Chris Orlob – How Great SaaS Sellers Create Urgency from Thin Air and SELL In An Economic Meltdown

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Chris Orlob – How Great SaaS Sellers Create Urgency from Thin Air and SELL In An Economic Meltdown

“How Great SaaS Sellers Find and Quantify BIG Business Pain, “Create Urgency From Thin Air,” And SELLIn An Economic Meltdown”

Real Success Stories from Real Tech Salespeople

“Finished quarter at 152% of my number!”

Meet Jasi Johnson, account director at LinkedIn. She’s using the techniques in SaaS Discovery Masterclass to close more deals and exceed her quota… even in an economic downturn.

“Big increase in deals-won!”

Meet Kaylee Chappelow, mid market account executive at Greenhouse. She wen’t from getting ‘no’ over and over due to a tough economy to using actionable strategies to close more deals.

“Strong quarter despite economic headwinds!”

Meet Dee Acosta, Head of Revenue at Hockeystack. In his words: “Been through a lot of sales trainings. Most of it generic. That’s not pclub.io. Our revenue slowed down a bit. These courses helped us build pain and ultimate close more deals. Ended up with a really strong Q4.”

Deal-Closing Discovery Is More Important Today Than EVER Due to Market Conditions.

Now more than ever, if you don’t find, quantify, and amplify business pain that MONEY follows…

You’re toast. Buyers will only spend on true priorities right now!


If you’re frustrated with getting GHOSTED…

If you’re under pressure to make your number…

If you’re feeling anxiety about losing deals…

Then are you ready to LEAVE that all behind you and take CHARGE of your sales success?

Then join me (and 10,000 tech and SaaS salespeople) in SaaS Discovery Masterclass and start closing more deals today.



“Grew Gong from $200k to $200M. Trained thousands of SaaS reps.”

Chris’s deal-closing discovery techniques have impressive results:

  • ✅ Grew Gong.io from $200k to $200M ARR (plus, a $7.2 billion valuation)
  • ✅ Grew personal income from $36,000 to $1,639,000
  • ✅ Trained a record-breaking number of President’s Club winners
  • ✅ Built and led the #1 attaining sales organization at Gong.io
  • ✅ Helped over 10,000 tech salespeople (and counting) close more deals

Here’s What’s Inside!

How to find business pain that MONEY follows

  • Dead simple framework to setup your sales calls to WIN.
  • The critical difference between inbound and outbound discovery (and exactly what to do about it)
  • Word for word questioning techniques that reveal deal-closing business pain
  • Question languages and phrases proven to sell.

How to ‘box out’ your competition (and get PAID)

  • Cause analysis: The secret to becoming a ‘trusted advisor’ (and a dead-simple technique that skyrockets your credibility with customers)
  • The missing key other discovery methods miss (and why it’s impossible to find repeatable success without this)
  • A repeatable questioning framework to get buyers to FAVOR you.
  • Dozens of word for word questions and examples you can steal.

STOP getting GHOSTED. Build the ‘cost of inaction’ and URGENCY.

  • How to transition from PAIN to white-hot buying URGENCY
  • A simple (but powerful) three step framework for building the ‘cost of inaction’
  • How to get access to power with a powerful question sequence
  • Question language techniques and phrases proven to sell.

Build a vision of your product that buyers WANT.

  • STOP! BEFORE YOU DEMO! Ask these two questions to double how demo resonance.
  • How to tap into the ‘raw emotion’ that gets champions to run through ‘brick walls’ for you
  • The ‘secret of secrets‘ of creating value and buying motivation (hint: it comes down to ‘contrast’)
  • How to rig the buying criteria in your favor (and give your competitors a hell of a time)

Reveal the true decision process and close deals faster

  • Exact questions to ask (in order) to reveal the true decision process to close FASTER.
  • How to make sure your deal gets funded (even in a down economy)
  • Never get blindsided again… or let a deal ‘slip’ unexpectedly… with 7 questions to ask in the exact right order.
  • How top income sellers handle ‘solidifying next steps’ (hint: what, why, and who).

Sale page: https://go.pclub.io/discovery
Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/47nAy

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