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“Do what you like and the money will follow”

Oh, seriously? Have you ever got paid by a stunning beautiful girl to have sex with her? Exactly. How about this: has anybody ever paid you to drive a Ferrari for as long as you wanted? Maybe you got paid to live in a mansion? Has anybody paid you to lay on an amaca and eat pizza? Exactly.


“You have to build a business around your passion.”

People that claim this should be arrested effective immediately. If this were true, any blogger / youtuber / facebooker on the planet would make tens of thousands of dollars every month. They don’t and you know that well. You wouldn’t even be on this page if you truly fell for that.


“A guy on the internet that makes $100,000 a month told me to promote only products I’ve personally tried.”

That is so cool I’m almost can’t believe it. This is what you can do: ask that guy to provide you with evidence that he both uses all the products he promotes and that his only income revolves around the sale of those products. Any time a dashboard is involved, ask him to show you what products were sold on each day and then make the total.

I was joking. Don’t even try this or you’ll get banned from so many email list it’s ridiculous. People are you know… busy. Mmmm.


“You have to provide people with tons of value and they’ll give you money.”

You don’t believe this so why are we even bothering with this one? But yeah, let’s tackle it. Start a blog for free, no affiliate links on there. Make free Youtube videos in which you never ask for money. When people ask you for coaching, coach them for free. If you write a book, give it away for free. You get the point. If after doing this you get rich, please get back to me because I’m interested.

Besides: how many times have you bought courses that didn’t work? Don’t you think that the vendor got your money without providing you with value? Exactly.


“You have to build an official business around your true persona. You have to show your real face!”

This is perhaps the most misunderstood point in Internet Marketing. If you knew with how many non-existing people you talk to on a regular basis you’d probably pee your pants. I’ve been there, I speak from experience. Big Boys weren’t Big Boys before coming out officially but when they did they were already making millions. Enough said.


“So is this course a scam?”

No it’s not. It’s a professional, in-depth, high quality video course that will show you how to find what really sells and then build a business (or multiple businesses, you choose) around it with the sole objective of maximizing your money.

I’ll tell you what a scam is: it’s lying to people by pandering of what they have been conditioned to believe by other scammers before them and leaving those people hanging by selling them products that don’t deliver results.

Promising people they’ll make money by giving people value and following their passion and then leaving them with no results to show for is criminal and scammy. You know that, I know that.


“But… this is a totally different approach from what 99% of Online Marketers do.”

Oh no it’s the same, let’s get this point perfectly clear. There is a difference between what Online Marketers say they do… and what they actually do.


“But I’m passionate about bees and honey, can’t I just build a business around this?”

A business survives with sales. When it comes to Affiliate Marketing, if there are no products you can promote within your field, you’ll not make money. It’s as simple as that. You have to swallow the pill.




  • You have bought a lot of Affiliate Marketing courses, without seeing the results you hoped for.
  • You are puzzled about the fact that the big commissions come from products with which Big Boy’s original and official “face” doesn’t have anything to do.
  • You want to have multiple Affiliate Marketing streams, coming from multiple online businesses, advertising different products.
  • You have noticed that the Big Boys never show you what products they actually make money from and you are wondering how the hell they make so much money.
  • You want to know the truth.