C. S. Lakin – Targeting Genre for Big Sales

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C. S. Lakin – Targeting Genre for Big Sales (FLV) + 23 Workbooks (PDF) + 1 Workbooks (DOC)]

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Personal note: this lady is the real deal. She knows her stuff and will deliver on the promise of the course. If you want to have a few thousand kindle sales in fiction per month just by targeting the right fiction genre, this course will make that possible for you. No marketing required.

Want to be a best-selling author? These strategies will give you the best advantage to having your novels be discovered by readers searching for a book just like yours.

There is no other course online out there that will teach you the essential tips to selling big by targeting genre. But you can’t just target genre–you have to know the secrets to targeting Amazon.

My novels and nonfiction books come up at the tops of keyword searches even before I sell one copy! And in this course I’ll show you how I do this.

It’s not rocket science; it’s all about understanding how readers search for books to read and how Amazon’s search engines pull your book up in those searches. It’s all about DISCOVERABILITY.

Want to become a best-selling author? Impossible dream?

Face it: with more than 4,000 new books published daily, the chance that your novel will sell big is slim. Few novels ever sell more than a handful of copies ever. Despite extensive marketing and promotion efforts, most authors still fail to get discovered, resulting in frustration and heartache.

There is nothing more disappointing for an author than to write a terrific novel and watch it flop. Few sales. Few reviews. A handful of new fans. All those months of hard work writing a stellar novel … and zilch returns.

Is there some secret to hitting the best-seller lists? Can’t you just write a great book? Clearly not. No doubt you’ve seen plenty of novels top the charts that, at least to you, are not so great. Some writers get lucky breaks. Others have clout or connections.

Great marketing and targeted promotion can help only to some extent.

What most writers don’t understand is the part that genre plays in sales.

Genre plays a huge part in sales. And learning to target genre can mean the difference between a novel no one’s heard of and one that sells hundreds or even thousands of copies a month.

Does selling big mean you have to sell out? Not at all.

I believe you can find just the right genre you’ll love to write in. And then it’s just a matter of learning how to write novels that target that genre. In this course you’ll learn how to

* identify top-selling genres
* pick a genre to write in that you’ll love
* deconstruct best sellers in your target genre
* structure your novel to fit perfectly into your target genre
* pick a perfect title and cover design for success
* prepare your online product pages to jump to the top of best-seller lists
* price your book for your target market

It’s not impossible!

This course will show you in clear, easy steps how to target genre for big sales. Yes, you have to write a terrific novel. That’s the hard part. But getting that novel to sell shouldn’t be harder.

There is no magic secret, however, to achieving big sales. And learning these techniques and methods of targeting genre will not guarantee your book will become a best seller. But they will give you the greatest advantage to doing so.

There is nothing more satisfying for an author than seeing her book at the top of the best-seller lists.

What are you waiting for? Get started on your road to success!


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