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Portal JumpsCat Howell – Portal Jumps

We are all dreamers of time, wishing for more of it, for it to move faster, for our desires to be fulfilled. But what if there was another way to explore the past, present and future? What if there was a way to collapse timelines and make portal jumps through time?

This week I had the pleasure of leading a workshop on the topic of time and portal jumps through time. It was a powerful exploration into the ways we can use alchemy to travel through time. We looked at the ways we can leave our human body and travel through the past, present and future.

During this workshop, we discussed the concept of retroactive enchantments. This is the ability to go back in time and change or adjust an event or experience in your life. It is an incredibly powerful tool that has the potential to create huge shifts in our present and future reality.

We also discussed the power of intention and the manifestation of our dreams and desires. When we use retroactive enchantments, it is important to be intentional about our dreams and desires. We want to make sure we are using this power for our highest good.

The power of retroactive enchantments lies in our ability to make changes to events and experiences that have already occurred. We can use these enchantments to create a new path for our future, one where we can manifest our dreams and desires.

Finally, we discussed the importance of being grounded in the present moment and staying connected to our body. When we are time travelling and using retroactive enchantments, our body can often become overwhelmed and resistant. It is important to practice self-care and to stay connected to our body throughout this process.

Overall, this workshop was an incredibly powerful exploration into the concepts of time, alchemy and retroactive enchantments. Through this workshop, we learned the power of intention, manifestation and how to create time portal jumps through time. We also explored the importance of staying connected to our body and being grounded in the present moment. If you are looking to explore the realms of time and alchemy, I highly recommend this workshop.

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