Carline Anglade Cole – Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids

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Carline Anglade-Cole – Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids

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Hiya CopyStar,

I’m not kidding.

I can do it. Really.

I’ve found a great way to help you create a winning sales promo. And I can help you find the perfect headline… uncover a compelling theme… tweak your testimonials so they really SELL your copy… create an unbeatable offer – and get you on the FAST track to copywriting success!


Well, a while back, I put together my first-ever Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids. Remember? About 2 dozen of my CopyStar readers attended – and it helped them really put their copywriting skills in full gear.

But many of you couldn’t attend.

Maybe because it wasn’t a cheap seminar – and you couldn’t afford it. At $2,500 plus hotel and air – it was a hefty bit of change!

Maybe the timing wasn’t right for you. After all, you had to leave work & family, fly down to Atlanta and spend 3 days locked up in a room with me.

Or maybe you weren’t sure what to expect – and were a little bit afraid of shelling out that moolah. After all, it was my first-ever copywriting bootcamp – heck, even I didn’t know what to expect!

But the bootcamp is over. And without a doubt, it was an overwhelming success! And those aren’t my words – it’s what the attendees – ranging from budding to experienced copywriters – just like you – have to say:

No more writers block!


Carline helped me beat the blank

page blues!
Sieglinde W.

Amazing experience!


Two days of being with Carline was worth it’s weight in gold! She leaves

everyone with an “I can do it” attitude.
Larry M.

Inside information!


Carline showed me how to get my

foot in the door in this tough biz.
Melody T.

Razor sharp instruction!


Carline shows you how to get

into your prospect’s mind!
Cathy S.

Personal Attention!


Carline answered individual questions. She broke it down and made copywriting easy!
Denise O.

So you missed out on the bootcamp  but you dont have to miss out on the gold mine of copywriting tips, advice and practical hands-on knowledge and skills that

were revealed!

All I have to say is, “Aint teknologee grate?”

You see, at the last moment, I decided to audio and videotape the entire bootcamp. My intentions were to use it as a learning experience for me. To see how I could improve my skills as a public speaker (’cause I get really skurred talking in front of peeps!)

But once the seminar was over, I got back into my hectic work life and never even watched the tapes.

Then one day – MONTHS after the seminar – I was going on a long drive out of state by myself – and decided to pop in a CD of the seminar just to pass the time.

And I really listened – and started reliving the experience.

And you know what?

There was a TON of really valuable information I revealed at the bootcamp – even I had forgotten about! Man, that stuff was GOOD!

Then when I got home, I watched the video – and I thought, hey, even if someone didn’t attend this private bootcamp – they can still learn a whole heck of a lot just by watching this video!

That’s right – you can write a winning sales promotion – just by following the step-by-step instructions in the DVD! And that was my “Aha” moment!

That’s when I decided to make this Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids available to everyone who couldn’t be there in person. So I asked my friend Doberman Dan to help me out. As I’ve told you many times before, I’m a “techno-phobe” – I just don’t understand how all this technology stuff works. But my friend Doberman Dan does!

So thanks to the wonders of technology (and Doberman Dan) – I can make this bootcamp on DVD more affordable than the original bootcamp!

So, CopyStars – this is your personal invitation to let me come into your

home office – and help you write a kick-butt sales promo!

Yep, just pop in the DVD… CD… or MP3 (yep, you’ll get ‘em ALL) – and you’ll hear me talking and walking you thru the steps to creating a killer sales letter! You’ll see real samples of winning promos – and I’ll dissect them and tell you WHY they worked!

And I give you an amazing workbook with all the tips, tricks and “secret weapons” – yep, all the notes you need are already included – so you don’t have to write a thing! Just read, soak it in – and start writing your sales promo!

You’ll hear my secrets for overcoming writer’s block… finding the real benefits that give a product a unique selling proposition… and even how to deal with difficult clients!

You’ll see and hear how I help the copywriters in attendance overcome their own obstacles preventing them from experiencing success – and trust me, many of their problems and concerns are the same ones you struggle with!

But the great thing about this special bootcamp is you can attend it on your own schedule – right at home! No airfare. No hotel reservations. No restaurant bills – unless you want to order take-out while you attend the seminar at home!

PLUS: You get something that even the original bootcamp attendees didnt get!

With this special offer – I’m also sending you PDF files of SCORES of my winning controls! Even the attendees at the original bootcamp didn’t get these treasures!

You get dozens and Dozens and DOZENS of promos that made my clients MILLIONS – and they’re still raking in the profits! These suckers are hot… Hot… HOT!

Add these winning samples to your swipe file. SEE what makes them WORK – and get started on creating your next WINNER!

I gotta tell ya – this swipe file alone is worth the price of the bootcamp. Eh…. well, that’s not quite true. This swipe file is actually INVALUABLE – because you get my GREATEST HITS in one easy-to-access PDF file!

But I want you to have this swipe file absolutely FREE when you order the Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids on DVD!

And as a CopyStar reader – you know I always give you preferential treatment.

And, I’ve got to keep up my reputation of spoiling you! So, here’s the scoop:

The new Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids on DVD won’t be available for several more weeks. But YOU can pre-order it NOW – and SAVE a bundle!

Like I said, the original bootcamp cost $2,500 PLUS hotel, PLUS airfare, PLUS miscellaneous expenses that go with traveling! That’s easily $4,000 OR MORE!

But you can get the new Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids on DVD for just a FRACTION OF THAT PRICE! That means you get:

        12 DVDs  yes a DOZEN DVDs (hey, I talk A LOT in this seminar  and I give you all my secrets to make you $$$!) All the DVDs are kept safe in a portable, sturdy case!

        1 CD with MP3s! You get the audio from the seminar so you can listen whenever and wherever you want!

        Swipe file CD of my kick-butt packages! Dozens of PDFs of my winners  past and PRESENT  to help you see what it takes to write a winning promo!

        Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids color workbook! Key points, notes and other special discoveries from the seminar  already written down for you! That way you can save those fingers for writing killer copy!

Let me tell you this: When this bootcamp is available in a few weeks, it’s going to cost $997. Now, that’s just 1/4th of the price that attendees shelled out of their pockets to attend this seminar in person!

And trust me, you’ll learn enough in the first couple of hours to easily recoup that investment! But I want to be completely honest with you:

I’m not going to EVER charge my CopyStar readers the $997 price.

Nope. Like I said, YOU’RE SPECIAL.

So, when this bootcamp is available, I’m going to offer it to you for just $797. That’s $200 off the price everyone else will be paying!

I think that’s a pretty cool deal for being a CopyStar reader, don’t you? But as the saying goes…

WAIT  theres more!

I want to make it even easier (and cheaper) for you to get this bootcamp in your hot little hands IMMEDIATELY – and start churning out kick-butt copy!

So when you pre-order your Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids today – I’ll knock off an extra $100 as a special “early bird gift” to you!

So, you’re NOT paying $4,000 for the seminar and expenses…

… you’re NOT paying $997 for the regular price of the DVD…

… and you’re NOT even paying $797 for the special discount rate…

… but you can get this amazing Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids experience for just $697!

But remember, this offer is for pre-orders only! Once the collection is available – POOF the $100 discount is gone!

So, you’ve got to act NOW!

Just click here to pre-order at this special LOWEST PRICE AVAILABLE rate of just $697! Your order will go directly to Doberman Dan’s Direct Response website. He’ll make sure you get your entire DVD collection as fast as humanly possible!

Hey  dont worry  Ive got your back! You dont risk a single dime!

Not only do I know you’ll learn enough from this DVD to make 10 times more than you paid for it – I guarantee it! Here’s my promise:

Use the Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids DVD for a full 30 days. Put the secrets you’re about to learn in ACTION.

If you’re not 100% convinced that you’re improving your copywriting skills – and going to rake in more moolah than ever – just mail back the bootcamp and I’ll give you ALL your money back.

No ifs… ands… or buts about it!

I wouldn’t think of keeping your hard-earned money if you weren’t convinced you’re making 10 times – or more – that amount in copywriting projects and royalties! Fair enough?

Just click here to place your pre-order.

And in just a short time – you can attend your personal Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids with yours truly as your instructor – right in the privacy of your home!
Yours for stellar results,

4 reviews for Carline Anglade Cole – Copywriting Bootcamp on Steroids

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    The practical examples made a huge difference. Great course!

  2. Andrew Lee (verified owner)

    Great pacing and easy to follow. Perfect for busy professionals.

  3. Allison Butler (verified owner)

    This course exceeded my expectations! The content was thorough and well-organized. Highly recommend!

  4. Hayden (verified owner)

    This course is a game-changer. I feel so much more knowledgeable.

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