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Motivated Seller Magnet

Are you getting burned out and tired of not making any money? Real Estate Investing becomes a cash bonanza that is “fun” the minute you learn:

How To Create A Continuous
Stream Of Motivated Sellers
Calling You Every Day!

(Targeting Motivated Sellers Results In
Successful Real Estate Investing!)

SOUTH BEND, IN. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing there are people out there who need what you know about creative solutions to real estate problems, yet any efforts at getting motivated sellers using “traditional” marketing and prospecting work worse than ever. You sometimes wonder to yourself, “What good is all this training in Creative Real Estate I’ve spent tens of thousands on without any motivated sellers to buy houses from?”


You see, Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Investors have to face a fact that makes most of them sick, and that is: Without any question, the most important knowledge a Real Estate Entrepreneur or Investor needs is not about financing, or money, or management, IT IS ABOUT MARKETING!! Having the sophisticated financing knowledge and knowing 100 different ways to buy a house is worthless without lots and lots of motivated sellers to work with.


The reality that all Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Investors must face is that people are not forced to seek you out like a doctor, or an accountant or lawyer. Therefore, getting motivated sellers to work with is the most frustrating aspect in your real estate life. That’s why BEING A MARKETING EXPERT IS SIGNIFICANTLY MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING A CREATIVE REAL ESTATE EXPERT!!


As a Real Estate Entrepreneur or Investor, you can never delude yourself into thinking that being good at structuring financing and creative real estate solutions is good enough to have a successful business! The streets are littered with the remains of smart, ethical and competent Creative Real Estaters who never figured out how to get a constant stream of motivated seller prospects in front of them every day!


Your greatest frustration is the fact that you know that you can close just about anyone you meet with who is motivated, but you seldom see more than just a handful of seller prospects each month. You truly hate prospecting, with all the time wasted on people who are not motivated, and wish there was some way to get motivated sellers in front of you without the nauseating thought of cold calling or wasting more money on ads that don’t work.


Since a magic potion that will produce those elusive motivated sellers doesn’t exist, Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Investors who truly want to move into the high income category that is possible in this business must learn how to create EMOTIONAL, RESPONSE ORIENTED MARKETING, which generates responses, not an image! These techniques, when used, will take you from wherever you are right now, whether you are buried in debt, on your last hundred dollars, or wherever, to the upper limits of whatever category of income you choose for yourself, in the space of a year! Whether that is $100,000, $300,000, or $1M per year!


You’ll learn that targeting is the key to results, not trying to be everything to everyone. And then, that a cycle must exist to reach a big income. Emotional, response oriented marketing gets motivated sellers for you, who will refer others, which allows more response oriented marketing, which gets more motivated sellers, who refer more motivated sellers (and buyers) …… MARKETING BUILDS YOUR BUSINESS, AND REFERRALS IGNITE YOUR BUSINESS!!! Emotional, empathetic marketing is the only way to get seller prospects to respond, and to excite them to refer friends.


It’s amazing how many Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Investors call sellers wanting to provide a “solution”, but reflexively start talking about themselves and then go in for the kill straight away. This is so off-putting to a seller and he/she immediately responds by putting his/her defenses up to protect themselves from this “profit-hungry investor”. What they don’t understand is that telling sellers what you think they should do, turns people off. Sellers couldn’t care less about how much creative financing you know! All they are concerned with is how … well … “how can you…

HELP ME!!??”

And the old standard of “getting your name out there…”. Look, let me ask you something. If I came up to you and said, “Hi, my name is Bill Smith from ABC Corp..”, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Right, you think, “SO WHAT!” And maybe, “stop wasting my time” is not far behind. So, if that’s how you know you react to someone getting their name out to you, why do you think other people are going to be so impressed with you getting your name out to them? The cold hard reality is,


Your name means nothing to them until you have bought their house, and that comes after they have contacted you, not before. So forget about “traditional” prospecting. It doesn’t work! What does work is Emotional Direct Response Marketing. And if you want to find out more about how to replace the uncertainty, frustration and pain of traditional cold-call, grunt work prospecting, with the confidence, profitability and peace of mind that comes from having a steady, predictable flow of motivated sellers calling you every day, then the FREE Special Report “What 99% Of All Real Estate Entrepreneurs DON”T Know, And Will Never Find Out About, MARKETING SECRETS OF A $200,000+ YEARLY INCOME” will be of interest to you.


The FREE Report will explain:

  1. The 9 biggest advertising mistakes real estate entrepreneurs make, and how to avoid them.
  2. The starling secret that results in you getting dozens of responses from cheap little ads.
  3. The fundamental shift in thinking that transforms you from “pest” to “welcome guest” in the eyes of the seller.
  4. How to get started with little cash!
  5. Why talking price with the seller is the biggest mistake you can possibly make!
  6. The remarkable target farming system that will generate $100,000 in profits every year for anyone who uses it.
  7. How to structure your marketing system so that only highly motivated sellers with houses you want to buy end up talking to you.
  8. The almost unheard of technique to get Expired Listings to voluntarily pick up the phone and call you.
  9. The source of 50% of all deals that no-one can be bothered with!

And much, much more. If you are really serious about making more money as a real estate entrepreneur, and you can afford a few hundred dollars to get started, and a couple of hundred a month to explode your business, I’ll send you a FREE REPORT that explains this all in much more detail.

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