put the most hyper responsive direct mail pieces to work generating every kind of lead imaginable on demand for you (foreclosures, probate, distressed properties, absentee owners, fire damaged homes and more). This will get your phones ringing and your business booming! This is all about less studying and more doing

These lists will never end. They are literally updated faster than you can refresh your web browser.
Want distressed properties in California? Click. Done.
High equity properties in Florida? Click. Done.
Pre-foreclosure properties in Ohio? Click. Done.
Absentee owned properties in Rhode Island? Click. Done.
And that’s not even scratching the surface.
My friend,
direct mail works no matter where you live.
And here’s the beautiful part…
I discovered a completely untapped resource that allows me to target my mailers with pinpoint accuracy.
This ninja technique allows me to do two things:
1st, to save massive amounts of money by sending mail only to the very best addresses
2nd, to close more deals for higher average profits.
I’m going to teach you how to Pinpoint your direct mail so you can start closing deals even if you can barely afford a book of stamps!Nobody else does this the way I do. And
I mean NOBODY.Now, make no mistake about it, I didn’t build my multi-million dollar direct mail “money machine” overnight.
Remember, having a good list is only half the battle. In order to make big profits from direct mail you MUST have absolutely KILLER mail pieces.
Let me tell you, I learned this lesson the hard way too!

First, I tried using those free postcard designs you can find on the internet. How did it go?

The Garbage Can!

My friend, we are battling something I like to call the “over-the-trash” syndrome. And I’m sure you know exactly what I mean, we all do it.

Think about when you check your own mail and how quickly you decide what gets trashed and what you decide to take serious.The decision practically happens in the blink of an eye.

You probably don’t even know why you become disinterested in a piece of mail, you just know it happens.

When any aspect of your direct mail piece is bad, it hits the trash can.

Most importantly, the text on your mailing pieces has to, let me say that again, HAS TO be filled with Magic Words.

Words that tease, intrigue, and persuade the reader to take action!The reality was that I had a lot of tweaking and testing I needed to do to create the perfect mailers.

My trial-and-error education that followed cost me
well over


Every time I sent a mail piece I would change just one thing to see how it would affect the response rate.

I’d try a new layout design or… I’d change the font style on the headline or… I’d rephrase the call to action.The Smallest things make the Biggest difference with direct mail.

It is truly a painstaking process.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through a single iota
of that agony and frustration.

I’ve already made all the mistakes for you. Literally.

I’m not only going to teach you exactly where to get the lists I’m going to do something even better…I’m giving a very limited number of investors the EXACT mail pieces I use in my own business.

I’ve used these magic-bullet mail pieces to close about 1000 deals, almost all of which were “quick-flip” no-money-down deals.

Remember, all it takes is one piece of mail with the right message in the right persons hand and you…

Can take home a profit ranging anywhere from

$5,000 to $30,000 dollars…

And the cool part: you never come into contact with the mailers. The mail company does all the dirty work for you.

On a tight budget?
Not to worry. You can simply start with a really small batch of mail and ramp it up as
you make more money.For example, lets say you start out by sending
100 highly targeted letters.From that you close 1 deal for a $5000 profit.
Was it worth spending $100 to make $5000?You better believe it!
I mean, you could use that money to
pay off some credit cards…Or maybe you use your profits to take that vacation you’ve
deserved for far too long. That’s my lovely wife I was telling you about, I’m the geeky looking guy on the right. Anyway…

Now you reinvest some of your profits into more mailers which with my system could potentially generate you as many as

5 deals!

If you only made $5000 on each deal now you are looking at $25,000!

So now you’ve got $25,000 extra in your bank account…

What would you do now?

I am sure you know exactly what you should do next…

You got it, BUY MORE mail! Despite what the magnates have told you for years…

You Want to spend money on direct mail marketing.


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