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Bob Serling – Double Licensing Network

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Comprehensive training in all aspects of creating product
and service ideas and licensing them for substantial profits

In order to benefit from the full profit potential of licensing your big ideas, you’ll discover exactly how to use my proprietary Double Licensing process to…

  • Create powerful product ideas on demand — as many as you’d like, and as often as you’d like
  • 6 service licensing strategies, done for you and broken down into step-by-step templates you can use over and over again to optimize your profits. I’ll give you more details on all 6 of these strategies and templates in just a minute.
  • How to test the market and know for certain whether your product or service idea will be a winner before you invest any time or money in it
  • Avoid the costly, time-consuming mistakes caused by the old, ineffective methods of creating and licensing products and services
  • Make a quick, accurate “go/no go” decision that lets you capitalize on winning products and services and kill the losers before they can do you damage
  • Chart a simple, extremely effective marketing path that maximizes your licensing income
  • Make a six or seven figure income in a fraction of the time it would take following the conventional wisdom

What you’ll discover will give you the ability to create breakthrough product and service ideas on demand, test the market quickly and inexpensively, kill the losers and invest only in the winners, and successfully license your products and services for substantial royalties in the fastest time possible.

Here are just some of the tools you’ll get
to successfully license both products and services

Double Licensing is designed to give you all the training, tools, and support you need to be successful with both forms of licensing — product licensing and service licensing. And it gives you a complete roadmap for balancing these two forms so you’re successful as quickly as possible, while also locking in long-term, ongoing royalties.
Here’s an overview of the three major program components that help you achieve this in the shortest time possible.

Double Licensing Component 1
Creating and Licensing Products

To make sure you quickly master everything you need to successfully create and license products to large corporations — and get a sizable upfront retainer and ongoing royalties — here’s an overview of what you get:

  • My proprietary “Roadshow Process” for creating hot new product ideas on demand.Just spend a couple hours visiting your favorite stores, web sites or social networking sites, take a few notes or pictures with your smart phone, then apply my foolproof “roadshow” technique and you’ll have a wealth of highly profitable product ideas.The “Roadshow Process” is one of the key secrets that’s allowed me to successfully license around 70% of my products. That’s massive compared to the 2% of new products the U.S. patent office says ever make it to market.
    That’s because the “Roadshow Process” focuses on finding products that are already selling well and inventing improvements for them instead of relying on a lightning bolt of inspiration to strike you out of the blue. Most importantly, by focusing on improving products that are already selling well, you know for certain there’s a huge market for them. And you know exactly who to license them to — the company whose product you’re improving or their nearest competitors.
    Best of all, the “Roadshow Process” is so easy to use, anyone can create highly profitable products right from the start. Yet it’s the critical difference that ensures you make money licensing your products while other inventors/licensors spin their wheels and often get nowhere.
  • How to cash in with the product ideas you already have. Do you already have an idea for a product? Make it even better. Follow the simple steps I give you and you can easily turn an average product idea into a top seller.
  • My “3-tier formula” for determining which of your product ideas will be the most profitable. Once you see how easy it is to create hot product ideas on demand, you’ll quickly have more great ideas than you can work on at one time. Which is the best, most profitable idea? Just plug in my formula and get the answer immediately.
  • The home-run question. Many “good” products could easily be made “great” with a minor tweak here or there. This powerful question will get you the critical information you need to turn ordinary results into home-runs that increase your bottom line profits fast.
  • The single most important component for gauging the selling power of your product.There are a lot of conventional ways to attempt to measure the actual selling power of your product. Unfortunately, most of them have built in biases that almost always produce unreliable results. Don’t get fooled — this powerful “reverse inventing” technique will make sure you know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether your product is a “go” or “no go” before you invest serious time, money, or effort in it.
  • How to get literally millions of dollars worth of research for free. Don’t waste your time or money on expensive research firms. I’ll show you how to cut research time down to just a few hours, costs down to zero, and still get powerful, proven research that will let you create and license winning product ideas with complete confidence.
  • 5 deadly licensing mistakes that will wreak havoc on your bank account. Plus simple solutions for avoiding them — and even turning them into powerful advantages for your product ideas.
  • How to replace the high cost of prototypes with dirt-cheap “as if” models that actually get your deals signed faster. Every book or course I’ve ever seen on product development tells you that it’s impossible to succeed without a prototype. But nothing could be further from the truth. For my last product, the prototype would have cost $13,000, but using my dirt-cheap “as if” model approach, I created a demonstration model that was actually superior to a prototype for just $121 — and closed the deal within 48 hours.
  • BONUS: How to eliminate prototypes and cut your costs to the bare minimum using my proprietary Reverse Inventing ProtoSheet. I’ll give you more details on this in just a minute.
  • Test marketing techniques that guarantee a winning product. You can follow the conventional wisdom and sink tens of thousands of dollars into patents, prototypes, and manufacturing. Or you can “reverse” the entire process and prove whether or not real customers love your product, so you know for certain that it will be a hot seller before you invest significant time, effort, and money.My proprietary test marketing techniques focus on one thing only: finding out if real customers will pay their hard-earned money for your product. Once you can show for certain that customers will pay for your product, it’s practically a slam dunk to get it licensed. But without this critical information, your product is likely to end up in the inventor’s graveyard, part of the 98% of products that never make it to market.
  • How to accurately estimate manufacturing costs. Even though I don’t advise you to manufacture your own product, you must provide this critical cost information to potential licensees. Blow this step and you lose the deal. But demonstrate that you’ve done it properly, and it paves your way to a lucrative licensing deal.
  • Patents and trademarks. When you need them, when you don’t, and inexpensive alternatives that still give you significant protection. Plus, my “progressive” patenting formula that helps you keep your costs to the bare minimum when you do need to file patent and trademark applications. You won’t find this money-saving technique anywhere else.
  • Accelerating the time to profit from your product to just a few weeks or months, rather than the year or more it takes with conventional techniques. Why waste time with costly, useless tasks when you could be producing substantial profits in short order? You’ll discover how to eliminate the bulk of the steps that conventional inventing employs and “reverse” the process to focus only on the meaningful steps that cut months off the process and increase your likelihood of success at the same time.
  • How to find the best companies to license to. Some companies will put you through a grueling obstacle course to get a deal done, while others make the licensing process a breeze. Discover how to tell the difference — before you contact them — and get a highly profitable deal done the frictionless way.
  • Should you sell your product idea outright or license it? I’m strongly in favor of licensing for many reasons — all of which I cover in the program materials. Still, there are times when it may be better to sell your product outright. I’ll show you how to tell what’s best for your product, along with straightforward advice for getting the best deal possible when you do sell.
  • The “invisible ingredient” for cutting licensing deals with large corporations — including the Fortune 500. If you think that big corporations won’t do business with “small fry” like you or me, you’re seriously mistaken. Large companies, including Fortune 500 corporations, are constantly in need of offering new products and services to keep ahead of their competition. I’ll reveal an “invisible ingredient” that gives you instant credibility, removes all concerns about your company, and paves the way to cutting lucrative deals with the kind of companies that can make you the most money as quickly as possible.
  • My “spread the risk” technique that makes product licensing your safest, surest way to amass a small fortune in record time.Conventional licensing strategies and techniques may work, but they take years to produce results and could cost you an arm and a leg. Discover my proprietary “spread the risk” technique that cuts the process to minimum time, requires only a small investment, and works like crazy.
  • How to get an appointment to show your product to any company, from smaller companies to Fortune 500 corporations. If you can’t get an appointment to demonstrate your product, you’re dead in the water. Fortunately, my appointment setting technique makes it easy. I’ve used it dozens of times to get appointments with companies of all sizes — including many of the top corporations in the world. I guarantee it will work just as well for you.
  • How to create and deliver a winning presentation. When it comes to powerful presentations, simple is better. At the same time, you must deliver all the critical information a company needs to make a positive decision. My 5-step presentation process is extremely simple, yet incredibly effective. Just plug in the details of your own product to the presentation script I give you and you’re well on your way to closing a lucrative licensing deal.
  • How to make serious money without any ideas of your own — by acting as a Licensing Agent. Once you understand the licensing process, you don’t even need ideas of your own to make serious profits. I recently signed an agreement to act as a Licensing Agent for one of the most well-respected and recognized training companies in the world. The transition from licensing your own ideas to brokering licensing deals for others couldn’t be easier — and I’ll lay it all out for you in step-by-step detail.
  • Plus much, much more!


Double Licensing Component 2
Creating and Licensing Services

As I’ve mentioned, there are 6 service licensing strategies with complete templates I’ve developed for rapidly creating and licensing them to an unlimited number of businesses. Each strategy and template is very effective, but at the same time, you can easily build a highly profitable company by using just a couple of them if you choose.
That’s another aspect of service licensing that makes it so potent — you have the flexibility to use as many or as few of these 6 strategies and templates as you choose. So let me give you more details on each strategy.

Service Licensing Strategy #1: The Ad Baron Strategy

As you may know, I’ve written and licensed out marketing campaigns to hundreds of businesses. Each time, I simply modify a few sections of the campaign to customize it for each client. This usually takes just ten minutes or so and I receive a fee ranging from $2,750 to as much as $30,000 for each campaign.
What makes this even better is that when you use my proprietary ad creation formula and template, this can be done with practically any advertising medium. You can create reusable email campaigns, Facebook ads and campaigns, pay-per-click ads, landing pages, space ads, direct mail pieces, improved offers — and much more.
In addition, you can easily do this even if you don’t have a shred of copywriting experience. That’s because in this program, I show you exactly how and where to find quality freelancers who will do all the work for you at rock bottom prices.
And you’ll also get all the training and marketing pieces you need to find and close prospects, find and work with freelancers, and identify the hottest markets for working in with this powerful strategy.

Service Licensing Strategy #2: Private labeling

Any product or service you currently have or that you create can be private labeled for other businesses. You create the product or service once and license them to dozens or hundreds of other companies who sell them under their own label. In exchange, you receive a licensing fee for every sale they make.
I’ve personally done this with a variety of information products and business services, ranging from inexpensive pieces to ultra-expensive. And this is a licensing strategy that’s commonly used with thousands of products worldwide.
For example, Intel sells and licenses its computer chips to practically every computer manufacturer in the world. Most even prominently display the label “Intel Inside” on their computers. Yet you don’t think of your computer as an Intel brand, you think of it as a Toshiba, Hewlett-Packard, Sony or whatever brand you’ve purchased.
I’ll give you a complete template and blueprint for using this lucrative strategy to create as many small products and services as you want and private label them to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other businesses.

Service Licensing Strategy #3: Bulk media

This is the strategy I mentioned above where one of my students made five figures licensing out his short booklet to a single client in his first deal. He then went on to add six-figure profits to his business year in and year out simply by repeating the same strategy over and over again with almost no additional work. Plus, in addition to booklets, you can also do this with CDs, DVDs, mp3s, videos, user guides, tip sheets and many other forms of content.
With this strategy, I lay out exactly how to do this with a variety of media formats, how to set each piece up for quick customization, how to use them to drive more leads to your business, and of course, how to find the ideal prospects to license your bulk media to.
This strategy has a special place in my heart because it’s the first licensing strategy I ever used in my own business. I conducted five audio interviews with leading copywriting experts, which took a total of five hours, then created bulk licenses for them that I sold to hundreds of other businesses. I made so much money with this single project, that I stopped offering copywriting services and focused on creating and licensing small business products and services. And I’m happy to share my template for exactly how you can do this too.

Service Licensing Strategy #4: Small services broker

This is actually a strategy that I’ve taught before, but it’s so easy to do and so lucrative, I couldn’t possibly create a service licensing program without including an expanded version of this strategy. And, of course, a powerful template for implementing it in the shortest time possible.
Here’s how this works — and why it works so well. In any city, there are thousands of service providers in dozens of different categories. Most are very good at performing the service they offer. But 98% of them stink at marketing their services. So it becomes a constant struggle for them to stay in business and pay their bills month to month.
I’ll show you a few dead simple marketing techniques you can use to sell their services for these service providers and get a nice commission for every sale you bring them. I can’t emphasize enough how simple these marketing techniques really are — but since service providers don’t know about them, when you apply these techniques, you can create a massive wave of business.
Plus, as with all the service licensing strategies I teach, the steps for doing this are the same regardless of how many or how few service markets you work with. So the majority of the work is automated and practically runs on its own with just minimal oversight on your part.

Service Licensing Strategy #5: Lead generation broker

Without fail, every business needs more qualified leads on a daily basis. At the same time, they lack either the skills or staff to consistently generate all the qualified leads they need on their own.
This opens up a massive opportunity to generate leads for them, then sell or license the use of those leads to hundreds or thousands of businesses. With the blueprint and template I’ll give you for doing this, brokering leads is actually quite easy for anyone to do and profit from right from the start.
I personally know of three different people who have become multi-millionaires by employing this service licensing strategy alone. And they had little or no prior experience when they launched their lead generation brokering services. When you see the blueprint they used — along with the unique twist I’ve added to make it even easier — you’ll be shocked (in the best way possible) by how easy this strategy really is to use and profit from.

Service Licensing Strategy #6: Service Broker
— help other companies license any of these 5 services

This final service licensing strategy draws on all of the previous strategies. You see, within any successful business, there are many of these 5 services that already exist and could be licensed to generate sizable profits for those businesses. But businesses simply don’t understand how to do this and they certainly don’t have the staff with the proper skills for this.
So you can easily step in and offer your services to license their services for them, using the exact same strategies as you use to license your own services as described above. In exchange, you receive an upfront retainer plus a percentage of all profits — often for many years at a time.
For each of the previous five strategies, I’ll include a section on how to apply them to help license those same services for other businesses. This alone exponentially increases the number of service licensing deals you can make — and your profits as well.

Double Licensing Component 3
The Double Licensing Support Community

Double Licensing is all about a new way of doing business. A new lifestyle that gives you the freedom to work where and when you want without the costs or constraints of a traditional business.
In order to help you be as successful as possible both now and for years to come, the third major component of this program is an ongoing community discussion list. You can use this networking opportunity to meet and communicate with the other members… receive and give advice… get vendor recommendations… receive feedback on your product and service licensing projects… find partners for projects… and much more.
In the past, the only programs I’ve offered that included this valuable component cost a minimum of $12,500. But I’m including it here at my lowest cost ever because I’m thoroughly dedicated to bringing the Double Licensing Lifestyle to as many people as possible — and to giving you every tool you need to be successful.

New GB Rule

“You need to state up to how much you are in for. If you are committing to a price tag less than what we are going for at the end, you will be excluded from the list. So, please state the price you can afford at the most, and we will do our best to bring it down for all of you.”

Simple, if you’are committing to a price below the final price tag we go after, you will be excluded.


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