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Discover How you can find and flip properties anywhere in the USA with only your laptop and a cell phone WITHOUT dealing with the hassles of rehabs or chasing foreclosures like the other real estate investors.

You NEVER have to risk any of your own money, physically inspect a property, or meet any buyer or seller personally. You can do this in your own market or one that is thousands of miles away.

“A success story of how I wholesaled 116 properties and collected $1,452,108 in assignment fees in 2 years.”

I am finally agreeing to reveal my complete turn key system that anyone can follow and immediately achieve the EXACT same results

Dear friend,

I guess that title sound’s pretty strange right now. Perhaps it may sound a bit unbelievable and outrageous.. But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet, until you see the evidence for yourself.

All that I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof. It will take just a few minutes, yet the rewards can be enormous because you’ll be able to FINALLY crack the code on how to be a successful real estate investor.

As strange as this title sounds, it absolutely and accurately describes what I’ve been able to do, and what anybody with a brain who takes the time to understand my example should be able to do, too.

You are about to learn the secrets that will shatter your beliefs how to make huge sums of money as real estate investor.

Wholesaling – placing a property under contract and then assigning the deal to another buyer who will close on the property in your place. There is no risk since you usually never put any money down or close on the property. This method allows you to generate huge checks with little effort

will you survive the current real estate market?

In 2007 the real estate market is sliding down faster than the Titanic filled with cement. Unless you have been hanging around the monks in the Himalayan mountains, you know that everyone’s prediction for the real estate market is total Armageddon.

Lenders are going out of business, foreclosures are going through the roof and wannabe investors are struggling to get their pre-construction houses sold before their lender gobbles them up in foreclosure.

It seems just a few months ago when sellers would hold up their noses at any offer below their asking price. Buyers were fighting tooth and nail just to get a chance to offer 10,20,30 thousand dollars above the asking price.

Now, sellers are getting on their hands and knees and offering you anything under the sun just so that you can even look at their house. In some cases they are offering plasma tv’s, luxury cars, and even 5 star vacation packages.

Should you be scared? Should you just pack your bags and forget about real estate investing for a while? WRONG! Right now you should be salivating… licking your chops and getting ready to stuff your bank account like a butterball turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Today we are approaching the single biggest opportunity in real estate investing in years!

This course included:

Module 1 – Wholesaling 101

* My exact wholesaling methodology – step by step overview
* Rules when placing properties under contract
* How to get your buyer’s inside the property when trying to sell it
* How to deal with a tough tenant
* How to NOT place any deposits with title companies and attorneys
* Strategies for negotiation with seller’s and buyers
* How to structure the transaction to get ensure that you get paid

Module 2 – Marketing To Sellers

* Includes the Absentee Owner Profits System inside! – This is the exact same marketing and lead generation system that I have personally used to make over $1.4 Million dollars in only 2 years!
* How to instantly research any area and quickly determine the best neighborhoods to find properties and flip them to hungry buyers looking for handyman deals
* The ONLY source to go after when you first start out that will bring you tons of motivated sellers. I will show you exactly where to find them and how to identify the most likely to sell you their house for 40% to 60% below market.
* Setting up your systems to handle the calls without you having to speak with the sellers.
* You get my exact marketing materials that have been tested and proven to work.
* How to have your postcards printed and mailed for $.33 per card without you ever having to lick a stamp


Module 3 – Market Analysis

Module 4 – Working with Sellers

Module 5 – Building Your Buyer’s List

Module 6 – Selling and closing the deal

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