ChinaImportal – Buyer’s Guide 2017: General + Electronics Categories


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ChinaImportal – Buyer’s Guide 2017 General + Electronics Categories

ChinaImportal – Buyer’s Guide 2017: General + Electronics Categories

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Import Products From Asia: Get Your Buyer’s Guide Now

Get all the tools you need to manage the importing process by yourself, from your office or home.
  • A Step-by-Step Guide that guides you through safety standards, supplier sourcing, product sample orders and customs procedures.
  • Get Professional Guidance: Simply login and ask us any question about buying from Asia. We’ll answer in 1 to 2 working days.
  • Access All the Tools You Need: Document Templates and Discounts on International Freight & Quality Control.
All the Tools Your Import Business Must Have

Online Advisor

Task Lists

Document Templates

Video Walkthrough

Supplier Check System

Case Studies

Shipping Discount

Quality Control Discount

Content Overview: This is Included in Your Buyer’s Guide Package
A. Buyer’s Guide & Document Template Overview
Create Product SpecificationPart 1: Create Product Specification
Supplier ResearchPart 2: Supplier Research
 Product Sample DevelopmentPart 3: Product Sample Development
Production & Quality ControlPart 4: Production & Quality Control
  • 1.0 Introduction
  • 1.1. Research product specifications
  • 1.2. Draft product specification sheet
  • 1.3. Create label files
  • 1.4 Create design files
  • 1.5. Research applicable product regulations
  • 1.6 Task list
  • Regulator Overview: USA
    Regulator Overview: Europe
Case Studies
  • A: Product Spec Sheet
    B: Quality Options
Document Templates
  • 1A: Product Document
  • 2.0. Introduction
  • 2.1. Create Supplier RFQ File
  • 2.2. Create Supplier Shortlist
  • 2.3. Contact Suppliers & Send RFQ File
  • 2.4. Process Suppliers & Product Information
  • 2.5. Final Supplier Selection
  • 2.7 Task List
  • Trade Show Overview
Case Studies
  • Industry Overview
    Supplier Comparison
Document Templates
  • 2A: Supplier RFQ Template
  • 2B: RFQ Overview Template
  • 3.0. Introduction
  • 3.1. Product Sample Spec Sheet
  • 3.2 Sample Production
  • 3.3 Task List
  • IP Protection
Case Studies
  • Order Terms Overview
Document Templates
  • 3A: Sample Order Sheet
  • 3B: Non-Disclosure Agreement Template (NDA)
  • 3C: Sample Revision Overview
  • 4.0 Introduction
  • 4.1 Sales Contract
  • 4.2 Production
  • 4.3 Quality Control
  • 4.4 Product Compliance
  • 4.5 Balance payment
  • 4.6 Shipping
  • 4.7 Task List
  • Payment Fraud Prevention Checklist
  • Deposit Payment Checklist
  • Book Quality Control Online
Case Studies
  • Agreement Terms Overview
Document Templates
  • 4A: Sales Contract
  • 4B: Quality Control Checklist
B. Shipping Customs & Tax Guide
Shipping Customs & Tax Guide

Understand the shipping and customs clearance process in the European Union from start to finish. Follow a trusted plan of action to get your products where they need to go, without getting scammed or getting overcharged on shipping:

  • Shipping Procedures Explained
  • How to Minimize Shipping Costs
  • Import Duties, Taxes & Fees Guide
  • Product Sample Air Freight
  • Avoiding Shipping Scams
C. Supplier Check System
Supplier Check System

Use our system to identify qualified and weed out unqualified suppliers and overcharging middlemen. The Supplier Check System generates a Supplier Assessment Report (PDF), based on company information that you can find free of charge online.

  • Easy to use supplier checklists and data entry
  • Designed for company assessments in the consumer products industry
  • Supplier assessment report in PDF format
  • Delivered via email within 5 minutes
D. Online Advisor
Online Advisor

Get access to your very own personal consultant, guiding you from A to Z through the process – and answering all your questions about shipping, supplier sourcing, price negotiation and much more. Simply login and submit a ticket on the site, and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

E. Video Walkthrough
1. Product Specifications

How to draft product spec sheets, using the right file formats and much more.

2. Supplier Sourcing

How to find the right supplier, managing communication the right way and much more.

3. Sample Development

Placing a sample order, preparing documentation and reporting quality issues.

4. Production & QC

How to prepare a Sales contract, prevent fraud, manage payments, quality control and lab testing.


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